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furniture cheap vintage kitchens

Today we are going to talk about a topic that at some point in the life of many, comes to cause concern: the choice of kitchen furniture. We want to offer you ideas on how to form cheap kitchens They include cheap kitchen furniture, do not miss our selection of images and our tips on an efficient choice of kitchen furniture.

Original design ideas for cheap kitchens

modern furniture kitchen design

Let's start by focusing on a very peculiar style of decoration that turns out to be the champion when it comes to saving money. The Shabby chic style it is based on the use of restored vintage furniture, often with a faded or worn look.

Original rustic vintage kitchen design

original rustic kitchen design

You may already know a lot about the Shabby chic style, but you may not yet know the advantages it offers for a space as important as the kitchen. And if you think it's too feminine and sweet for you, you're wrong.

Nice vintage wardrobe light gray color

light gray vintage wardrobe

You can create a Shabby Chic kitchen without abusing the pastel shades, but creating a homey and warm look that everyone will love.

Nice wooden dining table with blue chairs

nice blue chairs table

Simplicity is the key to a Shabby style kitchen design, but the distinctive details of this philosophy are obvious.

Nice design rustic kitchen Shabby chic

nice design rustic kitchen

There is nothing in this space that is particularly expensive or that broke the budget, which is one of the wonderful aspects of decoration in this style.

Great set of colorful dining room furniture

nice set furniture dining room colors

The Shabby chic decor includes antique, redesigned and reproduction furniture, so your budget will dictate what you should do to some extent.

Nice retro style wardrobe design

nice design retro wardrobe

The touches of soft pink and blue in the decorative accents, teacups and delicate jugs hanging from small white hooks in the kitchen window,

Nice retro vintage style kitchen design

nice retro kitchen design

elegant trays and tablecloths, as well as the ever present flowers give this humble space a chic Shabby elegance.

Original kitchen design in shabby chic style

original kitchen style shabby chic

Original simple design kitchen in shabby chic style

kitchen design simple shabby chic style

This photo shows you that no matter what the backdrop of the area, you can always create an elegant Shabby style decoration.

Original vintage kitchen in shabby chic style

vintage kitchen shabby chic style

The pendant lamp works very well in this large dining area and makes up for the romantic fireplace with a more contemporary finish. The colorful accents, the appearances of plants and the elegant touches create a really interesting look.

Beautiful white kitchen in shabby chic style

nice kitchen style shabby chic

A Shabby chic kitchen can look good with wood finish or painted cabinets; depends on the type of cabinet you have and the conditions in which you are. The cabinets in our imaginary kitchen are in good condition, so we're going to leave them in their light oak finish.

Great simple design dining table

simple design dining table

To give them a fresh look in a short time try to do the following. First, remove all cabinets doors.

Great set of blue dining chairs

nice set blue dining chairs

Paint the backs of the cabinets exposed in a color that is approximately two shades darker than the walls. This will create a beautiful color combination.

Original Shabby chic decor ideas

original ideas decoration retro style

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to make a big impact on a kitchen that is outdated.

Kitchen design ideas shabby chic style

kitchen design style shabby chic

Whether you've lived in your current home for years or just moved out, here are more easy ways to give you a soda:

Great ideas for cheap dining furniture

cheap dining room decoration

Get new handles and handles. Look for colorful options or a brushed nickel finish. But resist the temptation to get something too personal or corny.

Original kitchen design in white and mint

mint white kitchen design

Consider painting the wardrove . A complete remodeling can be expensive and exhausting, so instead of the cabinets a new coat of paint.

Original set of vintage style kitchen furniture

furniture set kitchen vintage style

Change or remove the doors of the cabinets . You can even replace existing doors with glass panels. Opt for frosted glass, if you feel that your shelves are not worth showing.

Original modern design kitchen

cheap modern design kitchen

Show your favorite dishes and bowls to add a bit of interest to the room. Think of small appliances as decorative accessories.

Kitchen design with white furniture

kitchen with white furniture

An orange refrigerator could be too daring and too expensive for most owners. But nothing prevents you from going crazy with everything else like a cobalt toaster, or a cherry red blender.

