Christmas decorations simple ideas to do at home.

christmas decorations ideas christmas cotton spheres

Christmas decorations ideas and a whole world of creativity we propose today. The charm of Christmas lies precisely in the fact of being with the family. Christmas decoration. For this reason today we propose a series of decorations that we can make at home. They are mostly very easy to make and will require little time and materials.

Christmas decorations ideas with pine cones


When we talk about Christmas decorations, ideas and decoration, the possibilities are many. Christmas wreaths, garlands, advent calendars and much more. The case of crowns It is very special because it will be the first thing your guests will see. Although we do not rule out its use in walls of the interior of the house or windows. Second Christmas balls that are special par excellence.

Christmas decorations ideas for centerpiece

christmas decorations ideas glass figures

From here we recommend decorating them as a family and giving them a special and personalized air. The transparent designs are ideal for filling them with photos or colored pearls. Another adornment we say forced in each Christmas they are the garlands. They are essential to decorate the tree and the walls of the house. It is possible to elaborate them with infinity of designs, especially we can choose cardboard or recycled paper.

Sphere with colored buttons

christmas decorations ideas plants sphere

We propose a simple craft that you can also add to the garlands. All you need are rolls of toilet paper, glue, colored rhinestones and a ribbon. The first thing is to bend the tube and cut it in the form of rings. We should try to get seven for each tube. Then we place them on a flat surface as indicated in the image.

Flower for Christmas tree

christmas decorations ideas paper variant

We then proceed to paste each piece, especially using quick-drying glue. Then it only remains beautify the ornament the way you want. It can be with paint, giving it the desired color or rhinestones. Finally, it would only be necessary to drill the top part and place a ribbon. More ideas and designs throughout the gallery, enjoy them.

Create a figure to your liking

christmas decorations ideas papers surface

Use quick-drying glue

Christmas ornaments ideas glue flower

Decorate the center to your liking

christmas decorations ideas fabrics decoration

Pierce the top

Christmas ornaments ideas hanging ribbon

Garland with cloth pines

Christmas decorations ideas children's fabric

Reindeer and snowman variant

Christmas ornaments children's ideas reindeer

DIY tree models

christmas decorations ideas walls lights

Take advantage of disused discs

christmas decorations ideas tree sphere

Idea for centerpiece

Christmas decorations ideas elegant center

Varied design ideas

christmas decorations ideas crown variants

Oranges and pine cones

Christmas ornaments ideas extension oranges

Lining ball for tree

christmas decorations ideas fabrics hands

Garlands with musical scores

christmas decorations music ideas sheet music

Sphere decorated with pearls

Christmas ornaments ideas combined pearls

Decorated with colorful fabrics

Christmas ornaments ideas hanging fabric

tree crown feathers colorful cones

tree crown feathers brown hen

bathroom decoration details spheres balls

cartons branches snow christmas dish

center table detail ideas branches

hanging spheres details house star

dining room center table fresh ideas

cones style tablecloth cardboard glue

cones style tablecloth star strings

crown silver red spheres

details candles glass green tie

metal container beer santa reindeer

gold pendant sphere tie balls

linked stars diy cooking ideas

stars paper pictures table

figures packaging wood plants pictures

cool table detail design cones

wood fragments cones branches snow

rustic wood trees hanging detail

wood trunks christmas minimalist design

christmas decorated colorful glass details

simple decorated paper crown style

dish decorated golden ideas design

branches wood tree table outside

recycled toilet papers red decoration

crystal glasses flowers glass spheres

candles center table varied romantic style

green branch natural detail diy

wood candles yellow red tie

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