Chimney and decoration rooms, creating the difference.

lounges fireplace blue cushions lamp

When we relate fireplace and decoration rooms, a comfortable house comes to mind. The fact is that a fireplace makes the living room a really pleasant place. The positive thing is that at the moment the availability is wide, as much from the technological point of view as of designs. Especially the fuels have been evolving until arriving at the modern ones with base of bioethanol.

Chimney and alignment rooms with television

lounges fireplace decoration wall branches

It is currently a smart decision to incorporate a fireplace into our living room. Their performance in terms of heat is superior and they are much safer. As for fireplace rooms and styles there is variety as we will see in the images. The proposals frame the classic, modern or minimalist When you have a fireplace in the living room, the distribution is sometimes simple.

Two-sided fireplace lounges

lounges fireplace double side carpet

Usually we can choose to stick a sofa to one of the walls and add a coffee table. To be more functional one or two poufs to place them according to each context. In one of the sides of the sofa you can locate a standing lamp. Excellent to create a reading space. Include if you want a large carpet that delimits this part.

Wall with rocks texture

lounges fireplace wood cabin rocks

Finally some furniture of small dimensions to place the television. It is a convenient way of distribution and creates a fluid space. If you wish you can place the television in the same wall of the fireplace and space is also saved. There is an artistic way to combine them, creating a kind of composition with both elements.

Accents of wood, ceiling and accessories

lounges fireplace wood vases fire

If you have enough space they can be placed in continuous walls. You just have to add different textures on both walls to differentiate them. It is a way to achieve perfect harmony. Otherwise, as we will see, both elements can be perfectly aligned on a single wall. One on top of another and also playing with the dimensions.

Fireplace and television aligned

lounges fireplace wood wall table

Proposal by K-M-Architektur

minimalist wood salon crystals house

Fireplace with decorative elements

lounges fireplace wood walls trunks

Add plants to this area

lounges fireplace wood plants picture

Elegant and modern design

living rooms fireplace wood floor lamp

Fresh variant with mirror

living room fireplace frame mirror gold

Pleasant lounge with gray accents

light brown fireplace lounges cushions

Carpet to delimit the space

lounges fireplace metal fresh flowers

Distribution of functional hall

lounges fireplace metal table glass

Cool living room with dividing wall

modern chimney lounges elegant wall

Floral elements on wall with fireplace

lounges fireplace paper luminaries

Variant for country house

lounges fireplace paper rocks wood

Attractive decorated, rustic furniture

living rooms fireplace rocks trunks lamp

Ambient minimalist

lounges fireplace black chair led

Cozy cottage

lounges fireplace traditional country wood

tele framed wall cushions yellow

carpet trunks lamp aesthetic pictures

yellow gray walls ceiling flowers

modern white chair pictures

green yellow modern gray bottle

white head statue fire column

two sided modern fireplace picture

hollow spheres flowers modern fire

hollow spheres flowers furniture jarron

gray walls pictures flowers tones

vases flower beds modern spacious plants

wavy lines plants lights sofa

wood floor vases glasses sea

wood floor vases ceiling sofa

metal furniture fire wall rocks

metal furniture fire rocks wall

minimalist gray living room modern vases

minimalist simple style plant fire

modern gas fireplace camels chair

modern fireplace zero rocks rocks

modern concrete campfire wall gray

modern house style jsrrones plants

modern style minimalist wood house

modern sofa magazines book pictures

woman living fire flowers cozy

walls decoration plants black tube

walls rocks modern chinese asia

rounded plants gas glass cushions

rustic decoration leather hot bricks

trunks house plants cushions cozy

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