Children's rooms small ideas and advice on design


Today we present you some original ideas and some advice on the decoration and design of small children's rooms. A room Small children's room decorated with good taste, clean, and with space for games will have an important role in raising the boy . We all want our child's room to be as beautiful as possible but also clean.

Children's rooms small furniture ideas and blank walls


This is why we should try to create a reasonable design in the room of small children, so that they have everything they need and still have enough space for play and creativity. If we comply with this, our children will enjoy the ideal conditions for their development.


All parents want to ensure that children have a private room, designed according to the age and individual needs of a son or daughter. Having a room of your own will help the child learn to maintain order on his own, to take care of things around him to feel comfortable.

Children's rooms small ideas of spaces with thematic design


Many adults, during the development of small children's room planning, do not realize that what they really do is create a nice, beautiful atmosphere, but unconsciously they follow the same models of the design of their bedroom or the house in general in order to raise the bar and give the best to your child.


But for the complete development of each child he must have his own personal room, furnished, according to his needs, age and tastes that sometimes do not coincide with those of the parents.


But, in addition to providing comfort and security, it is very important to organize the room so that the child likes to spend time in it. It is very difficult to create a harmonious design in the room of a small child, in which the baby can enjoy playing and entertaining. But even more difficult is the design of small children's rooms.

Small children's rooms with a perfect division of space


For this reason we hope that these designs that we show you in the photos and our advice and comments about some of the design features of small children's rooms will help you to be inspired.


The extras are good for children

The first thing we should do is discuss the distribution of the room, without forgetting that we are talking about a children's room. As we discussed the reality of our days forces us to think about the future.


Which means that most parents choose to design the room for younger children, the same way they design their bedroom. We often see children's rooms that have the same arrangement as modern apartments with a large bed and a closet and without leaving any other option or space where the child can play.


If we have a small children's room we do not have to be discouraged. With a successful design you can show all the advantages of this room which are many. No matter the size of the room since your child will be grateful for this personal space where you can be alone and feel protected.

Children's rooms small options for two children


If two children share a room, they practically have no place to fight and throw their things, this is good because it will make you order your room. You can make the small children's room especially cozy and child-friendly. You should simply think of a good disposition of all the elements of the room.


There are many children who, although still young, prefer to have a room with a design that resembles that of a teenager. For you this has a lot of advantages, but the priorities change over time.


For many children their room is untouchable, their space private. They do not let parents enter the room they do not let them touch their belongings. But their children, even if they do not have everything stored in their cupboards or accommodated in shelves, can organize a creative mess, which can be quickly fixed upon the arrival of friends.


Although it is a child, we must not forget that they need a place of study. Children periodically change tastes, decorate the space according to their own tastes and perceptions of comfort, originality and functionality.

children's rooms small-color-white-decoration-wall-modern-style

A small room should represent and shape according to the character of the child - independent, reflective, adventurous - commenting with your child is the most important thing, from the beginning to choose a successful planning of the nursery.

children's rooms small-two-beds-white-design-modern

But what is small?

It must be said that the concept of "small" is quite subjective, and before discussing the possible and options for planning, we must determine the size of the room that is intended to be designed. There are rooms with size that is comparable to the size of modern apartments for young families.

small children's rooms-design-furniture-modern-style

But let's face it there are many small children who have a room of 8 square meters and have everything you need. On the other hand, 12 square meters - it is not such a small room for a child, but, of course, it will be very small for two or three.

children's rooms small-bed-floating-design

What really matters

What really matters is to fulfill the dreams of your children, one sees your child's room as a spacious, bright space, with comfortable furniture and bright accessories. But when it comes to a small room, it is particularly important to determine what is really important for a child's good development and what is secondary and may not be added to the design.

children's rooms small-bed-furniture-wood-design-natural

We will try to identify the points that must be taken into account to develop an optimal design for the children's room, even if it is small.

