Christmas things - 43 craft ideas to decorate the house

Several options Christmas tree diy ideas

Today we have some very interesting ideas of Christmas things you can do at home with recycled elements plants and what you find. Many of these Christmas things you can do with the help of your children.

Christmas things very original DIY decorations ideas


Christmas is not here yet but we have prepared some Crafts Christmas you can do in a short time and have the house decorated in this holiday season. These ideas will delight you if you live in a neighborhood in which neighbors hang lights and decorations Christmas all over.

Christmas things you can do to decorate the house

diy christmas decoration christmas tree interesting ideas

These ideas will delight you if you live in a neighborhood in which neighbors hang lights and Christmas decorations everywhere. Since with these adornments you will be surprised a lot since they are suitable for interiors and exteriors.

Very original DIY Christmas ornaments

tree decorations christmas diy original ideas

What about the interior decoration? The decorations for the holidays are not important for many but they can not deny that they do not like to see a house full of Christmas spirit everywhere.

Christmas tree made of holiday lights

christmas tree door christmas decoration ideas

With a little paint and a lot of imagination you can put your old bottles of wine and turn them into Christmas things such as these snowmen you see in the next photo. If you do not have glass bottles you can use plastic ones.

DIY decorations for Christmas that you can make from wine bottles

painted bottles christmas dolls snow ideas

We continue with the decorative elements for Christmas of recycled things as the example you have in the next photo of jars turned into Christmas candle holders thanks to the flakes and white dots very easy to make.

Very beautiful Christmas candlesticks made from old glass containers

candlesticks christmas painted pretty ideas

To decorate your Christmas tree today we present many ideas of decorations for the Christmas tree. These that you see in the following photo are made of sticks of ice cream stuck together to create the shape of a Christmas tree and painted green. A very fun craft that you can do with your children.

Christmas trees made of ice cream sticks to decorate the big Christmas tree

christmas things decoration manialities ornaments colorful ideas

Another very original option of ornaments for the Christmas tree are these snowmen from recycled light bulbs that were decorated with paint. To create the sparkling effect of light bulbs and bright you can use glitter. To fix it to the light bulbs you can apply a layer of lacquer or transparent glue. In this way the color of the glue will not be seen. Also to complete the image of the snowmen you can put the light bulbs sticks and with paint you will have to draw the face and buttons.

Snowmen made of old light bulbs to decorate the Christmas tree

christmas things decoration crafts ornaments wolves snow ideas

To decorate the house and the tree we show you these paper angels very easy to make, you just have to make a cone with the white cardboard, then with the same or different paper what the wings will be. Here you have angels of different colors very beautiful.

Very nice paper angels to decorate the house at Christmas

christmas things decoration manialities angeles paper ideas

Many of us love Christmas but they are not convinced by all traditions. As for example the live Christmas tree because of this we have this idea for the most creative people. If you're bored with the classic green Christmas trees, take some old wood and create a tree with a rustic touch.

Christmas tree made of wooden boards

Christmas things decoration manialities tree diy ideas

It is always better to create something of your own so if the wood does not convince you and you want a smaller tree in the next image we have an idea for you. This lamp is more complicated to do because you have to give the paper the shape of the lamp and the thread you have to roll around it. So you do not move you have to use heat and then you have to remove the paper carefully so as not to spoil the shape of the thread. At the bottom of the lamp you can stick some colored balls and in the end you only have to introduce the bulbs inside.

A beautiful Christmas lamp made of paper and thread

christmas things decoration manialities christmas tree ideas

We can also transform the simple Christmas lights to create a pretty garland by just adding a little thread. In this way, you can also use this thread. In this way, when you turn them on, the interior lighting will also create the lines of the thread.

Typical Christmas things like Christmas lights can also be decorated

christmas things decoration manialities christmas light bulbs ideas

We must emphasize that Christmas trees serve to decorate any type of space and this small cardboard Christmas tree seems an excellent option to decorate the inside of your table. To make Christmas things and decorations of this type you have to draw twice the contours of a Christmas tree on a card and cut them out. In one of the trees trimmed with a scissors you have to make a cut in the trunk without going all the way down. In this way you can enter the other cut tree and create a figure to decorate the table.

Christmas tree made of cardboard to decorate the table

christmas things decoration manialities center table ideas

Do you have the afternoon free? Well then what better to create a Christmas centerpiece with the help of typical Christmas things like the one you can see in the next photo. To make these Christmas things you will have to use some elongated glass containers to fill them with the decorative details you want. In this way, when the containers are made of glass, the decoration will look and create a very original decoration.

DIY decorations for the Christmas dinner table

christmas things decoration manialities center table pretty ideas

Take out the Christmas decorations and fill them with your glass vases to create a beautiful and simple decoration. In addition you can also add white candles to the table decoration and you can tie a bow around the center to complete the decoration. In this way you can also combine the candles and the colors of the ties.

DIY decorations very easy to make using the Christmas colors

christmas things decoration manialities fireplace decorating ideas

In addition to the table, you can also decorate the wall or even the railing with these Christmas decorations. For these decorations you will have to use pockets of the shape of the socks and inside them you can introduce pine branches.

