Christmas table decoration - 24 fantastic ideas

Christmas table decoration

The Christmas dinner is one of the most important meals of the year as everyone gets together, enjoys dinner and communicates with each other. Have you already thought about the Christmas table decoration ? There are a lot of ideas: hundreds of colors, patterns, centerpieces and various tableware.

Great Christmas table decoration ideas

nice christmas table decoration

Make a traditional decoration in red or green in combination with white, or you can choose something fresh and modern pink, light blue or pistachio green; Do not forget about gold and silver.

Original Christmas table decoration with checkered napkins

original decoration pretty table

Take out the beautiful crockery with patterns, patterns and different colors and with Christmas inscriptions. Add some colors, fruits and pine cones to decorate the napkins. Put a corresponding centerpiece on the table and enjoy your Christmas dinner.

nice decoration center

Not only is it quite memorable to make a Christmas themed decoration for the home, it is also something that saves those expenses on ornaments purchased in the store.

Great Christmas table decoration ideas


Being extremely unique, elegant and stylish, all at the same time, this magnificent centerpiece of the dinner table is a mix of natural elements very typical of these dates. While the natural pine cones add to the vintage look of the decor, the round wooden board and red berries complete a truly beautiful decoration.

Nice two-story fountain full of Christmas balls

pretty wooden table christmas decoration

Whether children, young people or adults, a bright festive scheme is loved by all when Christmas arrives.

Beautiful table decoration with Christmas decorations

nice decoration table

Ware, the tablecloth or simply napkins ... all the most important of decorating the Christmas table is based on a correct combination of colors, and a good example is this spectacular design that we see in the image above.

Nice design of Christmas table decoration

nice design decoration table

If you are a lover of brightness in your festive decoration, this design that appears above in red, white and gold will surely please you. Subtle gold-colored glitter ornaments such as pears, flakes and gold pine cones give a pleasant glow, while deep red tablecloths create a striking contrast; Such a decoration will surely become something worth remembering for the next few years.

Original christmas table decoration with ginger firs

original christmas table decoration

What would you think of a Christmas table decoration that is also a fun and edible gift for all family and friends? These gingerbread houses that adorn each place are just as wonderful to contemplate as to savor.

Original Christmas table decoration design

nice design christmas table

Everyone can enjoy this homemade decoration while they wait for dinner and it will be a delicious Christmas experience.

Nice rustic table decoration

original wood table decoration

To introduce that festive warmth to your table, this winter decoration design works really well providing a rustic and cozy feeling that is further enhanced with small snow-covered accents, pine cones and candles placed in a beautiful way to enhance the center piece.

Ideas to decorate the table with natural elements

decorate table napkins ties

The Christmas table decoration can be simple and beautiful at the same time; You can even serve only and only the products that nature offers this season to achieve an exquisite design that everyone will love.

Tips for Christmas table decoration

christmas table decoration fruits


Sometimes it is enough to order some fruits and some candles on the table in an original way. You can add ties, necklaces and pine branches for a more interesting effect.

Super Shabby chic style table decoration

Super Shabby chic style table

You can get a luxurious and dramatic look in Shabby chic style if you opt for vintage ornaments of pastel colors and whites.

Etupenda classic Christmas table decoration

great christmas table decoration

Or a more classic and overloaded tone if you choose red in combination with gold. A tablecloth with prints or embroidery is also essential in these cases.

Pretty red and golden table decoration

red and gold table

Can dry branches look bright? A handful of them adorned with a simple garland of lights or several Christmas balls will look amazing in an elegant glass vase. That's all you need to make this beautiful piece dazzle. Add some pine cones or some natural elements to the base of the clear glass vase for a natural and earthy effect and enjoy Christmas in all its natural beauty. Set some candles around the base of the vase to complete the decoration.

Pretty table with green tablecloth and checkered napkins

green tablecloth checkered napkins

Now we leave you with the rest of the images from our gallery, enjoy the tour and do not forget to visit our website, see you soon.

Original Christmas table decoration ideas

Christmas table decoration ideas

Pretty rustic natural Christmas table decoration

natural rustic christmas table

Original Christmas centerpiece

original Christmas table decoration

Original table decoration with red dishes

original meesa red dishes

Original Christmas table decoration with red tablecloth

original decoration red tablecloth table

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