Coating of translucent concrete walls

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If one thinks of concrete walls, the first image that comes to mind is of spaces interiors Dark industrial and monotonous exteriors that make you feel like you are in a warehouse. Today we will try to break this image and erase it from our mind with ideas of coating walls of incredible concrete and very original.

Concrete wall cladding ideas for the office

modern design office wall concrete idea

It is a great way to incorporate this material that is not common for wall covering to our homes. The option that we present to you is to use translucent concrete. The concrete that lets light pass through may seem like an innovation but the first time it was used was in the year 1935. Today's companies are able to create concrete blocks that transmit light through the combination of fine-grained concrete and light conducting elements with optical fibers in this way it seems that the concrete is shining from within.

Wall covering of translucent concrete blocks

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This material is used specifically in buildings of fine architecture and interior wall cladding. In the following images you will see how this incredible material is used on the walls of the interiors. The first project is the restoration of a hotel where the designer Albert Abutov was able to create a unique separation between the main space and the bathroom.

Concrete original idea for the design of stores and premises

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The material allows sunlight to go to the bathroom during the day and to the artificial one at night. Our images will allow you to see the feeling of warmth that these walls give us that we are sure is what you least expected.

Wall of concrete blocks that let light enter


Modern restaurant with concrete wall

original ideas original design modern restaurant

An image of concrete wall seen from the outside

image exterior concrete light hotel ideas

Large buildings with concrete walls

Concrete walls let light pass ideas

Concrete wall blocks with different images

concrete wall lets light pass local ideas

A concrete wall seen more closely

wall concrete original interesting modern ideas

Another concrete wall image takes a closer look

wall covering incredible shapes light

wall covering hormigo let light ideas pass

wall covering horm hotel hotel bedroom idea

Wallcovering Hor original modern ideas

wall covering innovative ideas modern points

wallcovering close image dots

wall covering incredible concrete images

wall covering light passes concrete ideas

translucent concrete demonstration wall covering

lamps made concrete ideas modern blocks

ideas concrete lamparas ideas original interesting

washbasin concrete tranluciente idea light original bathroom

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