Color palette for the bedroom, it's time for a change

wall color electric blue lights

If you are thinking of changing the look of your bedroom or yours, you can not miss today's post as it is about color palette and more modern tones in room decoration designs. As we can see, the trends vary, for this reason we have made a selection of one hundred bedroom models with the most current colors.

Color palette to decorate bedrooms

pretty bed wall color gray

Would he dare with gray? Many have prejudices about this color, it is often associated with negative experiences and feelings, but we will show you that this has changed. Some of the most sought-after designers have already decided on gray as the keynote of their creations, and what is fashionable is the style of industrial appearance.

Bedroom design in gray tones

fourth color gray industrial style

Gray in its darker variants provides distinction although it is true that it can obscure the spaces, so we suggest using this color in well-lit rooms and not too small because we do not want to eliminate visual space or sense of spaciousness, but quite the opposite.

Room with dark gray walls

dark gray color bed room

In any case and not to compromise the design of the room with only one color, we can always choose to paint or decorate one or more of the walls, but not all. For this the white color is always a good ally that will help neutralize and illuminate the environment no matter how dark the color we have chosen.

Cool tones for room designs

blue indigo color walls fourth

Next we will look at a palette of cold colors, and specifically in aquamarine and indigo tones. In the example of the photograph above, the greenish blue impacts us, although its intensity has been counteracted thanks to the white elements. In addition, the wall of the headboard of the bed has been chosen for the color accent, while neutral colors have been chosen for the areas where natural light comes from.

Modern design with blue wall

blue indigo aqua modern bedroom

A somewhat more modern variant of the aforementioned is the following example. Again, the headboard wall is of an intense aquamarine color, but the other walls and ceilings present an unworked look of gray concrete. Both shades have managed to create a futuristic atmosphere while welcoming.

Walls and ceiling indigo

blue bedroom indigo style boho

However, we will see examples where instead of neutralizing stronger shades, it has been preferred to intensify the sensations by adding more colors. This is the case of this fabulous bedroom with walls in an indigo blue tone that almost touches black. Perhaps the most striking feature of the whole set are the colorful details that contrast with a certain air of bohemian and romantic style.

Blue electric and orange bedroom

navy headboard padded colors

And although blue is universally known as the color of tranquility and tranquility, there are variants that can activate our senses, such as this electric blue bedroom design. Here we can see a daring combination of tonalities and textures that have been strategically placed in the back of the bed.

Decorate dark blue walls

dark blue color walls fourth

Juvenile bedrooms tend to be bright and cheerful, but there are times when choosing a darker color can be beneficial. In very sunny rooms, light can sometimes become a problem, so a dark blue can help to achieve the most appropriate light intensity for more placid dreams.

Bedroom child of sky blue

children's bedroom light blue aquamarine

On the contrary, a palette of cool but clear colors will bring a more relaxed look to the environment. It is known that turquoise tones have healing properties at the mental level and many have already decided on this color for the designs of children's rooms, since it stimulates children's creativity and communicative skills.

Light colors to illuminate spaces

pastel colors bedroom girl wall

It is also suitable for both boys and girls, ideal for shared rooms. However, the cold colors can arrive to give sadness to the environment, for this reason we suggest adding certain details or ornaments in warm tones to the design, the result will be great.

Classic style bedroom decoration

fourth classic style yellow wall

But let's see now some bedroom designs with abundant warm colors. Starting with yellow, we will mention that this color is a powerful visual antidepressant. It represents sunlight and activates the feelings of joy and good humor in human beings although this will depend on the intensity of the tonality.

Room design with yellow details

headboard color yellow wall white

The brighter yellow is usually used to stand out and attract attention, for this reason the design of the upper photograph presents yellow elements in key areas that can not be contemplated from the bed in a horizontal position; in this way the inhabitant will not notice a strong clash of colors when waking up in the morning.

Orange wall for double bedroom

wall color orange headboard bed

Orange is an ideal color for youth rooms. It has the property of stimulating and invigorating, and is usually used in workplaces with the intention of increasing the creativity of people. It is advisable to choose the tone of the bedroom according to the characteristics and personality of its inhabitant so that the design can be functional as well as beautiful.

Double room with red wall

red lacquered wall lacquered bed

Well, once we have chosen the color palette that we will use for our design, we will think what material will be the one that we will use to add color to the walls, either with painting , wallpaper or even decorative vinyl. In the case that we have decided to paint on our own, we propose a series of tips and suggestions that are quite useful for the work.