Original designs of cheap kitchens in modern style

cheap kitchens modern design

Add a dashboard. It is an easy area to approach that will not empty the bank account. Do not have the skills to install a mosaic or cash for a contractor?

Original simple cheap kitchen designs

cheap kitchens simple design

Try to paint instead. The brighter the paint, the more resistant it will be to moisture, and you can simply clean it when the dinner is over.

Original design of cheap kitchen in futuristic style

cheap kitchen design futuristic style

This job is less expensive than you think and can make the cabinets look more special.

Original modern and small kitchen design

small modern kitchen design

New curtains can really adorn a space, but think twice about the type of treatment that hangs in the window above your sink. "You will not want something with too much fabric that can be ruined by splashes. Choose an option that fits within the volume of the window, like a Roman shade that you can easily remove while washing the dishes.

Ideas for designing cheap kitchens

simple dining table

Simple colors, prints, natural cotton fabrics ... are the types of carpets to look for. It would be fun to mix and match different rugs, as it is consistent with the style we are working

Designs of minimalist and cheap kitchen furniture

muinimalist and cheap kitchen furniture

If you are annoyed by the kitchen lamps that have hung in your kitchen for decades, replace them with a colorful pendant. Since lighting is so important in any room, this change can totally transform the entire space.

Set of simple dining furniture for cheap kitchens

simple dining room furniture

In this picture above on the left we can see a set of simple but very attractive dining furniture. The curved shapes add interest to a small space but with a lot of charm.

Ideas for classic dining furniture for cheap kitchens

classic cheap dining furniture

There are cheap kitchen cabinets that are really great and can be multifunctional. This set, for example, can be moved to any area of ​​the kitchen as a side table, but can also be converted into an outdoor bar or breakfast table.

Wicker dining furniture set

wicker furniture dining set

Another economic option that is also efficient is the choice of a set of dining furniture that also serves other places in the house.

Set of simple gray dining room furniture

simple dining furniture gray color

Whether for the garden, as a desk or as a meeting table, a good table design does not have to exceed the budget, far from it.

Retro style simple dining room set

Simple retro style dining room furniture

Currently there are all kinds of designs that fit any budget, but if even this turns out to be a problem, you have the option of finding used kitchen and dining furniture.

Original designs of cheap kitchens

original design cheap kitchens

When selecting your appliances, choose carefully. Forget the expensive brands, just buy white basic products with an A +++ energy efficiency rating. These can be hidden behind the cabinets to match the rest of your kitchen. When it comes to modern kitchens, the key word is concealment. Riding a cheaper stainless steel sink on your countertop will make it look more elegant and more expensive.

Original simple colored dining table

original modern dining table colors

A design trick is to place the plinth (the "plinth" in which the floor units are located) as far back as possible. This will make your carpentry appear cantilevered. You must spend your money where it counts most. Buy low cost housings from large DIY stores, Ikea or kitchen specialists.

Natural wood dining table design

natural wood dining table

A countertop is one of the most visible features so it is worth spending money on it. The sharpened granite (which has a low flat sheen without reflection) is elegant and durable, making it cost effective as well. To keep your weight relatively light, order a plate about 20 mm thick, but ask for a mitral lowering of 70 mm. This will make it look luxuriously thick. Consider using the same material for a dashboard or choose painted glass.

Piloti dining table Fredericia

dining table and wooden chairs

Kitchen faucets should be of good quality, but do not overdo it. The modern and elegant kitchens are usually free areas of hardware, which makes them economical. Some companies manufacture quality closures and handles. You can also have cupboard doors and drawer fronts built with integrated handles.

Piloti wood dining table design

original retro kitchen design

If your current floor is worn and used, you do not need to change it completely. Most kitchen designers will advise you to simply run it under the baseboards, instead of wall to wall, which reduces your additional costs.

Original simple design dining table with wooden surface

original dining table simple design

Original simple wooden pallet bench

simple bench wood pallet

Original set of white dining chairs

great white dining chairs

Great dining room design with integrated furniture

dining area original design

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