Children's rooms incredible ideas in more than 40 designs

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For sure many of us children's rooms design ideas and details for these spaces is almost an obsession. With a search in the market we will find modern and, above all, very funny designs.

Kids rooms ideas with fun details

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In the children's rooms ideas and others abound the original proposals. Without losing sight of the fact that in addition to a rest area the children's bedrooms are also play spaces. As we can see in some images there are beds with car shapes to spaces with a house in a tree. Going through the thematic proposals for princesses or pirate ships. Finally, the children's rooms design ideas and their general conception should inspire a space for games and dreams.

Children's rooms ideas to achieve functional spaces

children's rooms ideas wooden floors swings

The rooms will be his little world in which we must express his tastes. We must always listen to their opinions and see what motivates them the most. Sports, animal princesses or cars. There are many possibilities like the case of racing for a themed room. Here you could include a bed shaped like a car and decorate the walls with pictures of this theme. Textiles such as bedding or curtains can have patterns inspired by the world of cars.

Beautiful trend in pink for bedroom with special furniture perfect for games

children's rooms ideas colors ideal lists

To complete the design, some toys or photos from the movie Cars can be perfect. If the budget is not enough for custom furniture we can add those details on our own. In the case of Cars, it would be advisable to furniture red The walls can be painted white to further enhance the furniture. To the walls we could add vinyl or car pictures. In children's rooms ideas based on fairy tales can be equally attractive.

Another variant for girls with wooden floors without the usual pink tone

children's rooms ideas girls materials blackboard

Castles are one of the elements that girls like. Here you have the opportunity to feel like true princesses. There are many beds for sale especially bunk beds with decks similar to those of a castle. Although if we have the opportunity to design a room with these features would be great. The columns can be covered with lightweight concrete that imitates the shapes of the stones.

Undoubtedly the best way to get off the bed in this bright and bright bedroom

children's rooms ideas zones game beds

The beds can be placed in this space. In the case of girls it can be one with curtains and cushions. Other elements such as small flags can complete the image of this design. A castle is an intelligent exit when it comes to a shared room. It is a theme that can be shared for both girls and boys. The houses in the trees are another of the children's passions.

Cool style that recreates the pink in light tone on walls and much of the accessories

kids rooms ideas swings girls

Bringing this concept to children's rooms ideas to design them and the concept in general is another challenge. However, children will love a kind of tree with a little house in their room. It is the perfect place to meet your friends and play calmly. To give a certain country touch you can use green moss on textiles as the case of bedding. Other tonalities such as white or brown can also represent nature.

Fun shelves and decorative letters that give a dynamic effect to walls and furniture

children's rooms ideas details lines

In addition to these tonalities in all the themes can not forget the storage spaces. For the walls There are many options regarding vinyl with patterns that similarly evoke nature. Children's rooms ideas for princesses with designs in pink tone are also common. The ivory rose next to a grid-bed and French-style furniture is a great start.

Idea for a small modern room that can be used for boys and girls

children's rooms funny ideas different girls

In terms of furniture to an environment of this type we could add a desk, a dresser or a bedside table all in ivory-colored wood. All this concept has a rather vintage image. What can be attractive to many girls. Similarly, the romantic image of a bedroom with these characteristics is very special. Of all the elements we can say that color is the main key.

Rustic style with small space for games at the top with comfortable cushions

children's rooms ideas stairs dogs

For older children we can opt for a greater number of colors. From the bedding to the walls you can experiment with some like turquoise. If it's about water sports, surfing is another popular case. Surf posters are often used in decoration creating perfect contrasts on the walls. As a counterpart to the most intense colors for girls, we can maintain ourselves with pale pink and greens.

Selection of functional furniture with great decorative value in bedroom for male

children's rooms ideas shelves slats

The pink in addition to the walls can be represented in the furniture or carpets. If we achieve a mixture of suitable colors, the bedroom can also be used for a teenager. For males, blue in contrast to white is another perfect outlet throughout the design. The furniture in white look perfect when it comes to pirate inspiration and marine theme in general. For blue walls, blank boxes and other accessories of the same color will highlight them.

Design with several play spaces incorporated in a creative and practical way

children's room ideas hanging chair red

For children's rooms ideas of color should be based on a dominant color. We can allocate different textures to the walls. As in the floors, which will make the room more fun. The options with the wallpaper can be evaluated equally. If it is a question of young children, the rugs will favor the game. There are conditions such as the case of rooms in attics that can be more complicated.

The decoration should be based on your tastes from toys, sports or animations

nice pink bed auto houses

Here the best thing is to study the distribution of all the elements carefully. The best thing under these conditions is to place the bed in the area with the lowest ceiling height. This favors that the central part of the room is free for other activities. Ensuring a space for study or games is always vital. For other places where space optimization is needed, the beds can be placed under the windows.

