Combine colors in the living room, rediscover your space.

combine yellow simple contemporary colors

At the time of decorating or trying to make a variation in our decor obviously influences our personal taste. Combining colors for the living room case also obeys the lifestyle. We can therefore try to find different results so that the decoration can vary. According to our situation we may try to combine colors but first we buy furniture, curtains or carpets.

Combine colors, colorful accent with accessories

combine colors simple white light

Then, in a second moment, let's think about the color of the walls, for example. Or, however, starting from a situation opposite to the one we have proposed. However, it is necessary to know some basic elements regarding color. Of the combinations of red, blue and green, called primary colors, the secondary ones are obtained. This last group composed of orange, green and purple. It is from this, that we get other colors.

Combine colors, colorful from the ground

Combine interesting home carpet colors

Combining colors does not mean grouping and that they necessarily combine. There are occasions as we will see in the gallery of some colors that only need a small touch. I mean cushions , vases among other accessories of your choice. Always adapted to the chromatic range in question. This is an excellent variant to contrast. It can also be applied to furniture. The choice of white should not be pure, it should be oriented towards a specific tonality.

Environment with natural light

It would be an excellent resource to neutralize shades too intense as yellow. When the environment is combined, it becomes elegant and cheerful. An important detail is also the style that you select for your living room. This will also determine the color in many cases. An example we would see in minimalism with neutral colors, white or black. On the other hand a trend towards Pop Art would opt for more vivid tones such as red and green, among others.

Colorful accent on cushions on sofa

combine colors cushions flowers lamp

Then just let go and give a personal touch to the room. As we have seen in many cases the room can share the space with other areas. To combine colors you can think of both areas as a whole. Here you can add a continuity of color. Otherwise you can choose to include a small contrast with a darker color for one of the spaces.

Combination in contemporary living room

Combine contemporary colors salon carpet

Finally take good care of the entry of light. It can alter the perception of your room in terms of color. If you want it to be bright, use clear combinations. The dark ones provoke the opposite, but on the other hand they bring serenity. Avoid artificial light as much as possible. With a diffused artificial light a much more cozy room is created, ideal for readings or to enjoy with the family. We will continue to see more details about this aspect.

Pastel variations on walls and furniture

combine colors contrast pastels walls

Although we are very clear about everything related to the use of color in the living room there are other necessary details to make it look good. In this part we are going to dedicate some lines to the lighting and the effect on the image of the room and the colors. As important as the colors and the contrasts is the lighting that is achieved in the salons.

White combined with red

combine colors contrast red white table

It is evident that poor lighting would affect the functionality of the room. This area of ​​the house is related to comfort so it also has to have the necessary light according to the activity. The effect of colors for lighting is the first point to consider. Colors such as white have a direct influence on the way in which the lighting in the room is perceived.

Living room with striking textile effect

combine colors textile accent curtains

The white walls will be ideal for small spaces. It helps directly to distribute all the lighting in the space. In the same way that white projects light, there are other tones that have the opposite effect. For example when it comes to dark colors the room can be somewhat reduced.

Flashes of red from box and cushions

combine colors flashes red ballerina

So always select the tones that best fit the dimensions of your room and the lighting you have. The lighting of the room when we project it must begin with the selection of the appropriate lamps. A bright room requires those with good benefits. The options that allow to regulate the light are perfect for any setting.

Style with figures carpet

combine colorful carpet colors plants

Within the current options we can not fail to mention the LED lights. With great availability in all formats and with a color temperature similar to traditional designs. Regulation is possible in the same way, making the rooms really cozy areas.

Colorful intersting furniture

combine colors mauve plants furniture

With the use of lamps, the living room can display an image of the same dynamic form. It is always appropriate to play with the different designs of the lamps. Whenever different models are used each zone will have a unique personality in our home. Search any store for contemporary options up to vintage style and play with furniture combinations.

Balance effect between white and yellow

combine stylish yellow furniture colors

Inside the living room, an area that always requires good lighting is that of the sofa. Preferably an indirect light that is warm. When lighting is projected from the part of the ceiling it is advisable that it be with LED. With several bulbs of this type properly installed around the perimeter the light will be distributed with a better balance.

Color in flower design furniture

combine colors colorful furniture books

The use of appliqués is not excluded either. Its advantages are many both from the decorative point of view and for the lighting itself. According to our needs we may need more intense lighting. So it is appropriate to have a ceiling lamp that offers this possibility.

Touches of yellow with furniture

combine golden furniture colors picture

The salons look really great in these cases and the intensity will be related to the number of light bulbs. Each point of light added will make the room look more comfortable and warm. Highlight every detail that is of your interest in decoration. Some furniture or accessories are perfect to do so.

Orange in textiles

combine modern orange colors jarron

In these cases the mirrors are a detail that also helps a lot. To take advantage of natural light they are extremely useful. If it is a small room in combination with light colors, the sensation of amplitude will be greater. If, on the other hand, it is a large room, there is the option of having a warm reading corner. Here as a light source you can select a piece of furniture. The bookstores are perfect for adding LED lights or some low intensity spotlights.

Tint with striped carpet

combine colors salon decoration lamp

Color effect with picture and textiles

combine colors salon lamparas silla

Contrasting green with carpet and plants

combine green colors carpet accents

Elegant contrasting living room

combine colors violet elegant lamp

Touch of vitality with cushions

accents cushions live space bar

yellow orange living room curtains light

old colorful furniture vintage fruits

white palette blue cozy

bottle stand led drink glasses

telescope spheres moon books picture

colorful cushions picture house textiles

colorful purple variations curtains salon

colorful vivid vibrant living room sphere

Combine room pastel colors

elegant design shelf mirror curtains

sphere cushions flowers stripes carpets

colorful idea list rainbow wall

interior furniture colors house chair

vases curtains bottles white textiles

striking colorful spring carpet vivid

blue wood lamparas paredes ventanas

tables decorated colorful carpet textiles

orange accent chair furniture living room

red orange contrast red cushions

orange living room wood floor textiles

purple mix lamp plants plants

Intense red colorful room curtains

red living room floor wood modern

pink white carpet furniture lamp

sofa house color environment orange

ceiling color furniture pattern broad

tropical living room tissue lamp candles

colorful loaded balance walls flowers

light green combination carpet lamp

yellow accents special rooms

ideas contemporary special rooms

marine light tones living room

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