Colored bathrooms - the ideal colors for the bathroom

nice blue retro bathroom design

Today we will talk to you one more time about color baths , this time focusing on the cold and gray colors. We will also see several designs of vintage style bathrooms, a very current trend that is causing great excitement around the world, do not miss our selection of photos to know them.

Great color bathroom designs

small bathroom color light blue retro

When we talk about the vintage style we refer to something like what appears in the image above; it is a design of Courtney Blanton that has everything you need to be a retro bathroom of your own. The celestial color of the wall is complemented with a white PVC coating and vertical bands, an element that we will find very often in bathroom designs of this style.

Original design of bathroom tiles

bathroom tiles blue color indigo

The blue-green tones are also very appropriate for contemporary style bathrooms like this one that we see at the top. In this case, smooth tiles have been combined and others with rhombuses of the same color. Some walls are also covered with a fabulous mosaic with some iridescent pieces, a really beautiful design.

Gray bathroom tiles

dark gray bathroom tiles

Let's see some designs of color baths which are ideal for smaller bathrooms. We will see what happens in the first place with a gray decoration not too light. Above it appears a modern toilet lined with tiles made of natural stone, the result is a modern and elegant look.

Bathroom tiles with mosaic and white tiles

tiles bathroom mosaic tones aquamarine

On the contrary, if we choose light colors for decoration of the small bathrooms we will gain luminosity and a visual effect of greater amplitude. Above we see another design with retro characters but from a later period. The white tiles are the ones that betray this style, also very popular today.

Retro style bathroom tiles in green

bathroom tiles retro green color

If these designs have pleased you, you will not be able to stop seeing the following models that appear in our gallery. See them all and compare colors, styles and finishes; This is the best way to choose the design that best suits your home.

Shower wall with large blue tiles

bathroom shower blue large tiles

When you want to decorate your bathroom in a modern and elegant way you can opt for larger tiles. In this way you will give your bathroom a very elegant touch since small tiles are more common. In addition these tiles can be placed on the wall where your shower tray will be. In this way you will introduce an original line in your decoration.

Retro style bathroom in navy blue

bathroom retro style navy blue

On the other hand, if you want to make a retro style color bath you can also opt for darker colors for the walls. With these colors you can make some very interesting contrasts using clear furniture. In addition, the furniture will also serve to give the style you want to your bathroom.

Luxurious bathroom painted in light blue

Celestial style luxurious bathroom

On the other hand, if you want to give your bathroom an air of luxury you can bet on the tones and surfaces that will increase the brightness of your interior. You have to bear in mind that these surfaces will reflect the light of the bathroom lamps and will create this effect. In addition you can also opt for some tiles and surfaces with glitter that will also increase the brightness.

Combination of tiles for bathroom lining

bathroom marble shower tiles turquoise

On the other hand, if you want to introduce the originality in the intreiores of the bathrooms you can also choose to cover the wall of the shower with tiles and the other walls of the bathroom including the floor you can cover them with marble or granite. In addition you can also choose some tiles for the floor that will give this image to your bathroom.

Modern minimalist style bathroom with turquoise wall

turquoise minimalist style bathroom

On the other hand, a very original way to fill your bathroom with life and joy is using an intense color for one of the walls. Also, if you choose wood for the floor you have to be careful with water and humidity since the wood is susceptible to water and will break down. That's why you can choose tiles with a decoration that resembles wood.

Color combination for modern bathrooms

bathroom bathtub purple bathtub

On the other hand, in color baths you can also make combinations with muted and strong tones. In this way the muted tones will create a simpler line in the interiors and the intense tones will highlight on the most muted ones. However, you have to keep in mind that these colors have to combine with each other so as not to fall into excessive color.

Rustic style pistachio green bathroom

luxurious green color rustic bathroom

In addition, modernity and originality can be introduced in your bathrooms using colors that are not so common. These colors look great when combined with white using furniture or floors. In addition you can also opt for the ocher color to make this decoration.

Violet blue retro style bathroom

lavender blue retro style bathroom

On the other hand, in your bathroom you can introduce the classic English style using the most appropriate decorative details. You can start by choosing the colors that best combine to create this style and you can complete the decoration with furniture of adequate design.

Retro style bathroom

bathroom retro style corner bathtub

In the same way you can do the baths of other styles. However, when you go to decorate your bathrooms you have to take into account also if it is a larger or smaller bathroom to be able to choose better furniture and colors that will decorate the interiors.

turquoise retro style bathroom

bathroom retro wood blue aquamarine

color baths retro style design

blue walls violet bathroom retro

bathroom sauna blue electric color

celestial blue baths

bath retro style white blue

nice blue retro style bathroom

beautiful bathroom celestial mosaic

bathroom accessories colors

nice design bathroom light colors

light green bathroom

color wall bathroom retro style

fourth bathroom gray light pigeon

design bathroom modern style

celestial modern bathroom tiles

great blue bathroom tiles

turquoise blue bathroom furniture

original color bathroom modern design

original design bathroom blue color

bathroom walls painted stucco celeste

bathroom bath color wood blue color

bathrooms color gray beige tiles

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