Colors and design of gardens with their own identity.

colors and design of gardens white flowerpots flowers

It is a true adventure and headache in many occasions to create a balanced environment in terms of colour . It is not a question that is limited to interior spaces since in our patio or garden we must also play with a specific color scheme. There are many elements to consider and can range from the most significant to the most seemingly minimal. I mean from the wall of our garden to maybe that little pot in a corner of the garden.

Colors and garden design, metal accessory

colors and design of gardens house wood rock

Today our theme is aimed at the colors and design of gardens. In every garden as regards color, it is common to find blue and violet. They are cold colors lack luminosity so we must combine them with warmer colors and visually attractive. For its part, the violet has an unparalleled visual appeal. It is very effective if you have it in a flower pot or a gardener. It can also be combined with red flowering plants.

Colors and design of gardens, red flowers arch

colors and design of gardens flowers red bow

We must bear in mind that in terms of colors and design of gardens blue is a good variant, but in summer it loses notoriety if there is an excess of light. One option that improves this duo of colors and garden design is yellow. It is a color that by its brightness is captured very quickly. It is very common in the spring, so it is the ideal time to include it in our design. We can use it in places that have more sunlight.

Colors and design of dark mulch gardens

colors and garden design mulch flowers contrast

Combinations with other plants of intense green are convenient. We can mix it with the violet we saw earlier or the blue one. Although there can not be disproportion and yellow should prevail. We can also give a balance in terms of colors and garden design with the right accessories. The scheme achieved will always be a great surprise and may vary according to the seasons. We leave some images inspiring that invite us to change.

Contrast pink tones

colors and design of gardens pink flowers lawn

Varied shades with pink flowers

colors and design of gardens rose red contrast

Use of green tones

colors and design of succulent gardens green chairs

Multicolored contrast in flowers

colors and design of gardens varied contrast grass

Geometric design in green

colors and design of gardens green geometric tones

Yellow in luminous contrast

colors and design of gardens alive yellow planter

Pink and yellow in contrast

yellow rose plants contrast plants

Living room furniture

bench yellow wood patio furniture

Mauve and white flowers in pots

contrast white mallow flower pots

flowers rose garden grass trees

flowers tulipan yellow red lighting

pots colors plants white accessories

pots colors flashy fenced plants

mallow yellow flowers balcony contrast

mallow yellow flowers garden decoration

mallow yellow intense green garden

furniture cushions vivid colors table

furniture color garden rose accessories

furniture orange color cushions decoration

pink wall trees patio bench

wall yellow rocks furniture plants

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