A bedroom inspired by the maritime world with shelf in the shape of a ship's rudder

arch creative walls sample bookseller

If it is windows with sliding opening will not be any problem in the bedroom of the child. Even when it comes to shared dorms. Other basic components such as furniture must be adapted to your needs. Especially in factors such as age and height of children. If the conditions of space do not allow having all the desired ones, it is necessary to concentrate on the functionality.

A true fantasy space designed especially for girls and decorated with art

art walls girls led style

If there is no space, the bedside table can be replaced by a chest of drawers. This decision is adequate mainly if it is sought to increase storage. A theme that as we mentioned is another of the priorities in the children's room design and decoration ideas. It will always be necessary to have extra space for clothes and toys. The selection of furniture nowadays is very diverse. It is best to try that the children can use them for as much time as possible.

Atmosphere with aviation theme in paintings and different details in the predes

aviation special furniture pictures figures

Extendable beds are an example of this and they can be very well taken advantage of. It is a good idea due to the rapid growth of children and will be an investment that will last us more years. To optimize space and gain functionality modular bunk beds are another great example. The beds can be placed in various ways and take advantage of the lower space in many ways.

Creative and fun marine-inspired style that seems to be under water

under water effect sea ceiling

One of them is placing a desk or a small closet there. In terms of decoration there are several models with many shades that can be adapted to any style. The best thing about bunk beds of this type is that they leave a lot of free space. If the bedroom is small, it will not look ornate. If it is about beds, the trundle beds are the most versatile when decorating the children's bedroom.

Another thematic variant inspired by Barbie with custom furniture created for girls

barbie shared room girls segments

As an important detail we must mention that we will have another extra bed. A great help when a friend stays to sleep or for family members. If it is not used as a bed with some cushions it can become an excellent sofa. So we will get more out of it during the hours of the day. The materials of the furniture for children's rooms abound a lot in natural wood.

Walls and multifunctional furniture in pink mark the character of this beautiful design

girls rooms pink elements rugs

A finish that like other environments will bring warmth to the rooms. The truth is that beds or closets never go out of style. In addition to the aesthetic part, the bedroom must have everything necessary for children to rest. The decoration should favor rest and study avoiding any entertainment.

For car lovers this is a dream bedroom and a lot of fun

boys cars materials effects ideas

So in the bedrooms of this type the color is an important factor that guarantees rest and creativity. It is demonstrated for example that a room in a very intense green can cause sleep problems. Unlike pastel shades, although each child is affected by color in different ways. In the functional aspect we must be attentive to the needs of children.

Tailored furniture in pink tone perfect for studying or simply reading a book

clear rose decoration special readings

They will always change with the passage of time. The seats like puffs are best for older children. Unlike drawers or cubes for the little ones. A puff game will give a fun touch to the entire space. The tables of smaller size should be changed by others of greater height and the chairs indicated to perform the tasks. In essence it is about the fusion of the aesthetic and the functional taking advantage of the space and capturing the tastes of children.

Interesting vintage finish in pastel colors and with butterflies on walls and furniture

concept walls colors styles butterflies

Walls with blackboard for games or to be integrated into the bedroom decoration

conditions blackboard signs ideas lines

Several storage spaces will always be needed to store toys

colorful spaces storage flowers

Design concept for a space that integrates everything you need in the bedroom

funny maritima led furniture effects

A functional environment created for girls with floral patterns on the walls

two levels green walls flowers

If it is about ships and pirates, this room is the perfect place for games and rest

elements design furniture parts games

Walls in pink and flowers are the inspiration for this beautiful space for girls

special furniture fantasia room colors

Paintings and furniture revolve around the theme of the swans in the design of this space

styles houses shelves furniture figures

Impressive solution to decorate or hang clothes in the bedroom

children's rooms ideas trees carpets

Music is the inspiration for this modern bedroom perfect for older children

children's rooms ideas musical telescopes

The dark blue tone for wall and furniture completes the character of this bedroom

incredible furniture walls concept lounges

Multifunctional furniture perfect for fun games and multiple activities

creative games stay fresh green

Study space and games integrated in the same area of ​​the modern bedroom

maps games inspirational ideas concepts

Another space for girls that contrasts green and pink in walls and various accessories

variants furniture decorations pink shades

A wall that will surely steal the attention of many friends during the game

walls colors special ideas led

Fun themed space for girls with a perfect contrast of pink and white

walls entrances incredible shapes thematic

Superheroes or sports are the main themes for the case of children

walls games styles houses stairs

With fantasy and creativity the results will surely be amazing as in this case

parts bed height armchairs plants

Room model in bright light colors and also inspired by superheroes

thematica elegant colorful ideas balls

The cosmos is another of the interesting proposals for various children's themed designs

solar system details colors planets

Ideas to design functional and fun bedrooms with few details and colors

thematic effects backdrops furniture desk

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