Charming cafes in Australia and New Zealand

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Today we present you with nine very modern charming cafes that you can find in Australia and New Zealand. In the first photo taken by the photographer Ari Hatzis we see a very original design. Biasol Design Studio has completed the design of this cafeteria in Nunawading, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. The cafeteria called Little Hugh is small and has a design with geometric patterns throughout, walls floor ceiling. The tables and stools (also designed by Biasol Design Studio) are combined with the upper part of the walls and the ceiling.

Cafes with charm in Australia the little cafe Little Hugh

small charming cafes place design ideas

In the second photo taken by Michael Kai we see the Code Black cafeteria. This cafeteria was designed by ZWEI, and is located in North Melbourne in a space that was a mechanics workshop. The bar of the cafeteria is located in the center of it to create several spaces with seats ranging from quiet and secluded to friendly, open and common.

Cafes with charm and very natural design in Australia

cafes with casto modern designs ideas

Bubble Interiors redesigned Excelso Coffee, a coffee shop in Tauranga, New Zealand. With this design we wanted to look for a simpler and more natural aspect that reflects the brand's focus on ethical and fair trade.

A cafe with simple design in New Zealand

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In the next photo taken by David Yeow we see the design of The Little Man Café. The place was a dilapidated post office but WALA - Weian Lim Architects transformed it into a cafeteria, in which the clients feel at home with their bright interiors, fun colors and simple design. This cafeteria is located in Melbourne, Australia.

A relaxed coffee shop in Seddon, a suburb of Melbourne Australia

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In the next photo taken by Tanja Milbourne, TM Photo we can see the design of Brolly Design. This is Flipboard, a cafe in Melbourne, Australia, which has small corners and tables outside to make people feel, while inside there are bar seats facing the street.

Very original cafe with outdoor spaces

cafes with caste designs several levels style ideas

In the next photo taken by Peter Clarke Photography we see Middletown Cafe. The company of interior architecture, Studio Tate and the agency Pop & Pac, have partnered with the people of Middletown Cafe to design a contemporary café in Melbourne, Australia, inspired by the elegant style of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

A cafeteria with a very original contemporary design

charming cafes designs bright original ideas

In the next photo taken by Andrew Worssam we see a large cafeteria with a high roof and full glazing which allows natural light to enter. Using the established palette of polished concrete, brass and zinc, recycled bricks and wood, the design recreates the industrial and vintage aesthetic.

Giant Design designed the Pablo & Rusty's coffee shop

charming cafes designs bright modern ideas

Biasol designed Hutch & Co, a café and restaurant in Melbourne, Australia, that combines black elements such as metal window frames and tiles with light wood, white furniture and concrete floors.

Another design by Biasol in Melbourne Australia

charming cafes designs bench exterior ideas

A photo of Martina Gemmola in which we see another cafeteria designed by Biasol. This cafeteria has a simple and natural interior design and is located in a building that was once part of a prison.

Cafes with original and inspiring designs

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