Children's bedrooms New ideas for a modern, practical and original design

children's bedrooms ideas

Discover the best ways to design children's bedrooms for their children to be functional, fabulous and made to grow with them.

children's bedrooms design

Designing a room is quite simple, but designing children's bedrooms is a completely different thing. Although it should be a fun project and from a very early age of the child their ideas will be part of the list of requirements. In addition, long-term planning is also key to success.

classic and modern children's bedrooms

It really is worth making a plan design and decoration with the furniture that compose it, which will last, or at least need to be remodeled every five years. This level of planning will help your budget not be too wasteful and will help you avoid costly mistakes.

children's bedrooms modern design

Know more about everything related to the design of children's bedrooms can be a useful first step, especially because we have many ideas inspiring

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Children's bedrooms Where to start with the design

Of course, the needs and tastes of children will change, and room exchanges between siblings or even with you could happen if new family members arrive and the number of people in the household grows. However, if you plan intelligently each of the ingredients in the room, you will discover that many of them can be used in the future and in many different situations.

children's bedrooms in blue and yellow

Read our article to and we will guide you through all the necessary steps to create a bedroom with flexibility that is a success for children and for you. Also take a look at the design ideas of children's bedrooms and the design ideas of small rooms for children to get a lot of inspiring ideas to copy.

children's bedrooms creative design

How to choose the painting for children's bedrooms?

Before thinking about the ideas of paint colors for your children's bedrooms, think about the type of paint you are going to use:

children's bedrooms in white

Matte paint will create a flat finish. Look for washable versions instead of using traditional matte paints to keep the walls in good condition for longer.

black and white children's bedrooms

If you want a finish that is more resistant to stains and wear, opt for paints that can be cleaned.

children's bedrooms bohemian style

Slate paint can be a great success in children's bedrooms. Use it in an area the size of a bulletin board, or even on an entire wall.

children's bedrooms minimalist style

Paintings that do not emit fumes (low VOC) or durable paints are the most sought after.

When it comes to color, painted walls have the advantage of being relatively fast and easy to update in the future. However, keep in mind that the darker the tone, the harder it will be to change color.

modern style children's bedrooms

The colorful paint will give the room a personal stamp that children will love. However, keep in mind that if they ask for a certain tone but they already have bedding and decorative accessories in the same tone, they will not stand out against the walls. A striking color may not work harmoniously when the next passion appears. An alternative is to try to use a more sophisticated color in the design, for example, raspberry or amethyst instead of pink.

children's bedrooms creative ideas

Neutral paints have the advantage of longevity and can make future exchanges of children's bedrooms faster, since it will not be necessary to change the color to adapt to the new occupant. But do not forget that the pale tones, although they are a flexible background for colorful accessories, stain more easily, so cleaning, retouching and full decoration will be more frequent.

children's room natural colors

Decoration of walls in children's bedrooms

Wallpaper is another option that is worth considering if you want to design children's bedrooms with a lot of personality. Many children's wall hangings are bold and colorful so do not feel compelled to use one on all four walls if it is going to look overwhelming or make the room feel too small. Instead, try sticking it on only one wall or two.

children's room wardrobe white

Also, do not limit yourself to wallpaper dedicated only to children. Patterns that include geometric shapes can look great in children's bedrooms and usually come in a range of colors from bold to more subtle tones to suit the age of the room owner. For example, gray wallpaper in an interesting pattern offers a bright background for an evolving scheme.

children's room pink curtains

Check out these excellent wallpaper ideas for children's rooms if you need inspiration. Some of our contemporary wallpaper design ideas or gray wallpaper ideas may also be appropriate.

children's room pastel colors

Murals are another striking alternative. They work like a whole wall created with wallpaper, but you can size the design (instead of working with standard wallpaper rolls and pattern matching). The themes of the entire wallpaper murals include animals, birds, maps and tables, astronomy or architecture images, as well as different patterns.

children's room decoration tree

Decoration with wall stickers

More simple to use, wall stickers can add an original touch to children's bedrooms and are easy to remove when tired of the design. In the shops there are many options available to please children from the age of the nursery to teenagers, so they are not just for the little ones. Be bold in the decoration, either with a single image or creating a thematic group.

cozy children's room

Choose the carpet or floor suitable for children's bedrooms

A key part of the process of designing children's bedrooms is to think what type of floor will be the most appropriate. The options include:

children's room carpet


Warm and comfortable under the feet, the carpet is also perfect for sitting down to play or read. It will cushion falls and reduce noise when objects fall. It can also provide effective noise isolation for neighbors.

children's room carpet to play

On the negative side, the carpet can get stained, so spills should be dried immediately and then gently cleaned. Polypropylene is resistant to dirt and stains and is often marketed for children's bedrooms, but an 80% wool and 20% hand-made fiber rug is durable, resistant to moisture and dirt, so it does not discard if you prefer to increase the presence of natural materials.

child-room color combination

If your child suffers from allergies, the use of carpets is not recommended; instead, try one of the following hard floor options.


