Combinations of colors for bedroom walls

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The bedroom represents the highlight of the house as it is the room, designed to rest and recover from the stress accumulated during the day. For this to happen, however, we must commit ourselves to the different points of view that each one has. In this article we will see some ideas and color combinations suitable for the bedroom.

Combinations of vibrant colors for the bedroom


To determine the color combinations you should use, you have to think only about what you like. For this reason, before buying the painting or before choosing a quilt it will be essential to evaluate your needs for use, so you can choose between a palette of colors that reflect your identity.

Combinations of original colors that give joy to the bedroom

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For anyone who wants an oasis of peace and tranquility, should consider cold colors such as blue, green and purple, which are soothing and soothing is also a good idea to make cool color combinations like these. Different shades obtained from each of these colors can completely change the atmosphere so be careful of the color combinations you make.

Light colors and curtains with prints for the bedroom

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It is important to remember that cold colors can also leave the impression of a dark room, so it will be good to use them on the top of the walls that should be painted in warm neutral colors, such as orange or red on the bottom . Green with accents of lavender, can give a touch of elegance in a Provencal style.

Interesting ideas for the bedroom wall

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The agreement between the white and blue porcelain in the bedroom will give a fresh look and a sense of order and cleanliness. If you want tranquility in your interior space, opt for warm tones. A good idea may be to combine them with neutral. For a tropical feel, use lemon yellow, lime green and a little bright orange color can be an excellent solution.

Colo light and dark beige for the bedroom

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If they are lovers of the classic style, the ideal is to use the color pink and black or temperate yellow in combination with dark brown. Red is the color of love and passion, but it is also a non-relaxing color, so by itself it is not very suitable for a bedroom. To get a good intensity you can, for example, combine purple with pink or purple red or cream with orange.

Combinations of vibrant colors for the bedroom

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Details and soft cushions add charm to these pretty strong color combinations. Finally, remember that the traditional white color should not be considered as lacking in personality, as long as the balance of texture and contrast with other colors is implemented. In this way, the range of neutral colors makes a room a relaxing and luxurious place at the same time. Now we let you review these images with ideas of color combinations for the bedroom.

Black and yellow white for the bedroom

color black white yellow wall bedroom ideas

When you bet on white and black in the interior decoration you can use another color with which you can leave the classic line of decoration of these tones. The yellow color will help you open the decoration to a point that will fill the bedroom with life and joy.

Combinations of cold colors with warm

combination dark blue beige bedroom ideas

On the other hand, to make a modern and elegant decoration you can opt for cold tones and warm tones and you can make a combination of them. However, you have to bear in mind that these tones can be used symmetrically or you can choose one of them to prevail. But you have to keep in mind that when it comes to smaller interiors, the cold colors will close more inside and in these cases you will have to bet on the warm tones to open them.

Another idea with blue and white walls and ceiling

color combination blue white modern bedroom

You have to take into account also that the combinations with colors you can use them on the walls but you can also capture them on the ceilings. A good way to make these combinations is to use the same tones and the same motifs on walls and ceilings. On the other hand, the bedding can also be included in the decoration.

Green color in light and dark tones for the bedroom

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On the other hand if you want to bet on a color you can use different shades of this color. The darker shades can be used for decorative details and lighter shades for the rest of the decoration. These decorative details can include not only certain parts of the walls, but also curtains and bedding or even furniture.

Blue on wall and curtains in the bedroom

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In the same way you can use the blue color in the bedrooms in combination with white. Keep in mind that these two colors by themselves are cold tones and that's why they will create a very winter interior.

Very light pink color for elegant bedroom

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On the other hand the pink color can be used to increase the warmth in the bedrooms and you can also combine it with white. However, the decoration can be completed with floral motifs that you can add to the walls with wallpaper or you can also opt for vinyl.

Bedroom with corners and cushions in vibrant colors

Bedroom color combinations precious modern ideas

On the other hand, the combinations with vibrant colors will add a lot of color and a lot of joy in your interiors and you can use them to break with the simple. These colors can be incorporated with some pictures, some curtains and other decorative details that will help you complete the decoration.

White and brown green for the bedroom

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Walls with very colorful prints for the bedroom

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color combinations gray white bedroom elegant ideas

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Combination of dark green color dark house ideas

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contemporary bedroom geometric figures colors wall ideas

bedroom paper wall prints modern tree birds

bedroom paper wall geometrical figures modern ideas

bedroom paper wall gold black modern style

bedroom small walls white orange ideas

bedroom wall paper prints floral design modern design

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Luxurious style bedroom white marron ideas

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Design ideas by Rebecca Johnston

Rebecca Johnston blue contemporary bedroom ideas

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