Bright and comfortable sunny Mediterranean gardens

mediterranean gardens-design-luxurious-style

Today we have for all of you some very original ideas of beautiful and colorful Mediterranean gardens so that you are inspired to design a space of rest in the open air to your liking. The unsurpassed beauty of the Mediterranean Sea leaves no one indifferent.

Mediterranean gardens with water fountains and several rest areas

Mediterranean gardens-houses-furniture-options

The gardens colorful with trees fruits Citrus fruits in combination with conifers are not left behind. All this in a space with picturesque ponds and decorated with all kinds of arches, pergolas and galleries simply dazzling.

Mediterranean gardens with very original mosaic details

Mediterranean gardens-fountain-fireplace-design-original

However, creating a Mediterranean garden in our house and putting into practice all the advice on this style of landscape design is not such a simple task. After all, to revive an area with subtropical plants requires a lot of effort and patience.

Medeiterranean garden with furniture with colorful cushions and mosaic details

mediterranean gardens-beautiful-details-colorful-design

However, the style is based not only on the green areas. With these photos and tips we will try to facilitate the task of creating a space that has the maximum similarity with the gardens on the Mediterranean coast.

Mediterranean garden with pergola and original decoration

Mediterranean gardens-style-design-pergola

The best description of a Mediterranean garden is: sunny, warm, bright, fragrant, natural and comfortable. As we all know the residents of the Mediterranean coast are people who like to enjoy life and definitely a Mediterranean garden should be created for the enjoyment of life, leisure and pleasure.

Mediterranean garden with pool and furniture with different designs that combine perfectly

Mediterranean gardens-luxurious-terrace-house

Since the Mediterranean style gardens are in places with a warm climate, it is natural that in these gardens there are many shady places, cozy patios, swimming pools and terraces, flower beds with herbs and climbing plants.

Well of fire a bench and large stones in the mediterranean garden

Mediterranean gardens-houses-well-fire-options

Another feature that Mediterranean gardens have is that their design uses stones of different types such as natural stone in combination with marble chips and sea stones.

A resting place with concrete bench, wooden furniture and climbing plants

Mediterranean gardens-houses-summer-modern-style

This is due to the fact that in the gardens they are close to the coast and are often stony in nature. The mountainous terrain was the cause why we see many walls, stairs and terraces in the Mediterranean gardens.

Mediterranean garden with fireplace and steel furniture with original finishes

Mediterranean gardens-fireplace-dining-style

The most popular plants that we should incorporate into our Mediterranean garden are citrus, pistachio, olive and palm trees, which have, in addition to pleasant decorative function a wonderful juicy fruit fragrance.

Narrow Mediterranean garden with concrete bench and striking color cushions

Mediterranean gardens-combination-style-contemporary-tradition

In addition to these trees in the Mediterranean garden we can find bushes with conical trees and plants the original forms that need a special cut if you want them to be the true focal point of the garden.

One more option of a garden with Mediterranean design and fire pit decorated with very nice slabs designed by SSA Landscape Architects

mediterranean gardens-details-rusticos-ssa-landscape-architects

The decorative elements are another very important thing for a garden with Mediterranean design the most popular are the amphora, vases, ceramic pots with different and original forms. They can be arranged anywhere in the garden.

Wicker furniture under the pergola perfect for a garden with contemporary design

Mediterranean gardens-design-original-furniture

On the lawn in a horizontal position or broken with one half on the ground and the other on the lawn. Any amphora or pot with an "old" appearance will be the perfect decorative element for your Mediterranean garden.

Plants and flowers in the mediterranean garden

mediterranean gardens-style-plants-small-pool

The Mediterranean region is quite extensive, so gardens of this style are often different from each other. For example, Italian gardens have a classic look and are based on rigorous planning.

Very nice olive trees in the Mediterranean garden


For a Mediterranean design in the Italian style we must use clear geometric shapes, without forgetting the symmetry and straight roads. The Mediterranean garden in the Italian style is divided into different areas that are separated from each other thanks to rectangular hedges or pergolas with roses and other climbing plants that climb their columns.

A fountain decorated with colorful mosaic in the middle of the Mediterranean garden

Mediterranean gardens-fountain-colorful-mosaic-grace-design-associates

Most of the Italian gardens are located in the hills of complex terrain which means that they have terraces retaining walls and walkways, composed of natural stone. With the help of the stone we can create various decorative elements: fountains, fences, caves, stairs, benches and railings.

A less colorful fountain option in the contemporary garden full of plants

Mediterranean gardens-fountain-modern-style

In a Mediterranean garden we can often see pergolas with columns, containers of stone flowers or ancient amphoras, sculptures some of which have decorated surfaces.

A Mediterranean garden with jacuzzi and pool fireplace a design by AMS Landscape Design

mediterranean gardens-jacuzzi-fireplace-AMS-Landscape-Design

The Mediterranean gardens of France on the other hand have a free design and distinctive style of Provence and countryside. There are no clear lines, but natural plants and especially lavender and aromatic herbs that spread a delicious aroma throughout the space.

Mediterranean garden with jacuzzi clad in mosaic and steel furniture

Mediterranean gardens-jacuzzi

The good thing is that we can grow lavender everywhere in containers, flower beds, along the roads and instead of the lawn, in addition the lavender combines perfectly with roses and other plants.

