Christmas crafts for children, 50 original ideas.

Christmas crafts for children reindeer cotton reindeer

Christmas is a special moment in the year, you feel a happy spirit everywhere. It is the ideal time to spend time with the family too. Especially for children this stage of the year brings them many emotions. The decoration of our home is something we can share with them. Today we will talk about Christmas crafts for children that we can do as a family.

Christmas crafts for children, cotton doll

Christmas crafts for children cotton cotton doll

These ideas are excellent to keep them busy. Christmas crafts for children are easy to create besides being inexpensive. Venture in these Projects It is one more way to enjoy Christmas and the company of our children. With the passage of time we will collect a series of ornaments that will always be a beautiful memory. The whole family can contribute in the manufacture of these crafts.

Christmas crafts for children, fabric tree

christmas crafts for children tree diy seams

Although children are small with a simple sheet of paper they can make a star. With it you can also create beautiful Christmas scenes. These types of crafts are offer dissimilar advantages. One of them is that children, in addition to playing, learn to work as a team. Children also enjoy building their own Christmas tree.

Tree with rope to decorate

Christmas crafts for children tree wood colors

In addition the possibilities to decorate it are innumerable. They can even be buttons colors or fabric cuts. Christmas crafts for children also allow them to develop an aesthetic sense. This will be useful for a lifetime. The centerpieces for the tables can also be created by the children. In this case we can help if we buy artificial flowers or other decorative elements.

Pine with paper cut out in the form of hands

Christmas crafts for children tree hands stars

Let the child be the one who organizes his own centerpiece and permeates his own personality. In essence these crafts will bring many benefits for our children. The creation process itself is fun. Helps develop teamwork skills and explore new ones ideas . We leave you some of these wonderful proposals to create as a family.

Pendants with cinnamon and buttons

Christmas crafts for children cinnamon pendants

There are some Christmas crafts for children that you can make with cinnamon sticks, small pine branches and buttons. What you have to do is stick the branches of the pine trees to the cinnamon that will be the trunks of the trees and the buttons you have to place them so that they play the role of Christmas balls. In this way you can make some interesting decorative details with which you can decorate your house.

Colorful postcard for christmas

Christmas crafts for kids colorful postcard

The postcards can also be used to make crafts. We must bear in mind that at Christmas the most used images to decorate and to make crafts are the Christmas trees. In this way you can create a postcard with a fabric or velcro tree to which you can make a decoration with buttons shaped like stars. You can also use buttons with other shapes and you can combine the shapes to give an original touch to the postcard.

Snowmen made with socks

Christmas crafts for children doll socks

On the other hand, to decorate your interiors with snowmen you can use white socks that you will have to fill with cotton or cloth to give the round shape of the dolls' body. You can also fill them with sand and with a loop you can separate the head from the body by pressing it so that the separation is clear. To make the arms you can use some balos that you will have to nail to both sides of the doll and the other decorations can be done with a marker or buttons.

Colorful crafts

Christmas crafts for children colors wood flowers

In contrast, for Christmas crafts for children paper is also very suitable and used a lot. With it you can make some shapes of snowmen, however, so that you do not fold the paper you can replace it with paper cards. In this way on the cards you can make decorations with colored paper and decorate the figures.

Colorful figures for Christmas

Christmas crafts for children colorful wood

Also if you use some colored pages you will not have to color the figures and in this way you can combine the tones and give them the shape you want. With the folios of colors you can cut the shapes of some Christmas balls and fill them with colored papers that you will have to paste on top.

Variants for craft design

Christmas crafts for creative children doll

On the other hand, with the cards you can also cut some strips and connect these strips you can make the decorative details. The triangular shapes are very suitable and with them you can create the head of a reindeer or the shape of a Christmas tree.

Minimalist tree ornaments

Christmas crafts for children details pine

On the other hand, if in your house you have some cardboard glasses you can take advantage of them to make some Christmas decorations and manuals for children for the trees. To these decorative details you have to put eyes and a nose and to make the horns you have to use a wire with velvet on the outside. In this way you will be able to decorate your Christmas tree with the heads of reindeer.

Dolls for Christmas

Christmas crafts for children dwarfs colors dolls

A very original way to decorate the interiors is using rolls of toilet paper. These you can use to make some figures of Santa Claus making the face or you can also make other figures taking advantage of them for the bodies.

Children's designs for decoration

Christmas crafts for colorful dwarf children white

Keep in mind that children love making decorations with animal figures and rolls of paper you can also use for these decorations. To the figures you can add some decorations with strips of garlands to increase and add brightness to the interiors and decorations.

Colored spheres

Christmas crafts for children sphere painted ball

In addition to the Christmas balls you can also give them a very original touch. For that you have to paint the palm of your hand with your fingers with white paint and before it dries you have to grab the ball. In this way the imprint of your hand and fingers will stay on top of the ball and the shape of your fingers will create the figures of snowmen that you will have to paint on their faces.

Detail for Christmas trees

Christmas crafts for children star pendant pine

Figure with painted pots

Christmas crafts for children white pots hat

Figure made with paper

Christmas crafts for children snowman paper

Reindeer head and luminaires

Christmas crafts for children reindeer pendant

Ornaments for windows

Christmas crafts for children windows branches colors

cheerful figure reindeer brown wood

trees wood white diy fabrics

tree luminaires carton stars green

santa head colorful red ropes

letter christmas greeting cardboard buttons

hanging colorful buttons white tie

hanging buttons colorful rope buttons

pendant button colorful style pendant

hanging trees golden plastic figures

hanging trees figures santa red

pendants forums puppets elves crafts

cone tree paper stuck girl

cones trees figures santa pine

details plants stockings stars table

design white chopsticks snow buttons

container sweets trees colors pines

glass containers dolls branches glass

container glass face dolls caps

style santa angel girl cardboard

stars gray materials trees cardboard

funny pots figures house table

wood patio hanging garden patio

tablecloth red white doll table

table details snowman hats

snowmen minimalist candies green

recycled materials santa red cans

reindeer head design golden children

cards christmas letters santa green

green tree background painted colors

crowns girls kitchen colors ties

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