children's rooms small-bed-paper-wall-flowers


The child's health is the most important since he spends most of his time inside the walls of his bedroom, which means that most of the materials used in the design must be natural. The selection of furniture, decoration materials, floors or ceilings must be made with great care.

children's rooms small-color-pink-girls

The room should be well ventilated. The use of synthetic materials used in many children's furniture such as plastic panels, cheap linoleum, PVC, chipboard, vinyl wallpaper is not recommended. The concentration of harmful substances in the air may exceed the permissible limits.

children's rooms small-color-pink-girls

The materials that are recommended for a child are quality linoleum, laminates, hardwood floors, carpets. All the elements must be very easy to clean and wash. It is best to choose solid wood furniture.

small children's rooms-design-classic-style

In addition to health, psychological well-being is also important. The psychological well-being of children depends not only on the arrangement of a small child's room, but on the degree of lighting and aesthetics.

small children's rooms-design-elegant-style

The best lighting is that it is natural for this for the window we must choose transparent curtains. Color is another thing that plays an important role in creating a favorable environment for the child. The perfect ones for children are clean bright pastel colors.

small children's rooms-design-modern-elegant

When choosing the materials for the finish and furniture, we must evaluate the speed with which they get dirty and if they can be cleaned with ease especially the shiny surfaces. If we are realistic, it is sometimes easier to achieve a sense of well-being and order in the child's room, using dark colors, such as browns and blues. But it is much better to paint the walls light colored.

small children's rooms-ideas-two-children

The physical, aesthetic and intellectual development of a child also depends on the disposition of the nursery. Therefore, with the design of the children's room we should try to stimulate the child to exercise and give free rein to his energy. This is necessary even in a small room in which we must leave enough space for games.

children's rooms small-furniture-beautiful-wood-design-modern

Now you can find many options of miniature sports toys with all functions, which are mounted, occupying half square meters. For intellectual development, you will need a convenient area for games and a reading table for the child to draw and study.

small children's rooms-furniture-wood-design-lighting


The safety in a child's room implies, the absence of sharp edges and protruding accessories, with which the child get hurt. Given that lately floating beds with ladders or shelves are very fashionable if in your room there is a second level, all the stairs that lead to it or to the top shelf of the wardrobe must be absolutely reliable.

children's rooms small-furniture-only-a-wall-design

The general principles of a small child's room plan

The design of the children's room has a universal purpose. In this space the child will play, study, sleep, so one of the most important points of his plan is zoning, but they can be very difficult or unnecessary in a small room.


But if it is possible to organize a playground on one wall, in the other work area and on the third the bed. This should be arranged according to age and needs. The complexity of the small room is that for the child it will be difficult to focus since it has many things close around the table that distract him.


This is why the main task of zoning in a children's room is that the child's field of vision must be surrounded by things that are directly related to the occupations he has in him. All the characteristics of planning are linked to this.


What may seem like a narrow room can turn it into a cozy nursery. The child needs a table at a point of light, a bed against the wall, which is not exposed to direct sunlight, a small chest of drawers and a basket with a lid for dirty clothes, a carpet for children and large boxes with toys.


You can also add just one bed and a comfortable cupboard and low shelves- boxes to hide the toys and finally, a table for small children with one or two stools.


The child has to learn to distinguish clearly between the time of play, rest and time devoted to the task. Zoning must be done in order not to distract the child from school. Therefore, the key is in an isolated area of ​​work - compact, but quite isolated from the area of ​​toys.

Children's rooms small furniture ideas vibrant colors


Sometimes, in order to save the work area, a place under the bed is placed on the second level, but in this case it is difficult to provide enough natural light. It is reasonable to place the table "face" to the window d, so the children's field of vision will be the shelves and shelves with books left behind the toys.


For younger students it is very important to have a table and a chair that adapts to the child's height and that are comfortable. The color, as well as the accessories, should be chosen with the child - even if it is going to be his first serious experience in the design of his home.


Now we let you review our photos and ideas for the design of small children's rooms again and be inspired to create an original space for your children.





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