Cement as decoration trend for interiors

yellow armchair red armrests wall concrete

The new fashion is the simple thing. Absence of all kinds of ornaments, colors and unnecessary shapes. In our article today we are going to present you the minimalist style interior designs with elements of cement , do not miss our collection of fifty photographs to know the latest news.

Polished cement and microcement for interior coating

living room table wood stairs floor

Let's see first what are the different types of concrete used to achieve the most current finishes. We will start first with the polished cement. Its preparation consists of a mechanical process of devastating and polishing using a polishing machine with a diamond sander. The aspect or end of the surfaces shows the shapes and tonalities of the different minerals that make up the concrete.

Modern microcemento table

table link photo micro cement

The microcement On the contrary, it is a material that is usually applied both in floor and wall coverings. It is a material that does not leave cracks or joints but at the same time has a thickness of about three millimeters, and offers the advantage of being able to be fixed very well to any type of material.

Bathroom with concrete floor

bathroom floor zen floor cement

The printed concrete is one that is used mostly in areas of Exterior as parks and sidewalks. It is made by molds and is still stamped while it has not dried. Finally, the concrete is floated or smoothed. This material is the most suitable Neo for public areas such as parkings.

Modern dining room with micro-cement floor

nice design dining room floor

Seen this we understand that the most appropriate material for interior coverings is polished concrete in floors and microcement for the walls, since it offers in more perfect and detailed finishes. As you can see, concrete appears in many different forms in the most contemporary interior designs.

Modern living rooms with concrete floors

design furniture wood room

It is a very resistant and easy to maintain material that many designers choose for coatings of all kinds of spaces. It provides a neutral vision that is often combined with wood or brick elements to complete that interesting urban look.

Lounges of modern design with concrete floor

fireplace cement sofas oranges floor

Minimalist kitchen design with concrete floor

kitchen minimalist style modern design

Minimalist interiors

contemporary contemporary concrete

Modern design kitchen with concrete floor

white kitchen design wood table

Coating of polished concrete floors

kitchen table white chairs

Modern kitchen design

modern kitchen gray color

Interiors with concrete floors and wooden ceilings

modern kitchen island wood steel

Kitchens with concrete floors and wooden furniture

modern kitchens concrete floor furniture

Modern interiors of rustic houses

dining table white maderna floor

Bathroom with concrete floor

bathroom cement floor

beige bedroom wall design

modern interior design concrete floor

modern scandinavian style living room design

stairs cement walls yellow interior

modern interior design yellow doors

modern interiors concrete floor

white cement kitchen island

island kitchen white natural wood

dining table wood chairs floor

black varnished lacquer table

modern interiors brick cement

original design concrete dining room

bedroom wall cement modern capitone

island concrete floor covering

modern living room round floor concrete

living room dining room polished modern design

contemporary salon orange sculpture

modern living room hanging fireplace

salon ceiling maderna dog floor

salon terrace polished concrete floor

floor bathroom gray concrete

concrete floor wood stairs

concrete floor wall color aquamarine

kitchen floor concrete large floor tiles

bright polished concrete house floor

cement floor color gray table

concrete kitchen floor brown color

concrete kitchen floor gray color

polished cement modern dining floor

concrete floor ceiling beams maderna

floor ceiling bedroom polished cement

floor bedroom concrete polished stones

floor concrete doors wood

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