Casa Mororó, a spectacular design by Studio MK27

view away late forest tree

The Mororó House It is located in a cool area near Sao Paulo called Campos do Jordao located at the foot of a small hill, inside the forest. It is built in an uneven area, so our views will vary depending on what area of ​​the house we are in. First of all, we are struck by a certain duality of the elements.

Casa Mororó by Studio MK27

modern architecture exterior design porch

We will find elongated and opaque block structures as opposed to glazed and transparent areas. We will also see that the doors are usually sliding, this makes the interior can merge with the outside naturally. The designers of Studiomk27 They have also managed to devise a structure in which the temperature can be preserved, and this is thanks to the wide vacuum spaces achieved in the interior areas.

Industrial style house entrance

veneer gray industrial booth facade

If we pay attention to the entrance, it will remind us more of a design architecture for industrial areas for which cheap and resistant materials have been used, having completely dispensed with human aesthetics, but once inside, our view will have changed completely.

Rustic kitchen design

kitchen walls rustic wood design

In the kitchen we find the sliding doors again due to the search for functionality. At the same time it has been tried to create an environment rustic and country so that every detail can remind us where we are. However the combination of different styles is in sight.

Large modern style kitchen island

island kitchen bar big gray

The huge island of multifunctional kitchen can act as a dining room and gather enough guests for breakfast, although not far away we will find a large and long wooden table with very simple and minimalist metal base structures that fits perfectly into the current environment. straight lines.

Wooden dining furniture

Lamps several white hanging dining room

We will see that the kitchen is actually part of the large wooden room. For its design, the author has been inspired by the country-style wooden cabins and cozy interior, although with the most innovative and current technologies. The result is an extensive space and suitable for practically any action that must be performed in an interior.

Laminate wood in walls and ceiling

laminate interiors modern furniture style

However, there are elements that make Casa Mororó a unique architectural structure, and this is the wide balcony that surrounds the entire building. Each of the doors has access to this spectacular terrace making such a contemporary industrial style design have a greater contact with the natural landscape.

Sliding doors with access to the balcony

interior house all laminate wood

In addition we can see the wood in all its splendor and in different finishes, all of them very appropriate. The laminated walls and ceiling contrast with the parquet of the lounge area, and this in turn highlights the solid wood furniture. Thanks to the furniture, the rustic appearance that we can see has also been achieved.

Solid wood central table

laminate flooring parquet

The seats are usually of rounded shape and traditional design, while the central low table of the room has very rough and simple shapes. Again we find the contrast and duality in the forms if we observe the straight and parallel lines interrupted by the hanging lamps of different shapes and heights.

Interior design with wood laminates

solid wood table block

Finally, it is worth mentioning the fantastic heated indoor pool and the original greenhouse design with sauna. The space consists of fourteen square meters and an internal ventilation system to prevent the condensation of water in the glass so that the beautiful views do not get fogged.

Wooden dining furniture

many wood laminated ceiling wall

In conclusion, we have been able to appreciate an extraordinary fusion of styles and elements that has managed to create a place for modern man within nature that encourages him to live in harmony with nature, a place created to be able to take refuge and observe the beautiful landscape from a zone of comfort and comfort.

long narrow corridor modern house

covered patio pool modern style

covered patio long pool

gardens exterior house mororo dos

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outside view sunset photo house

house glasshouse greenhouse forest

Casa Mororo photo away

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