Children's parties: surprise your little girl on her special day

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No one can deny that the children be priceless treasures and true gifts of God. For all of us it is important to meet the needs of our children but there is a day of the year a little more important and special than the others for all the members of the family. It is the day in which our son fulfill years. On this special day for you and your family we have thought today.

Children's parties ideas for decorating your daughter's birthday

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Particularly for moms and daughters who have daughters. If you have not yet decided what to do, we have prepared original ideas for children's parties, better said for girls' birthdays. The first thing that should be done for children's parties in general is to choose the theme. Most children want gifts and cakes with prints of princesses or heroes of cartoons.

Children's parties original decorations

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All you have to do is ask your daughter what her favorite series of drawings are since children change their minds very quickly and although you think you know it you can never be sure. The theme is the key point in the decoration for children's parties and when we know it prepare to receive the pink color at home.

Cakes and decorations for the baby's first birthday party

birthday decoration baby ideas pink cakes

Most girls love pink so this color should not be missing in cakes, balloons, napkins, tablecloths and everything that can occur to one. Sirens, butterflies, princesses, ponies, rainbows and kittens in the photos we have prepared you will find everything you need to not miss any detail for your child's birthday party.

Pretty decorations of various colors for the birthday party of the girl

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Give your young daughter a dream birthday, taking advantage of the original ideas we have for you. We know that it is not easy because even a super mom can run out of free time because of this we show you some ideas of napkin dishes and balloons that are thrown away and your house will not be a disaster after the childhood invasion.

Little girl's birthday party with themed ideas

decoration birthday party pastel elmo theme animation

Among a large amount of rose, flyers, sparkle, and delicious desserts, we assure you that your princess will feel like she is in a magical place and will enjoy her special day to the fullest. There are lots of ideas for girls parties and we have compiled some of the most original as we realize the illusion that makes children become princesses out of a fairy tale on their special day of the year.

Ideas for dishes glasses and balloons for the birthday party of the girl

decoration pink yellow dishes paper napkins balloons pretty

The first of the possibilities for a themed party is based on a popular animated film. We refer to Frozen a theme that will surely be the favorite of all girls. So the decoration of a party with the theme of this film will undoubtedly be a success. In practice, you have to pay close attention to colors.

Children's stories and films as inspiration

pink decoration marine theme girl birthday nina

To follow the whole line and the theme you have to base the decoration basically on blue and white. Especially white because of its similarity to ice. Another of the animations that surely as parents we already know is Peppa Pig. The good thing is that in many shops we will find everything you need for a party with this idea. It is another theme that is included within the favorites and these accessories allow a more personalized party.

Wall and table decorated for the birthday party of the girl

decoration theme mermaid ideas girl birthday table

Piñatas, invitations, glasses and other details can be purchased with a complete customization of Peppa Pig. Ariel the Little Mermaid is likewise another classic among girls. For children's parties is a highly recommended theme. Both in the decoration and the entire organization of the party every corner will be filled with fantasy and fun. It is very exciting and the children will really appreciate it.

Hello Kitty as a theme for the girl's birthday party

party girl birthday theme hello kitty cakes

For the little mermaid there are plenty of accessories to decorate the tables. Customized centers in combination with a cake of the same theme will look beautiful. As with other animations, the great diversity of accessories makes decorating simple. With which we will have time to devote ourselves to other questions. To the long list of topics for children's parties in the case of girls we can not fail to mention Looking for Dory.

Animated movie themes for the girl's birthday party

party birthday girl ideas table cotton animation

It is a relatively new movie but it can be perfectly used as a theme and inspiration for a birthday party. Just like the little mermaid has to do with the sea. This makes them perfect for parties near swimming pools and for children to take a bath in them. So if you have to organize a birthday party for summer this will be a refreshing topic. Bask especially in the colorful details and the vivid colors.

Decorative baskets for the little girl's birthday party

party birthday ideas baskets red motifs gifts

Fairy tales, witches and knights still maintain their appeal for children's parties. A classic example is Snow White. She is integrated to the traditional princesses that go back to the first Disney creations. Without fear of being wrong is one of the most loved and recognized for many generations. With the passage of time has not lost its appeal so it is a theme for parties very successful.

Table decorated in pink for your princess

party birthday ideas girls colors pink table princess

A birthday that we celebrate with this theme will be very attractive for girls. If we know how to reflect in our decoration all the mystery and the attraction of the story, the party will be unforgettable. There are several options that can be put into practice in terms of accessories or the decoration of the tables. In the same group of Snow White, Cinderella is located.

Decorated tables for the birthday parties of the little princesses


It continues to be successful despite having passed through several generations. If you use it for children's parties decoration can be similar to the previous example. Being classic themes and those that are resorted to on many occasions it will not be a problem to find everything necessary for our decoration. Even boys and girls can disguise themselves as gentlemen and ladies of the time.

Ideal themes for birthdays in winter

birthday parties ideas blue girls winter

The atmosphere will be transformed into something magical and fun. Providing the true touch of a party with thematic decoration in every way. In general, they are all precious themes that will make fun different. We are sure that you will find the perfect decoration for your daughter's birthday party so we let you see our images.

Pretty pink cakes for the girl's birthday party

birthday parties ideas decorate pretty girl

Cinderella is the theme of this birthday party

birthday parties themes princess disney ashen ideas

Pink and black for outdoor parties

children's parties birthday small girl garden decoration

Beautiful ideas for decorating for the baby's birthday party

children's birthday parties nina caps milk bottles photo

Elegant ideas for table decoration for the girl's birthday party


Decorations hanging from the ceiling for birthday parties

children's parties decoration hanging ceiling nice

Another idea for decoration for the wall

children's parties decoration ideas vibrant colors

children's parties decoration theme mini mause ideas

children's parties print zebra rosa nina jardin

children's parties balloons butterflies girl birthday table

children's parties ideas birthday baby pink pretty

children's parties table decorated perfect baby

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table pink candy ideas decoration table wall girl party

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