Decorations that you can hang very nice

christmas things decoration manialities hang ideas

You need paper, scissors, ruler, pencil to create paper snowflakes and decorate the window with them. To make the snowflakes you have to make the contours on a paper and then cut them out. You can also use some blue pages so you have to paint them later. In addition, the blue color is very well related to winter and cold. You can also leave them white but the white will not stand out on the window glass.

Idea to decorate the windows with paper snowflakes

christmas things decoration manialities snowflakes ideas

You can take advantage of the paper you have left of the gifts and create a garland like this that you see below. On the other hand you can also use part of the garlands with which you decorate the Christmas trees. In this way using Christmas things you can make some very original decorations.

Garland for the paper fireplace of different colors

Christmas things decoration manialities garland fireplace ideas

Another wreath design very easy to make at home recycling paper that you no longer need. However, to make these garlands it is better to use pieces of silver and gold paper that you can hook into a thread. These colors will reflect the light in the interiors and the decoration will be more interesting.

Another idea of ​​garland very easy to make

christmas things decoration manialities garlands ideas

Miniature garlands to decorate your Christmas tree very nice that you can make fabric in the color you like.

Christmas tree decorations perfect for lovers of miniatures

Christmas things decoration manialities garlands paper ideas

If you like natural garlands, here you have several beautiful garland options that you can get inspired by.

Various options of garlands of very natural tree branches

christmas things decoration manialities garlands plants ideas

If you want to decorate or make a rustic decoration for the house, you can simply do it with some trunks and a bow.

Trunk and pineapples to decorate the house at Christmas

christmas things decoration manialities wood ideas

A very simple and really original paper snowman, do not you think?

Very nice paper snowman

christmas things decoration manicities muneco snow ideas

Christmas crafts easy to make and ideal to spend a December afternoon, doing with children.

DIY decorations for the perfect wall for Christmas thanks to the stamp of gloves

christmas things decoration manialities wall ideas

Because there are no original ornaments for the Christmas tree like these penguins made with light bulbs.

A light bulb turned into an ornament for the Christmas tree

Christmas things decoration manialities penguin ideas

Here we show you these cute wall stickers made of paper that can be used alone or in combination with other decoration elements.

Paper stamp ideas that you can paste on the wall

christmas things decoration handcrafts reindeer wall ideas

If you have old newspapers you can use them to create Christmas decorations for the Christmas tree like this one that we show you in the next photo.

Christmas tree decoration made of paper cutouts

diy christmas decoration adornment paper ideas

A very easy craft that will not cost you anything, you just have to recycle your old sweaters to make these precious and decorate any corner of the house.

Some old sweaters turned into Christmas trees

diy christmas decoration trees wool ideas

Some ideas to decorate the Christmas tree or your house to create a special atmosphere.

Christmas decorations for the tree made of paper

diy christmas decoration small tree ideas

Christmas balls last year were ideal for the tree, but why not use them to decorate one of your furniture.

An option to use the balls for the tree as a table decoration

diy christmas decoration white balls ideas

A very cheap material with which you can make a very colorful Christmas star is paper. Here is an example of a star made with this material.

A little conventional Christmas star but very pretty

diy christmas decoration star tree paper ideas

If you like to make crafts with paper, this crown for the door that we teach you is a very original option for Christmas.

Original options of DIY garlands

diy christmas decoration garland bella ideas

Another crown that is easy to make and the material from which it is made is very easy to find.

Garland of corks and very nice red bells

diy christmas decoration cork wreath ideas

We have already commented on paper stars. If you have done too many with your children, we suggest you create a crown with them.

Paper stars form this beautiful Christmas garland

diy christmas decoration garland stars ideas

One of the best ways to greet your loved ones and wish them the best is by giving them a card. Here are several designs you can do at home.

Several options of very nice ornaments

diy christmas decoration crafts paper ideas

In the next photo you have the most affordable Christmas decoration and easier to manipulate, making it ideal for busy people.

A decorative bouquet that you can make from the pine branches

diy christmas decoration natural branches ideas

If you want to make a Christmas craft which can surprise your loved ones, we invite you to make beautifully decorated gifts.

Original and elegant options for your gifts

diy christmas decoration options gifts ideas

If you have candies and glass jars in your home and you are looking for a way to create beautiful, chandeliers.

Glass containers filled with very nice candies

diy christmas decoration candles illuminate ideas

At Christmas it is a time in which the most beautiful emotions are awakened. Love enters our hearts and we feel the need to invite friends and family home and not to surprise them with a decoration like this.

Very original decoration to look on your fireplace

crafts christmas fireplace decoration original ideas

The only limit to making original Christmas trees is your imagination. This is our last choice of trees for today.

DIY trees for the wall very nice

options trees christmas diy decoration ideas

Some funny snowmen using the old socks that we all have in the closet waiting for their partners to appear one day.

Snowmen made of very nice old socks and rice

tutorial do munecos diy christmas decoration ideas

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