Good quality vinyl is warm, resistant, easy to clean and relatively smooth as a surface. It is available in bright colors, if you want the floor to be the center of attention, as well as more neutral tones and you can opt for the natural look if you choose a wood-look vinyl.

children's room original decoration


In addition to being practical and attractive, the rubber is soft, comfortable and a truly durable surface that is easy to keep clean. It also provides good sound insulation. There is a wide variety of colors, so we guarantee that you will find an option that suits your space.

children's room corner to play


Laminate is a functional floor alternative for children's bedrooms. A laminate of good quality will resist wear and is easy to maintain.

children's room decoration


Natural and easy to keep clean, wood is a popular choice for children's bedrooms. Solid wood and good quality wood floors can be sanded and restored if they wear out, so they last for many years and the wood will still look good while other elements of the room change. Although the wood has some shock absorption capacity, it can not be compared to the carpet and will be noisier.

children's room wall design

Floor mats for children's bedrooms

If you choose the option of hard floors such as wood or laminate for the child's room or if you want to vary a flat and carpeted floor, place a mat on top. Flat-woven or short-pile carpets are easier to keep clean and both wool and cotton are soft, durable and pleasant to the touch.

children's bedrooms for four children

Whichever type of carpet you choose, it is vital to make sure it does not slip. Base layers and covers designed for this purpose will prevent accidents.

children's room vintage design

The designs of carpets for children's bedrooms range from thematic (which can be only a success for a very short time) through traditional motifs such as stripes, spots and stars, to blocks of colors that do not compete with the stamped wallpaper. Once again so that the decoration lasts longer and does not inflate the budget the key rule is that the more classic the design, the better.

children's room decoration

Curtains for children's bedrooms

Another thing to consider when designing a room for children is the choice of curtains and blinds. Consider what options for the window will work best with your scheme, as well as how much light you want to block or let in; This will vary depending on whether the room is facing north or south.

children's room modern design


Solid blinds are very effective in blocking out daylight and preventing sleep disruption, which makes them a particularly strong competitor for children's bedrooms for younger children. They are available in many colors as well as in wood finishes. Both these blinds and the transparent blinds will look good and last many years.

children's room design idea

Choose opaque blinds to block light effectively or choose a more decorative fabric with an opaque lining. Venetians offer good control of light and can help avoid glare on screens. Blinds that operate on a spring or are motorized are designed to be safe for children, as are those with laces that can be separated.

children's room pink decoration


The curtains are perfect to bring a touch of color or pattern to a child's room. However, cleaning will take longer than required for blinds or blinds other than cloth.

children's room green wall

Opaque lining is available, but will not block all light, so combine it with an opaque blind to darken the room.

children's room modern design

What lighting is suitable for children's bedrooms?

As in other rooms, children's bedrooms should have a variety of light sources for greater flexibility. It is worth thinking about some of them during the early stages of designing a child's room, while others may be additions and later.

children's room shelf

Ambient light in the room is usually provided by a ceiling pendant, low lights or track lights. You may want to hang a pendant with an attractive shape (to project shadows with interesting patterns) or in a beautiful color. If the design leaves the room without general light strong enough, complement with the low lights.

modern style children's room

It is possible that the night lights must offer different functions in different stages. For younger children, a night light can provide comforting lighting. At school age to read a bedside lamp that is strong enough to prevent eye fatigue is vital. The bulb should have a power of around 400 lumens.

children's room creative idea

Desk lights should illuminate the entire desk area, including computer screens, and the larger the desk extension, the higher the lamp should be. A model that can be tilted at an angle is useful for directing light to the current work area, either screen or paper. Children need less light than adults, but they look for between 450 and 900 lumens.

pink and yellow children's room

Decorative lighting can be a great way to personalize the design. The fairy lights that surround the bed frame or the LED strips are inexpensive ways to keep up with the changing tastes of children.

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children's room design ideas

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