Coating of interior walls, creativity and style.

interior wallcovering metal curved shelf

One of the forms of decoration that more possibilities can offer in terms of design is the wall covering. The walls give an accent point to any space. They are ideal to create a point of visual stimulation that highlights accessories or furniture. The lining of interior walls has much more than an aesthetic purpose. The cover can protect the material from the effect of time. What is extremely important for cases of exterior walls that we will also deal with later.

Coating of interior walls, panels for texture

interior wall covering warm room cream

Thanks to the technological development itself, designs available in the market are dissimilar. From models that provide very creative textures to simulations of stone or wood of an exquisite realism. The lining of interior walls also has finishes in concrete or clay. They are integrated in a very fluid way in any environment. In terms of durability there are options such as PVC also available in a wide range. It is a material that resists condensation and moisture, so it fits any space at home.

Interior wall cladding, treated wood panel

interior wall covering warm bathroom lamp

There are variants that can be installed on tile walls. Wooden models are suitable for corridors, salons or receivers. The dark concrete on the other hand is highly decorative. It has visual similarity with the cement but it is much cheaper. When we talk about interior wall coverings, dust comes to mind and a lot of chaos at home. This has also changed a bit. There are some models that incorporate a built-in adhesive strip. Installation in this case is very easy.

Paneling with wood panels

interior wallcovering picture wallcovering design

As a rule, they are slats at 2.60m long. Neither silicone, staples nor screws will be necessary. The paper that protects the adhesive from the back of the slat is simply peeled off. If we seek to make a quick reform, without dust or debris this is the ideal option. Another of the options for cozy coatings is the brick. Its combination with other colors creates very cozy environments. There are irons that mimic brick in a very real way and they are also easy to assemble. For this case we recommend that the coating be made but on a single wall.

Vertical slats aligned

interior wallcovering wood bench slats

A totally covered room can be visually tired. To achieve a better balance we must apply light colors to the surrounding walls. We can also include leather upholstery or natural fibers. If we want to achieve a style inclined towards the industrial, there are other keys. The lining of interior walls, in this case the brick, should be surrounded by other elements such as concrete, iron or untreated wood. Always looking for the point of attention in that wall that we have covered. It is undoubtedly a variant that is integrated and adjusted to both the industrial and the modern and gains absolute prominence.

3D panel for texture and dynamism

interior wall cladding wood trunks

The lining of interior walls has reached a high point with 3D panels. They are other revolutionary solutions ideal to cover imperfections in the walls. They take the sophistication to another level turning the spaces of our home into something dynamic. As in the previous case we can select a single wall and create figures. They are a good option if we choose not to place frames or mirrors framed with decorative value. In terms of interior wall cladding is without a doubt one of the avant-garde options. Enjoy the selection of today's examples and keep them in mind for the next remodeling

Detail of brick cladding

lining of interior walls bricks red texture

To make the lining of interior walls you can use wallpaper with the most appropriate motifs for decorating your home. The reason for the bricks is very good in modern interiors and you can also opt for an orange color for them or you can also use a combination of white and orange bricks. In this way you can combine the colors.

Covering on bed

interior wall covering led dynamic room

On the other hand, you can choose to make a coating only on one of the walls of your bedroom or your living room. In the bedroom you can do it on the wall behind the bed and you can also combine the colors of the apred with the color of the headboard. In this way colors and tones will mix.

Coating of square pieces

inner wall lining led lights rocks

On the other hand, for the corridors, the bathrooms and the kitchens, the tiles are very suitable for covering the walls and also for decorating them. For this decoration you can use some tiles with light colors and mixed tones to complete the decoration. However, in the kitchen the decoration of the apreds with tiles can be done only in the part of the dashboard.

Rock simulation panels

Interior wall cladding led metal panels

On the other hand, the panels are very good in the decoration of the walls and you can choose to make a decoration with panels with rocky motifs. It is a decoration with flat stone plates mounted on top of each other and with relief. This decoration is very well in the modern and elegant interiors and you can combine it with the color black.

Coating with LED on base

interior wallcovering led modern floor

The coating of the walls you can spread on the floors and in this way you can use a different coating for these parts of your house. For the floor you can opt for some tiles with a golden shine mixed with brown tones.

Wall covered with blocks of rocks

interior wallcovering studio music lamparas

On the other hand, the same blocks of rocks you can use to decorate the walls of your office and you can choose brown or beige tones to combine the color of the walls with the color of the floor.

Contrasting textures

inner wall lining process steps concrete

Variant with metal plates

Interior wall cladding metal chair sheets

Panel for living room

interior wall covering sofa pictures stones

Contrast with dark divan

Interior wallcovering dark divan texture

White wavy panel

interior wallcovering wavy texture panel

Design with aged wood

interior wall covering aged wood texture

Panels of horizontal and vertical effect

vertical interior walls lining ready led

Illuminated panel with LED

Interior wallcovering led modern cushions

Panels with textured brown spheres

circular dark cover design coating

cover smart wood worked light bulbs

wood panel cover augmented detail

curved staircase rock panel snail

flowers wood interior plants

gray panel cushions colorful green

lamp tables wide wooden stools

wood lamps stool tables decoration

wood interior warm wall covering

wood panel kitchen lighting house design

wood panel texture geometric dark modern

wood room two-tone stairs decoration

wood bonfire cow lounge extravagant

modern wood paneling total decoration cladding

panel office cover leather armchair

concrete wall texture concrete cover

wall room gray rock curtains natural light

vertical garden wall cover wood imitation

wall living room wood rock house design carpet

indoor wood plants jar covered bar

rock panel instruments music simulated stones

salon bulbs bar restaurant warm

wavy texture panel light pink cream

texture panels greenish figures decoration works

three-dimensional panel warm red elegant

modern rock wood combined zen

modern brick red panel combined

texture golden yellow variant cushions

decorative panel vase design

brown plant panel texture zen space

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