Children's decoration for bedrooms and rooms

many butterflies wall paper stickers

The youngest of the house who are in the growth stage need to be constantly entertained and exercise their body and mind to be able to develop in a healthy and appropriate way. Today we present you twenty five fantastic ideas for children's decoration of juvenile bedrooms in full color.

Children's decoration for juvenile bedrooms

cirilico alphabet stickers wall sofa

If we look at the design of the top picture we will see a clear division into three zones with different functions. This separation is marked with different textures and colors; the play area appears on the left in yellow tones, the central part is a neutral zone suitable for both leisure and relaxation, and finally on the right we will find the area of bedroom in beige.

Bedroom with yellow decoration for children

fourth childrens decoration yellow chicken

Next, a very special design of children's decoration that stands out in terms of lighting. It is a model of the designer Alex Gore in which the yellows abound in their most neutral tone. The furniture is also a raw color that increases the natural light that comes from the outside from the window.

Youth bedroom with modern design

lime green bed children's decoration

The following example is a very original Eugene Zhdanov design. The base colors are also neutral so that they allow adding any other striking element, as is the case with the pistachio green bedspread. Also the painted wallpaper with circles of scribbles brings that funny touch to the bedroom look.

Full-color children's decoration

children's colors brown carpets blue

Let's see now this great model of youth room brimming with color and shapes. Here we see mixtures and combinations of elements of all kinds that have achieved a really great result. The base color in this case is beige, and high contrast notes have been added with intense blues, chewing gum roses and also browns and ochres to stabilize the environment. An incredibly special and flirtatious room for that lovely little woman from home.

Youth bedrooms of modern design

children's colors bedroom fourth decoration

Youth bedroom blue and white

youthful decoration color blue white

Yellow children's decoration

child decoration orange yellow

Children's bedroom with lilac wall

children's decoration lilac wall

Design children's decoration

children's furniture modern design bed

Children's decoration for lilac bedroom

children's decoration violet lilac

green decoration black white

child decoration design mates signs

desk paper wall childish painted

large butterfly eiffel tower floor

paper wall many colors quarter

wall laminate wood children's bedroom

pony lilac wall decoration

red rose long white curtain

carpet colors fourth decoration juvenile

purple room lilac green white

blue bed wall blue bedroom

very modern yellow room

quarter red three stripe wall

yellow armchairs quarter colors wall

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