Broken clay pots used to decorate

decoration large flowerpot old stones

Have you broken a clay pot and are about to throw it away? Do not do it, you can build a wonderful mini garden with pieces of pots that are broken, see here twenty-five incredible ideas to realize authentic gardens for gnomes and magical creatures, let loose your imagination and start creating something beautiful.

Broken pots converted into mini gardens


To start creating our personalized mini garden we will need all kinds of materials and small decorative details but also moss and small rainfed plants that do not require excessive care. It is convenient that we also keep all the pieces of broken pots, no matter how small they are.

Mini potted gardens

lawn bench moss garden

To create different levels in the mini garden we suggest placing a large piece of pot sunken in the ground more or less in the central part and so that it is visible through the larger opening. This piece will make a step for the yard creating a kind of square in the center. If we have more pieces of pot left we will place them in the form of small stairs consecutively, although for this we can also use other materials such as small stones or pebbles.

Metal bucket with mini garden

metal cube decorated mini garden

But it is not necessary that the pots are broken to make this fantastic craft . As we can see in the images, any container or surface can be an ideal terrain for these beautiful miniature gardens. As for the plants, the options are several depending on the type. For bulbous plants we suggest

Miniature garden with many flowers

flowers garden chairs mini

that they are planted in independent pots and later transplanted to the mini garden once they have blossomed. On the other hand, if we have chosen flowers that require their own independent flowerpot, we can consider the superimposition of different pots in the miniature garden creating different floors. Finally we will add pebbles and moss, these in addition to embellish will help to maintain adequate humidity for the plants

Mini garden inside cut out pumpkin

cut out pumpkin shaped mini garden

Garden path with pieces of broken pots


Mini garden in a bucket

red bucket decorated mini garden

Flower pot adorned with mini garden floor

large blue flowerpot ornament

Small garden with little house in a bucket

cubed cube mini garden house

Planter with broken potted plants and pieces

planter plants pieces pots broken

garden gnomes blue flowerpot

garden miniature planter broken green

blue painted clay pot

black pot mini garden stairs

broken pots home garden ornaments

broken pots ornaments covered dry plants

broken pots mini strollers ornament

ornate flowerpot halloween ghost white

planter clay overturned adornment plants

broken flowerpot painted blue garden

broken flowerpot plants several wood

little house stone gnomes rattan pot

planter old ornament natural floor

broken flower pot pieces patio ornament

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