A garden with rustic and Mediterranean design by KGA Studio Architects

mediterranean gardens-lights-beautiful-fireplace-kga-studio-architects-pc

In a French-style Mediterranean garden, the best thing to do is opt for elegant wrought-iron furniture. As in the Italian Mediterranean garden as well as plants you can incorporate pergola, bridges, fences, chairs and benches with soft cushions.

Mediterranean garden with fireplace with cobblestone floor

Mediterranean gardens-place-rest-fireplace

But in the French garden better opt for decorative pillows with lavender embroideries or roosters, which are also the symbol of Provence.

Outdoor furniture ideas in the Mediterranean style

Mediterranean gardens-furniture-steel-camelot-homes

But if you want to capture the atmosphere of Greece use in the design of your Mediterranean garden do not forget to add details in blue and white dazzling olive and terracotta color.

Wicker outdoor furniture with colorful cushions perfect for a Mediterranean garden

mediterranean gardens-outdoor furniture-wicker

If there is a need to update the garden with new furniture, it is best to boldly use bold color combinations.

Wood furniture on the terrace with fireplace designed by Ryan Street Associates

mediterranean gardens-furniture-wood-fireplace-ryan-street-associates

The Greeks spend a lot of time outdoors they socialize, they eat, they relax, so that their garden is equipped to meet all their needs. This is why we find many areas with comfortable seats located on the terraces, patios that are often covered by pergolas and awnings.

Decorative details of striking colors in the Mediterranean garden

mediterranean-furniture-modern-comfortable gardens

If you want a set of furniture for a Mediterranean garden in the Greek style then our advice is to choose large garden furniture, it is important to have a large dining table surrounded by many comfortable chairs. The Mediterranean style of the garden will emphasize rattan and bamboo wicker furniture.

A terrace with Mediterranean design designed by GEM Architects

Mediterranean gardens-original-design-GEM-Architects

Plants can become the basis of your garden if you do not have enough space to plant citrus and conifers you can always add potted plants. If you live in an area with hard winter this will allow you to store your plants during the winter and move it as long as you like to quickly change the appearance of the garden.

Wooden pergola steel furniture and fireplace in the mediterranean garden

Mediterranean gardens-pergola-dining-fireplace

In summary for the decoration of Mediterranean gardens, one of the elements that should not be missing and are very important are the stones and rattan furniture, the wrought iron benches with soft cushions, the ceramic pots, the ancient statues and the colorful mosaic.

An idea of ​​a small garden with pergola and plants in the Mediterranean style

Mediterranean gardens-pergola-design-original

If you want to add a larger element you can choose a pool with an original shape, a large fountain or a stream. The pergola is also essential in the Mediterranean garden. For the floor you can choose natural stone paving slabs of marble and pebbles.

Mediterranean garden with swimming pool surrounded by aromatic flowers


If from our garden we can not enjoy views towards the sea then we can decorate them with elements that are associated with the sea. As for example furniture or cushions, decorated with blue and white striped fabric covers, pots painted blue.

Outdoor spaces full of colors that adorn with beauty creating a space in the Mediterranean style

Mediterranean gardens-pergola-furniture-style

To our design we can also add a wooden ladder, a rocking chair and a colored umbrella that is successfully completed to the design of the other furniture. To adapt easily to this style you can opt for furniture of warm colors.

Bright cushions made with modern fabrics that can be mixed with traditional wooden furniture and decorations in Mediterranean style

Mediterranean gardens-pergola-pool-furniture

To decorate an open area you can use large pots with beautiful plants. All parts of the garden should be well combined together but together highlighting the temperament of a Mediterranean garden.

A Mediterranean garden designed by Robert Hidey Architects

mediterranean gardens-pergola-robert-hidey-architects

The Mediterranean style is becoming one of the most fashionable styles nowadays. It is used actively for the decoration of gardens, even when the typical Mediterranean plants of the design can not be used.

A house with original architecture designed by Giordano Hadamik Architects

Mediterranean gardens-stones-Giordano-Hadamik-Architects

But the true charm of a Mediterranean garden is in the selection of colors and texture to create an inimitable setting based largely on the nature of the plants used in it. Now we leave you with our ideas of Mediterranean gardens to inspire you to create a beautiful space full of original furniture and plants.

A very large Mediterranean garden with an interesting shaped pool

Mediterranean gardens-pool-shape-original-design

Mediterranean garden with fireplace and pool fountain designed by Marc Appleton Architects


A house with modern design by Paz Gersh Architects with beautiful garden


Lush plants, aromatic and beautiful flowers in the Mediterranean garden

Mediterranean gardens-plants-table-chairs-steel

Well of fire and source of natural stone very original for the Mediterranean garden

Mediterranean gardens-well-fire-fountain-stone

Cobblestone floor and white fireplace in the mediterranean garden

Mediterranean gardens-floor-cobblestone-fireplace

Beautiful and functional mediterranean gardens that reflect the interior decoration

Mediterranean gardens-soil-granite-dotter-solfjeld-architecture-design

A Mediterranean garden with a floor and a bank of small stones

Mediterranean gardens-soil-stones-bank-design

Fabulous open-air rooms with Mediterranean-style design

Mediterranean gardens-terrace-rick-odonnell-architect

Lines patterns and symmetrical shapes clearly define the Mediterranean garden

mediterranean-traditional gardens-lankford-associates-landscape-architects

A modern house in Marbella with beautiful garden designed by 123DV

Mediterranean gardens Marbella Spain 123DV


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