Bright penthouse renovated by Prisca Pellerin Architecture

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The renovation of spaces is as interesting as conceiving them from scratch. Renovating apartments or any space is bringing them back to life. Make them more functional and welcoming adapting them to our needs.

Penthouse with functional and elegant design, bright atmosphere

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Today we share one of those cases of major renovations. It is an attic with details in light colors that combines wood with white. In the design of this penthouse there are several natural details that fill it with style. As a result of the work of Prisca Pellerin Architecture & Intérieur one of the improved aspects was the illumination . In essence the project of this penthouse was the complete renovation of the two pieces that make it up. It is common that in this type of construction details such as lighting are a problem.

Design penthouse that combines wood with white color on the walls

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The option designed by Prisca Pellerin Architecture & Intérieur was to eliminate the divisions. This as a first step to improve the quality of the lighting in the attic. Eliminating these divisions improves the perspective in the same way. As for the entry of natural light the windows are the fundamental detail. The selection of the color when dealing with a small space was equally fundamental. The game with gray and white in different shades is the perfect output. The different textures with glossy lacquers, polished or matt cement and satin paint contribute to improve this light effect.

Various options for the entrance of natural light in the kitchen and part of the small lounge

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The truth is that everything conspires, including materials such as linen, white wood, bricks or suede. The interesting thing in this attic is that you do not miss the warm and welcoming touch. Although it is a clean space and great simplicity. A great complement in each of the areas of this site are the plants. Each of them brings freshness and evokes the outdoor areas. As with many renovation projects this attic was in a complex state.

The plants are an excellent resource to fill this lighted penthouse with life

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Prisca Pellerin Architecture & Intérieur found a space that had suffered much damage due to the time and carelessness of its inhabitants. Some of the visible damage was in the condition of the floors and beams. In addition to the coating that at that time was already old fashioned. The bathroom He had serious problems in terms of distribution which compromised comfort. On the other hand, the kitchen was too small for daily activities. Simply the biggest challenge was at that time to turn this site into a real home.

Original wooden beams preserve the character of the building in the interior

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Another important aspect in the renovation project was to solve the low height of the sloped roofs. It was necessary because they became a barrier that prevented the circulation of air and lighting. Once solved this we can see in the images as there are no visual obstacles. Simply from the bedroom to the living room there is nothing that hinders the view. When viewed from different angles perspective is accentuated thanks to different elements.

An entrance of light on the ceiling is perfect to illuminate this small kitchen

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Both the walls, the floors and the bar of the kitchen have greater prominence. It can be said that they leave the axis as a resource to accentuate the perspective. The sensation of greater amplitude is something that in the same way guided the work of Prisca Pellerin Architecture & Intérieur. For this purpose, furniture of a lower height was selected. What contrasts perfectly with the design of the walls. A certain warm effect is not lost thanks to the accents in white and light gray.

White is the protagonist color in walls and the different elements

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The space thanks to visual effects created with the textures becomes more dynamic. As we mentioned, brick, leather, suede and concrete contribute to create a shadow effect and reinforce the feeling of space. A barn-type metal door reveals a very special bathroom. The fact of being a sliding door helps optimize space in this area. Inside the bathroom draws attention to the furniture.

The aged wooden beams are visible in the same way in the bedroom

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Especially for a recovered furniture perfect for storage in baskets and everything you need. The plants make up a beautiful garden in the bathroom of the attic. At night, the lighting varies and becomes an area of ​​greater intimacy. Intimacy that we can handle simply by unfolding the white linen curtain. Another curtain has the function of hiding the washing machine in the back of the bathroom.

A barn-type metal door is an excellent idea to optimize space

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If we had to define the kitchen in two words we would say minimalist and discreet. However, it is a comfortable place despite its two meters. The components have been known to combine in an effective way. A large refrigerator located next to a closet in the hallway does not bother you at all. The sink space is equally spacious and practical for all needs in the kitchen space.

The plants are a detail that we can find even in the bathroom

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The bedroom in turn has a special wooden platform for the bed. The wardrobes have been covered with leather and suede accentuating the cozy appearance that is perfect for rest. The wooden floor is a shared aspect in different areas and the room is one of them. As an important detail we must say that it is a water resistant floor. Other storage options have been placed below and around the bed.

Fiber baskets fit perfectly to the predominant natural details

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Issues such as isolation when it comes to an attic are vital. In the renovation Prisca Pellerin Architecture & Intérieur they took it into account. Its renovation was total using thinner mineral wool insulation. Once the project is finished, the result speaks for itself. It has been converted into a room in which even the smallest space can be occupied. Let's enjoy the details in the images of Hugo Hébrard .

The color white is one of the protagonists in the furniture of the bathroom

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Plan with the distribution of the different areas that make up the renovated attic

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