Charming small houses - 38 models that fall in love

nice design small house

In our article today we will see incredible designs little houses of different styles. We will also see that a small space is not synonymous with lack of style and that each house or cabin can adapt to the natural environment in which it is located, let's start with our journey through these thirty-eight wonderful images.

Contemporary architecture for small houses

nice photo modern cottage countryside

Let's start with some prefabricated modular homes of modern design. We speak of cabins already built and equipped with the latest technology and all the details to be able to become functional and comfortable homes. In addition these modules are manufactured taking into account the environment and the need to safeguard it.

Modular house design by Olson Kunding Architects

modular prefabricated modular house design

In the image at the top we have an original house of modular architecture designed by Olson Kundig Architects . Its total area of ​​the cabin is 46.5 square meters and is composed of two different areas, one glass for the areas of greatest daily use and another steel that serves as a service area.

Prefabricated wooden and glass cabins

prefabricated wooden huts small houses

When we talk about small houses we usually think of cozy wooden cabins in the middle of a leafy forest. Thanks to prefabricated houses, it is no longer so difficult to realize that dream because their prices tend to fit in your pocket and are the ideal solution for finding that natural corner in which to relax during vacations.

Small house with wooden porch

stairs house porch wood

The following modern house design that we have in the upper part also has some prefabricated steel structures, however its placement in this case does require works. One of the entrances to the interior is on a modern porch completely covered with wood natural.

Original design of modern country house

small houses orginal design wood

In addition to the similarity in the use of materials, many of these designs of small houses and prefabricated cabins coincide in their minimalist and very simple aspect. Above we have a clear example of what is mentioned; an architectural structure of wood, conglomerate and concrete with rectangular shape stands out in the landscape for its rounded corners, it is a truly original and modern design.

Log cabin and glass facade

modern house peqeña deco snow

If we just have these conditions of space in our home will be necessary to decorate and organize it with much attention. In every inch of the small houses we must have everything really necessary. According to the needs of the family, think about what can be dispensed in the spaces. This will allow us to better organize the entire interior of our home.

Small wooden house in the forest

small classic style house

Usually one of the spaces we need is a working one. This sometimes extends the work to the house. In these cases dedicate any corner that you do not use to create the necessary area of ​​work. If you like to invite friends frequently then devote more space to the dining room. Even if you treat small houses your guests will feel at ease.

Classical style country house design

house field style clçasico design

To be able to orient yourself better if necessary, draw a plan of the house. It includes all the elements that are of your interest and you consider necessary. Always considering each space and its functionality. Or it is necessary in small houses to put furniture in even the smallest corner. Something that helps to have the precise amount of furniture is an adequate storage solution.

Original prefabricated cabin design

prefabricated cottage modern design

Concentrate on securing practical storage spaces so you do not overdo the furniture. With the necessary and selected based on your needs the house will look perfect. If you do it this way, the feeling of having a larger area will be greater. When furnishing small houses, the best ones are those that are light. A design that usually does not require much space and looks visually heavy.

Modular laminate house design

Modular modular laminate house

For example there are shelves that look ideal in the salons. Above all the models that lack doors are perfect in these cases of small houses. The keys are in using furniture that keeps the rooms cool and does not burden them too much. A suitable color for these spaces is always necessary. When it comes to light shades on the walls everything changes its appearance. The cakes on the other hand make everything look very different.

Movil House APH80 model designed by Ábaton

mobile home model APH80

In the decoration of spaces and small houses are a great plus. The use of more vibrant colors is possible. However, contrasts that are too intense and dramatic should not be abused. If done in this way, simply the visual amplitude is reduced. A color similar to that of the walls can give us the keys to the furniture. If they are similar or very close the harmony effect is very charming.

Mobile home APH80 de Ábaton

module house design small field

It seems that the walls and furniture are a single element within the same space. Study well the configuration of your home and if possible avoid the walls that are not necessary. As we know the walls are one of the limitations of many spaces. Currently the union of the kitchen and the dining room as well as the halls is common.

small yellow american style house

Open and shared spaces have been imposed. This does not mean that other separation options can not be used. Glass panels or wooden slats are examples of this. They are perfectly simple to integrate into any environment while maintaining the sense of spaciousness of the interior. Many times there is also a tendency to have doors everywhere in small houses.

small cottage modern cottage

Some can simply be eliminated, otherwise change them for barn type models that allow you to add more space. The sliding design makes them perfect for this. The great feature of the furniture should be if functionality. Let's say its multifunctionality and adaptability. With the precise furniture they will be able to cover different needs. We will not have the option to add anything extra that will carry the ambience of the interior more.

small modern design house

minimalist wood small house

small house glass facade

small wooden houses veneer

design small houses contemporary style

small houses contemporary design

small houses modern style

small house american flag

small house plants garden

small house cube bench

modern small field house design

design house cave piedrta wood

great cabin steel wood

great little porch house

great cottage small wood cottage

super design house shape cube

super laminated wood house module

great designs small houses countryside

photo house closed module

Modular house field modern sheet metal

modern white house fireplace module

original house white glass

small house fairy tale wood

houses ideas reduced spaces

manuals styles tall houses

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