Children's decoration with elements of natural materials

retro style wall paper

In today's post we will talk about children's decoration for rooms and bedrooms, and we will also see a selection of images that can give you ideas on how to choose the best quality furniture for this type of space. We are all witnesses of the current trend of the search for natural and biological products free of toxins.

Children's decoration for bedrooms

smooth finish natural wood structure

For this reason we will see that the furniture of the smallest is also very important for your health. Many experts opt for solid unvarnished natural wood for the decor Childhood of the bedrooms. In case of choosing varnished furniture, we must ensure that the products are hiccup allergens , if possible with waxes or flax oil.

Natural wood furniture for children's rooms

nice headboard natural wood bed

It is advisable that everyone plays uetes and accessories are stored to prevent dust accumulation, although we know that this is practically impossible in a child's bedroom. For walls, we will also try to use non-toxic paints such as water-based paints. In any case it is preferable that children do not sleep at home when they are covering the walls, either with paint or with papered .

Functional furniture for children's bedrooms

wardrobe wood neutral colors beds

As for styles of decor childish, it also takes away the natural. In many models, a color palette neutral that bring tranquility to the environment. It is perhaps a Nordic influence that marks this note so natural, sometimes even a bit rustic. Non-aggressive elements and soft textures in bedding and curtains, also made of quality natural materials.

Modular structure designed by Marielli e Molteni

duplex apartment design

The designs are also functional and practical for various uses. Some are true mini apartments type dú plex, as the modular structure model Prompiano of the signature Marelli e Molteni . Within each zone it is separated with parts for family use. They are in the lower part a study area, a kitchen, a dining room, a gym and a place for reading or conversation. A really impressive modular structure that allows daily actions to be carried out pleasantly to one or several inhabitants.

Light wood furniture

curtains retro style blue patterns

Design of children's decoration in wood and blue tones

children's decoration wood blue chair


Nordic style children's decoration design

children's chair blue color

Bedroom furniture in neutral tones

child bedroom decoration light wood

Module with three beds and cabinets

two light wood beds bunk beds

Duplex module with different compartments

two floors duplex design module

beige blue wall shelf

white shelves chair blue color

super white wooden bed bear

children's rooms baby boy

bunk wood gray color design

gray bunks ceiling beams wood

natural wood sanded without varnish

bedside table a wooden drawer

furniture desk wood gray color

navy blue laminate wood

small room beige modern style

modular structure wood zone games

design shades orange child decoration

paper wall painted animated animals

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