Choose shabby chic? we show you why

shabby chic house decorations pretty ideas

In today's article we are going to show you some furniture and decorations in the style shabby chic that can be useful when decorating the home. Choose shabby chic and give it a twist Romantic to your home. This is an increasingly popular style that uses furniture that is old, but not old. It may seem that they are taken from your grandmother's attic, sometimes that may be the truth.

Choose shabby chic for the bedroom with floral bedding

Choose Shabby Chic Bedroom Clothing Bed Floral Motif Ideas

The furniture that shabby chic buffs use to decorate their home have signs of wear and give the house a romantic feel. In places with shabby chic decoration, the atmosphere is very soft and relaxing, the colors used are white, white is the color for excellence, but we can also find it in beautiful combinations with pastel colors such as pink, lavender, beige, gray Clear.

Choose shabby chic for the style of your kitchen

choose shabby chic kitchen pretty style ideas

It is very easy to design the house with shabby chic furniture since unlike other styles with well-defined designs, the shabby chic style requires that the furniture be old, light colors and a little worn. That can make them believe that the image that your house will have will be neglected, but it is not like that because in the shabby chic style the details are taken care of, not only in the furniture, but also in the accessories and small decorations.

Shabby chic bedroom white wood wall and steel bed

bedroom shabby chic clothing bed wall wood ideas

Light fabrics with subtle floral prints, frames with wood or wrought iron finishes on the backs of bed, embroidered curtains, traditional lamps and white porcelain combine to make a shabby chic house. Choose shabby chic to feel like in a story in your own home. Even if you have a whole house to furnish if you choose shabby chic furniture you can get much cheaper. Now we let you see the images that we have to continue especially for you.

Shabby chic style for bedroom or living room you choose

choose shabby chic dining room modern bedroom ideas

Lovely mirror in pink wood very light

choose shabby chic mirror wood white ideas modern

Various types of shabby chic house decorations

choose shabby chic nice style home decor ideas

Beautiful furniture in shabby chic style


Bedroom for girl with very nice white furniture

choose shabby chic style female bedroom girl ideas

Living room with very comfortable white sofas and wooden table

choose shabby chic coffee table white wood ideas

Table arranged to receive guests in shabby chic style

Choose shabby chic table eat decorated ideas

Wall paper wardrobe and armchair shabby chic style

choose shabby chic interior furniture decorations ideas

choose shabby chic furniture living room white wood ideas

choose shabby chic furniture lovely living ideas

choose shabby chic living room comfortable white granite table ideas

choose shabby chic living room bookshelf pictures white ideas

choose shabby chic stool table wood armchairs ideas

table chairs steel shabby chic lamp ideas

salon style shabby chic light colors white pink ideas

shabby chic bedroom furniture white paper wall ideas

shabby chic bedroom furniture decorative white wood ideas

shabby chic furniture store things wood white ideas

shabby chic chair comfortable floral patterns style ideas

choose shabby chic kitchen small house ideas

kitchen style shabby chic island chairs wood white ideas

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