Ceiling lights for bathrooms - 50 ideas

ceiling bathroom trunks lamparas madera

Today we are going to talk about the ceiling lamps for bathrooms, we will see what are the trends in interior lighting and the most advanced technologies of today, do not miss our selection of fifty images and take useful ideas that you can apply in your own home.

Ceiling lights for modern bathrooms

gray ceiling modern bathroom

We can verify that the designs of illumination for modern bathrooms they are quite simple and minimalist. We will repeatedly find the incrustations and bulbs integrated in ceilings and walls, or hidden in frames and cavities providing light indirectly.

Design of bathroom lamps model Prologue

bathroom lamps black frames model

In the image above we can see a design of ceiling lamps for bathrooms that belongs to the collection Prolog e of the Kreon firm. The name of this collection is inspired by the creator of the musical notation Guido de Arezzo and claims to provide the interiors with new concepts of light.

Indirect Led lights in corners and cavities

modern bathroom green tiles shower

The location of the lights is a very important detail to consider. The bathroom is the place where we perform most of the daily hygiene practices, and for this you need a fairly powerful and clear lighting, so it is advisable to place the ceiling lamps in the places closest to the mirrors , toilets, shower cabins and bathtubs.

Hanging lamps for bathroom

lamparas tubo baño diseño

An original pendant lamps can complement wonderfully the area of ​​the sink making luminous ornaments suspended in the air, as long as they do not hinder us when carrying out our daily actions. According to fashion, the designs of these lamps are usually simple and minimalist; geometric shapes and white, black or silver colors.

Modern design bathroom with lights embedded in the ceiling

bathroom deco modern design lights

Below we will list some of the most suitable options for lighting a bathroom:

Bathroom lights integrated in the ceiling

modern bathroom gray tiles

Crystal sconces: A crystal chandelier takes center stage, adding glamor and sparkle to traditional decor.

Bathroom with small modern ceiling lamps

modern bathroom color light gray

Antique wall lamps: They usually hang above the large mirror and add an unexpected touch to a bathroom. The dark finish in the light fixtures adds weight to the room and helps unify the details. Its position above the sink also provides task lighting for makeup and grooming application.

Bathroom with inlaid lights on the ceiling

modern bathroom beige inlays

Artwork: The organic shape of a blown glass lamp works well in a contemporary style bathroom. Modern spaces can feel cold and full of hard edges, but round globes and light fixtures add a playful touch.

Integrated round ceiling lights

bathroom modern brown yellow deco

The chandeliers and wall sconces, ornamental details, and custom glass cabinets are a nod to the French style. Keep in mind that decorative accessories add style, but you'll want to make sure you have another light source, such as a ceiling fixture or recessed lighting, to provide ample lighting to apply make-up and grooming.

Modern bathroom with integrated lights on the ceiling

modern bathroom tiles colors

Light Tubes: Aerodynamic tube lights enhance an elegant bathroom vanity while providing soft light. Try several light switches in the bathroom so you can customize the amount of light. Turn on a switch to turn on only the lights above and turn the other switch when you need more precise lighting in the vanity.

Small bathroom with square integrated lights

small bathroom beige lights

Lamp fixtures: Classic lamp fixtures add to the romantic feel in a twenties style bathroom. The white tones diffuse the brightness of the light bulbs and help to soften the light.

Integrated round ceiling lights

bathroom color green lights ceiling

Old-world lanterns: The ornate style of iron lanterns hanging over the dressing table is a work of art.

White bathroom with hanging lamps

fourth bathroom color white lamparas

Lighting accessories for interior and exterior: The rounded lights reflect the curved shapes found in another part of the bathroom and are based on the modern style.

Original design of modern ceiling lamps

fourth bathroom gray color lamparas

Layered lighting: Lighting in a bathroom is paramount, so a layer of different types of light produces the best results. The combination of chandelier ceiling light, natural light from the windows and light from the accessories above the mirrors covers all lighting needs.

Modern bathroom with four hanging ceiling lamps

four ceiling lamps hanging bathroom

Crystal bathroom lighting: The delicate lighting fixtures were chosen to interpose a counterpoint to the weight cabinets. A finely detailed crystal chandelier can crown the space, while a trio of bright sconces mounted directly on the mirrors can create a dazzling display of reflections.

Original designs of bathroom ceiling lamps

bathroom design white color

Shades of colors: Add some color with the screens in your bathroom for an easy and inexpensive way to update the space. Dark color tones will block a lot of light, so stick to light colors to maximize lighting.

Ceiling lights for bathroom

design bathroom ceiling lamp shower

Backlit Beauty: A large mirror framed in onyx that illuminates from behind, projecting a warm glow in the opulent master bathroom can be really interesting.

design fourth bathroom gray tones

modern design ceiling lamps

bathroom two pendant lamps washbasin

super modern bathroom design

super gray bathroom design

minimalist black pendant bathroom lamp

modern ceiling lights deco

bathroom lamps embedded round ceiling

lamps bath balls spotlights light

lamps hanging balls bathroom

white embossed wall hanging lamps

ceiling lights cubes deco

ceiling lights bathroom wall

ceiling lamps hanging cross

pendant black ceiling lamps

bathroom round ceiling lights

square bathroom ceiling lamps model Luxpan

ceiling lamps pendants modern pipes

modern square design ceiling lamps

square bathroom lamps ceiling

Led bathroom lights blue color

bathroom lights inlays led

modern bathroom ceiling lights

lights original design bathroom deco lamparas

embedded lights hanging balls deco

led indirect led lights yellow

ceiling lights black band deco

mosaic bathroom walls lights

original design modern ceiling lamps

bathroom wall laminate wood

mosaic wall white color

bathroom ceiling round encrusted lights

tiles bathroom gray lights ceiling

ceiling colors bathroom lights round

original bathroom lights

bathroom lamp

hanging bathroom lights

original lamp

indirect bathroom lights

original bathroom lamps

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