Christmas gifts, ideas to wrap them

Christmas presents

As time passes, Christmas is approaching and with it we are changing our daily themes. The decoration of the Christmas tree and inside the houses are very important elements to create a Christmas spirit essential for this time of year. However, in this article we will focus on the decoration of the Christmas presents , in the gift paper that you can use, the colors that best combine in these parties and we will offer you some very original decorations of the wrapper.

Christmas gifts wrapped in an original way

original Christmas gifts

One of the ideas for wrapping Christmas presents is with boxes. The color of the most appropriate boxes as well as the color of the gift papers is the gold, red, white and green, although you will see that there are other very interesting options with other colors. The boxes as a Christmas gift wrap give a very modern and elegant touch to the gift. In addition, if you choose the golden color for the box the elegance and style will reach a fairly high level. We advise you to add a decoration to the box that can be a tie of the same golden color only with flashes. You can choose a bow with glitter. On the other hand, you can also choose a combination of red color and golden color for the gift. In this case, we advise that the shade of the red color is darker, it can even approach the burgundy or maroon color, although the carmine color is also a good option.

Beautiful and original ways to wrap Christmas gifts

Christmas gifts pretty wrappers

For boxes you can also choose the dark green color. If you stop in the green we advise it to be dark because it is better related to the Christmas holidays, the color of the leaves of the pines is dark green. For the decoration of the box you can stop in a larger red bow and you can put on it a smaller checkered bow that combines different colors that combine with the green of the box. These colors will be green, due to the box, red, the largest loop under the smallest loop, and the white color that matches everything. On the other hand, you can also choose a checkered box that combines these three colors. In this case, the decoration with the bow is better than it is unicolor to avoid the excessive coloring.

Wrapping paper for Christmas to wrap gifts

Christmas gifts original wrappings

Christmas gifts can also be wrapped with a lighter ocher colored wrapping paper. This color would combine very well with the golden color of the decoration and the ties. In addition, the ties that you can do to decorate the gifts can be made of fabric or they can be made of paper. With paper you can make more shapes and there is more variety of ties, besides paper you can even curl it.

Wrapping Christmas gifts in an original and modern way

Christmas gifts modern wraps

In this photo you can see the option of the dark red box decorated with gold paper ribbons. If you can not do the finishing of the bow on the top of the box, you can buy some finishes in the form of flowers and paste them on the lid of the box. When there are several shades of the same color in the box, it is advisable that the ribbon also combines some colors combined with the tones of the box.

A Christmas gift wrapped with white paper and with a golden bow as an ornament

Christmas gifts white wrappings

The combination of the red color of the wrapping and the golden color with white details for the bow is very good for Christmas gifts. On the other hand, for gifts you can choose a few loops of fabric that are divided. These ties have a thicker surface and a thinner lace. If you do not find ties of this type, you can use two ties one thicker and one lace.

The decoration of Christmas gifts with bows and with green ornaments of the pines

decorated Christmas gifts

Gifts for Christmas can also be decorated with colorful bows that contrast with each other. For that, you have to use a wider loop of the color of the wrapping paper and a narrower loop of another color, such as the red color so that it stands out against the background of the other loop. In addition, you can get some original gifts for Christmas if you add to the decoration of your gift other ornaments such as the branches of the pines, pointed leaves, pineapples, etc.

Some Christmas gifts wrapped in an original shape, in the shape of a cone and the classic one

ideas to wrap Christmas gifts

Now we are going to present different ways to wrap Christmas gifts. You can wrap original gifts with wrappers that you have made at home. A wrapper of this type could be like the one you see on the right of the photo. For that you need a cardboard of an appropriate color to wrap gifts. With this carón you can make the shapes you want, but if you want to make a pyramid-shaped envelope, you have to draw a square, which will be the base of the pyramid where the gift will be placed. On the four sides of the square you have to draw triangles. The base of the triangles has to coincide with the sides of the square. We advise that the measure of the sides of the triangle be the same as that of the sides of the square, if the gift is not very large. The idea is that after trimming the figure that you have drawn, you have to bend the triangles upwards and these have to be together in their highest part to form a pyramid. In the end, you can decorate your pyramid with small bows and with a large loop of fabric that passes through the center of the triangles dividing them in two.

A Christmas gift wrapped and decorated with pine branches

christmas gifts decorated christmas

To decorate Christmas gifts you can also choose a gift paper with drawings. These drawings can be typical for Christmas with Santa Claus in white and red. However, you can also stand on a paper that has combined the color gold and blue. The additional decoration of a gift of this type can be with a golden ribbon, but you can also choose a more original decoration that resembles the drawings of the packaging.