Aquamarine room design

green water bedroom bed

First of all we will make sure we have the necessary materials and tools; paint, brushes, rollers, tapes to cover the delicate areas and a tray to drain the paint. We must cover the frames of doors and windows with the tape, and also the switches and the plugs. Some people prefer to do without the tape because protecting such areas can be too slow work

Neutral colors and pastel tones to expand spaces

pretty bed retro style light blue

but in that case we will need a finer brush or a brush with which we will paint the edges and the more precise details, and we will do this first before applying the paint with the brush. Next, we will begin to paint the wall from the edges and corners with a thick brush. Once this is finished we can start coloring the whole wall with the roller.

Design of bedroom of various colors

big brown headboard padded bed

We will make zig-zag movements, in this way we will avoid visible vertical bands when the paint dries. We will start at the bottom corners to continue up by adding pressure to the roller. Once it is impregnated with enough paint, we can start with the rapid movements from top to bottom.

Wall paper with horizontal bands

wall horizontal bands various colors

We will also pass the roller over the painted areas carefully, finally we will let dry the stipulated time and we will repeat the whole procedure to apply a second coat of paint. We must open doors and windows to dry more quickly. Finally, we will clean tools and utensils so they can be used again in the future.

Design of large room in black and white

headboard bed capitone color black

In large bedrooms the dark tones look good because they do not dwarf both the interior and the small bedrooms. In addition dark shades can also be combined with light colors and in this way you can create interesting combinations and contrasts.

Modern decorative elements for rooms

wood headboard white lacquered ceiling

On the other hand, the color palette for decorating your interior can also focus on the decorative details of the walls. In this way you can choose some colors that you can combine with the other interior decorations.

Room design black and beige

black wicker bed black furniture

In addition black and beige are very appropriate colors for interior decoration and you can include them in your color palette. You can also arrange them so that the black color is for the furniture and the beige in its different tones for the walls and the decorative details that will help you to complete the decoration of your house.

Classic style bedroom of various colors

bed color orange black curtains

On the other hand, if your bedroom is simpler and classic, you can opt for bright and vibrant colors to create accents and to reinforce the parts of your home that you want to get the most out of. To do this you can opt for bedding or carpets.

Modern decoration for bedrooms

gas fireplace table quarter carpet

On the other hand, if you want to add to the style and elegance of your bedroom you can opt for decorations and decorative details with an elegant and modern design. You have to take into account that in the bedrooms the chimneys are very good and you can integrate them in the wall or place them in a part of your house combining a crystal design.

Pastel color palette for bedrooms

design flesh color double bed

Decorate the walls of rooms

arches doors decoration room

Pastel colors and neutral tones

Neutral pastel colors celestial bed

Dove gray bedroom

gray color white pigeon

Room with multi-colored design

black curtains night table green

Violet bedroom

twisted curtains purple color paper

fourth color white canopy bed

pale yellow color palette chicken

color palette quarter modern headboard wood bed

color palette black design

room decoration combines styles

brown red room decoration

beige elegant bedroom decoration

wood furniture home decoration

rustic decoration elements wood ceiling

design classic style large bedroom

designed classic wall decoration

designed fourth golden colors

bedroom color white floor wood

pretty bedroom beige walls

classic style bedroom luxurious canopies

classic bedroom brown walls

bedroom pastel colors round mirror

aquamarine green bedroom

bedroom well lit terrace views

bedroom style luxurious canopy bed

Luxurious beige style bedroom

Luxurious style bedroom light colors

bedroom style modern magenta wall

bedroom all beige cushions

Traditional style bedroom elements wood

boho style pink wall paper

blue deco sailor style

gray ceiling fan decoration

large room double bed beige

laminate wood colors headboard bed

laminate gray color black bed

dark wood laminate

black chandelier ceiling pendant lamp

children's bedroom several bright colors

wood ceiling lamp drift round

pink lilac room decoration

battens wood wall headboard quarter

celestial blue paper headboard

original bed headboard quilted brown

gray color palette bed

color palette photo armchair

color palette gray ceiling

palette of colors paintings walls

paper wall thick blue bands

wall paper painted golden color

paper wall painted golden flowers

paper wall colors boho style

paper wall flowers beige color

paper wall painted flowers gray

paper wall shapes blue paint

yellow wall gray ceiling wood

Brown beige quarter wall

wall light gray deco

wall quarter blue wallpaper

gray walls bedspread

violet color palette juvenile room

gray color palette small room

color palette gray white bed

color palette brown mirror sun

dark brown wall modern style

palette of colors orange led lights

painting brown color bedroom

vertical stripes decoration walls

color palette gray brown wall

shades gray color decoration

palette of beige white bedroom colors

palette of colors purple black

light gray whites quarter

green grayish decoration fourth

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