Chill out area with pallets in your own garden or terrace

chill out area with pallets

Sometimes bad weather makes us fantasize about the relaxing summer days in the sun. Today we offer you great ideas to create a chill out area with pallets on your terrace or garden. It's very simple, you just have to collect several pallets and get the point.

Great ideas to build a chill out area with pallets

design of chill out zone with pallets

If you have a generous terrace and do not want or can not afford a large investment to furnish it, the pallets They will be your great solution. You can rest easy, using the pallets to make a sofa and a table you will get an ideal and super modern space, you need only very basic skills and some europallets to start working.

Nice design of chill out terrace with pallet furniture

nice chill terrace design

The construction of the sofa is pretty basic, 6 pallets are stacked to build the seat, 3 more on the back build the backrest, all without fixing them, apart on the sides some pallets have been cut to make the armrests of the sofa , although this is an optional extra. The white paint is the final touch to obtain the perfect furniture.

Great terrace with wooden pallet furniture

great terrace wooden pallet

If you are more skilled you can always install a lighting system integrated in your furniture, you only have to buy LED lights with the option to modify their colors, and install them with a certain grace.

Great terrace with furniture chill out style of pallet

great terrace furniture style chill

There are many projects that can be done without spending too much money. One of the things you can do is a chill out area with pallets, building a series of seats and a coffee table. This is all you need to enjoy the relaxation and company of yours.

Great terrace decorated with wooden pallet furniture

great terrace furniture palet wood

If you want this space to be more intimate, you should ideally place the chill out area with pallets in a corner of the terrace, but if you are looking for something more casual, you can place it in any corner.

Great set of benches made with pallet wood

super set palet banks

What we recommend is that you also place a pergola, an awning or any other element that can protect the space from the sun, rain or wind. This way, you can do more in your chill out area.

Original chill-out style terrace with colorful furniture

original terrace style chill

In addition, it is recommended to add cushions to the seats to make them more comfortable. And to finish the space, do not hesitate to add decorative elements such as carpets, candles, blankets ... And although you can leave the pallets to the natural, you can also paint them to give them a fun touch.

Stunning chill out terrace design with pallet furniture

impressive chill terrace design

If you usually use your terrace for sunbathing, you can also use the pallets to create a chair or hammock. As in the previous case, it is also important that you cover the resulting cabinet with a soft surface so you can be comfortable.

Great pallet furniture for a chill out terrace

chill modern design furniture

Other interesting options are sofas and outdoor beds. Of course, in the latter case, it is best to also add a canopy. In this way, you will achieve a tremendously attractive space. In addition, you can always use the pallets to create oscillations.

Original design of wooden pallet furniture

impressive furniture design pallet

On a terrace, plants and flowers should not be missing, and a good way to introduce them in space is through the pallets. Also, as you will see in the images we show, you can do it in many ways. For example, you can create a garden that stands vertically on a wall; convert a pallet into a container to place the pots; build shelves, etc.

Original design of wooden pallet garden

original design garden pallet

Finally, we propose to opt for a pallet floor platform. One way to do this is using the planks for the splint and thicker for a structure, which separates the floor boards and on which the elements can nail the boards. Of course, you can also use the pallets of the extracted planks to create garden paths.

Set of wooden pallet terrace furniture

furniture terrace wheels pallet

Another detail that will make the difference in their furniture made of pallets are the wheels. The possibility of moving the furniture in a simple way is a plus when the season of the year changes and you decide to store the furniture inside the garage.

Original terrace furniture chill out style

original furniture terrace chill

Not all woods are the same. The design standards of wooden decks are in the eye of the beholder. The different types of trees produce grains of different colors, durabilities and natural spots. In addition, it can be easily incorporated into any type of environment, from spaces with modern clean lines to the most rustic cabin refuges. Also consider your surroundings and your landscaping to incorporate visual appeal.

Original chill-out terrace

original terrace style chill

Do not be afraid to mix and match wood grains, shapes and different varnishes, or use wood furniture on wooden backdrops.

Original wooden pallet terrace furniture

original furniture wooden pallets

The decks are really an extension of the architecture of your house and create perfect outdoor living spaces, especially for socialization.

Original wooden furniture for terrace chill out

original furniture for terrace chill

This simple design uses the lines of the house to provide an extension of the building and a private place to relax. The large open patios are emphasized by the natural woods used in the roof designs. Balance your design with the colors and shapes that a cover provides as part of the nature for which you are surrounded.

Original furniture for a chill out terrace

original furniture terrace chill

Do not limit yourself to wooden planks when planning your ideal deck. Use the natural shapes and colors of pine to help define and blend the architecture of the cabins and modern lines for a perfect outdoor retreat.

Original furniture made with recycled pallets

original recycled pallet furniture

The houses in the trees are the envy of the neighbors, as well as the guest houses. And what is a house built among the trees without a bit of its own mix? With a little innovation you can create the perfect view towards the forest.

Original colorful pallet garden table

garden table palet colors

The colors and contrasting lines help define this design of pallet trees that are ideal for the pool. You can get rid of boring sets of plastic siollas and replace them with Diy furniture decorated with bright shades that will add additional interest over the years.

Furniture design for a chill out style terrace

pallets piled terrace chill

Great terrace chill out with furniture of pallet

terrace chill out furniture pallet

Great design of chill out area with pallets

design zone chill out with pallets

Original chill out area with wooden pallet furniture

original zone chill out with wooden pallets

Great terrace and chill out area with modern design pallets

terrace chill out modern design

chill out terrace

ideas for terrace chill out

terrace chill out with pallets

nice terrace chill out

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