An interesting way to wrap gifts for young children

Christmas gifts golden wrapping

You do not have to forget that giving at Christmas does not only consist in the delivery of any gift, but as a gift of the gift it also forms the wrapping. The packaging must be designed and must have a design that corresponds to the person to whom it is addressed. Some gifts for small children will have to have a wrapping with drawings, the Christmas gifts for men have to be decorated in such a way that when a third person sees that it is a gift for men, the same happens with gifts for men. women.

Christmas gifts wrapped in letters and decorations

modern christmas gifts

You can also make some wrappings for original Christmas gifts with wrapping paper that is sewn on the sides and is designed in the form of envelopes for letters. You can also do this type of packaging at home but you have to buy a thicker paper and you have to carefully sew it on the sides to create that shape. This idea is very appropriate for small gifts. In addition, you can decorate the envelope with a string on which the label with the name of the recipient is attached and you can add other types of ornaments.

Original gift bags to wrap your Christmas gifts

Christmas gifts interesting wrappers

You can also wrap a Christmas gift with an original bag decorated with flowers and a lace strip. If you have decided to add a card Christmas, you can place it in a smaller envelope designed with the same motives.

Some gifts wrapped with simple wrapping paper and decorated with pineapples

Christmas gifts decorated pineapples

On the other hand, in your home you can also make a simpler decoration of the gifts. This decoration can be done with a gift paper of a color like the one you see in the image. The complementary decoration that can be added can be with pineapples, the typical Christmas balls and with green twigs.

The decoration of Christmas gifts with pineapples, balls and pointy green leaves

On the other hand, you can also add a woven flower. You can give the balls an interesting design by bathing them in sugar. In this way, your sueprficie will be covered with sugar grains and the decoration will be more original.

A checkered gift paper and some gifts decorated with ribbons on the top

Christmas gifts beautiful wrappers

On the other hand, for the modern decoration of Christmas gift wrappings you can simply choose a more elegant wrapping paper that can have a checkered design. Then we advise you to complete the decoration with a bow because otherwise the decoration will be more bland. The color of the tie you have to combine with the colors of the paper and you can place it sideways, it does not have to be centered.

A simple wrapping paper decorated with snowflakes, pink stickers and white circles

original modern christmas gifts

On the other hand, if you want the decoration of the gifts to stand out, it is best to use a light brown paper, like the one you see in the photo. Then you just have to add a white decoration of snowflakes or other shapes to make it stand out. The color pink will also stand out on this color.

An original way to place labels on Christmas gifts

christmas gifts labels

The wrapping of some chocolates for Christmas decorated with a bow

original Christmas gifts give

Different ways to wrap Christmas gifts according to their shape

Christmas presents

A very original decoration of Christmas gifts with pompoms

Christmas gift

A light brown wrapping paper decorated with green and white bows and with pinecones

give away at Christmas

A decoration for Christmas gifts woven in the shape of a flower with twigs of a pine

decorate Christmas gifts

The combination of the colors of the wrapping paper and the tie placed aside

the Christmas gifts

A few small Christmas presents decorated in gold with leaf, pineapples and bows

original gifts for Christmas

A decoration of Christmas gifts with ties made in a staggered way

wrap original gifts

Feathers as a decorative element for gifts

wrap a gift

A very original gift paper with musical notes and staves for Christmas

wrap a christmas gift

A colorful gifts with a red paper and a white ribbon with green drawings of pineapples

wrap original christmas gifts

A very original and attractive decoration of Christmas gifts under the tree with white powder that imitates the snow

original gifts for decorated Christmas

The decoration of the Christmas ornaments wrapped and rewrapped with candy stuck in the wrapper

Ways to wrap Christmas gifts

Wrapping Christmas presents with wrapping paper, cloth and decorating them with candy and ties

forms of gift wrapping

Christmas gifts decorated with cut-out stars made by hand

the decorated Christmas gifts

Decoration of gifts for men with ties and suspenders

Christmas gifts for men

A white wrapping paper with red dots decorated with a red bow

decorate original holiday gifts

Brown shades of wrapping paper decorated with darker brown bows

Christmas gifts for original men

Gift papers with white, red or gold stripes and the choice of bow and the rest of the decoration

wrap a Christmas gift

The type of ties and the type of decoration you can make to your Christmas gifts

Ways to wrap Christmas gifts

A golden wrapping decorated with a red bow with golden details for Christmas

wrap original Christmas gifts

A red wrapping with sparkles and a golden bow in the shape of a flower for Christmas

christmas gift red wrapping

A dull golden color for wrapping paper and brighter golden loops

original christmas gifts

The decoration of Christmas gifts in a box with Christmas motifs and with a bow on the lid

modern christmas gift

A golden box with stars for Christmas gifts decorated with a bow on the lid

decorate interesting holiday gifts

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