Closed design for cozy terraces of any style

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The closed design of the covered terraces is a perfect option if we intend to gain some square meters. They are areas that always become an extra option to what we have inside the house.

Closed design of terraces using side curtains

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When the closed design of the terrace has been completed it will look like an extra room in the entire design of the apartment. This determines that in the same way we pay attention to his style and the way in which it is decorated. Remember that although it is a closed design this type of terraces must remain practical.

Closed design in glass pool space that allows visual continuity

design closed partial space pools colors

No matter the weather conditions because even in winter they can be used. Thus we will end up with that sensation of unused or half-used space during a great part of the year. As you can see in the images, the enclosure itself with regard to materials is varied. However, we must stop to think about our project because the selection of material depends on aspects such as aesthetics.

Practical terrace enclosure with several natural details and use of dark furniture

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Passing by others of constructive type and clear the budget with which we have. The closed design of the terraces can be undertaken with the use of aluminum. Very used in everything that refers to the exterior by its physical characteristics. It is a very solid material and is also lightweight. It has a wide variety of colors so it can be easily adapted to any style.

Space completed with wood and a stone fireplace as the center of deoration

design closed rocks rustic furniture styles

Its maintenance is not a problem either. PVC is another of the materials that has been used frequently. It has a lower cost and facilitates isolation by limiting condensation. This also means a lower expenditure on energy. The wood It can not be missing when it comes to a terrace with a traditional air.

Beautiful roofed terrace wide and with a more traditional and cozy style enclosure

closed design aspects traditional metals

It is a material that always looks timeless and very cozy. Its insulation capacity also includes the sound part. We just need to point out that you have to select one of good quality and resistance. Once the closing process is completed you have to dedicate time to customize your terrace. If you prefer continuity and a harmonious environment, try decorating your terrace with the style of the site closest to it.

Another smaller one with a varied selection of cushions and rustic furniture

closed design armchairs cozy walls variant

Otherwise it can be done in a totally different way. To decorate these spaces we can recommend the Mediterranean style for its freshness thanks to the use of white in many details. On the other hand you can experiment with the minimalism that always looks interesting for its simplicity. If it is a country house and a wooden enclosure, the rustic style will be perfect.

Another example of a terrace that includes a natural stone fireplace on a wall

design closed terrace different special metals

It is the best way to take advantage of wood and its full potential. It will be our personal taste and our needs that determine the style of the terrace. Do not overlook the power of plants and the appropriate contrasts of color for this new area of ​​the house. Decorations that focus on making it look like a room independent of the house can use elements such as carpets.

The cases of porches with roof are also very common to partially close them

design closed white edges styles tables

They are perfect to add color and define a small room in this area or dining room. Together with several accessories, the design will become more personalized. It is one more area of ​​our home and its decoration should be up to the whole environment. Within the technical aspects of enclosures the question of isolation is vital.

A small area full of comfort and some plants that bring a fresh and natural air

cozy terrace roofed stable furniture

The windows and their material have a primordial role in it. Double glass is one of the current trends and with several combinations in the case of the roof. One is glass, perfect for letting natural light through but which must be used in solid structures. Its insulation capacity is lower compared to other options. The panels improve in terms of insulation keeping an adequate light input in summer.

Comfortable space that follows the same line of wooden enclosure and use of glass

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During the winter the panels polycarbonate they help to conserve heat with great efficiency. Here we leave you a small collection with some solutions for enclosures and roof terraces. It is a very broad topic but for now you can go evaluating some styles and materials if you like this option.

A variant with interesting light metallic structure that likewise uses glass

wide special different fixed areas varantes

Idea of ​​several zones defined for meetings or meals with brightly colored accents

aspects fireplaces living rooms special armchairs

The image of this enclosure has a special relationship with the entire design style

Special hut roofing material samples

Design of work that incorporates an entire entertainment space with outdoor kitchen

enclosure work walls high styles materials

Wrought iron furniture give a unique accent to this small room with glass walls

cool metal elephants special crystals

The contact with nature is not lost thanks to the use of materials such as glass

bricks special colors samples materials gone

When it comes to living rooms the plants are a special aspect in this type of terraces

Special concept aluminum chairs special plants

A section with metal and glass enclosure in a modern patio with terrace and pool

partial area pool styles furniture metal

Accent of natural fiber furniture for a highly cozy and cool place at home

semi closed special concepts views lamps

Some points of light are another great ideas to decorate the enclosed terraces

roofing white special furniture materials lamparas

Another good practical example with the use of curtains to improve privacy and aesthetics

traditional fesco concepts materials ideal styles

This enclosure is completed with the curtains on the sides of the house

variant partial open curtains rocks walls

Leaving a free area of ​​the terrace without any enclosure for outdoor dining

outer partial concepts ideas barriers

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