Comfort, priority in the seats for the garden.

comfort patio mulch wall neighbors

I think the dream of all those who love gardening is the moment to admire our work during the summer days. The moment to enjoy and not only visually of our garden and everything that composes our green space. The opportunity to welcome family, friends and spend endless hours outdoors. To make the most of this time, it is a priority to have a comfortable garden.

Comfort and functionality, bench at the end of the garden

Modern bench comfort concrete wall

When we talk about comfort seats are a fundamental apart. Today we will see some proposals of fixed seats and others that we can several of place of free way. The location of the seats so that they are much more practical should be at the edge of the yard . It is the only placement that will really allow us to admire it in all its splendor. It is advisable to limit the land with a wall or go.

Comfort for summer days

comfort patio cushions floor wood

For greater comfort, locate the seats near the house. Above all, it is a rule applicable to large gardens. For the gardens located on slopes there are solutions. Place a bench at the end of the retaining wall, help to give stability. For solutions that are fixed type we must first select a zone. Usually as we will see in front of fences and walls.

Leveling with gravel of the ground

comfort patio decoration lawn seats

Then it is necessary to level the ground. It is good to add pavement, gravel or wooden pavers. Select materials such as steel cut and wood. Regardless of conjugating with the environment in a natural way they enhance its beauty. You will have a living room in exteriors of proven durability and aesthetics. To the whole set we can add a bowl of fire.

Semicircular bench variant

comfort herbs decorative patio fire

They are ideal for spending the nights outdoors. In addition to giving the atmosphere a jungle touch charming . In this area of ​​the garden be cautious with the selection of species. There are certain plants that can attract some insects. So, if necessary, plant them in an area far from your outdoor living room. Ideas and designs in our gallery. Fifty proposals that will surely be a starting point for future projects in your yard.

Comfortable hanging chairs

strings egg chairs chairs strings

Cushions, indispensable element

comfort patio trees cushions concrete

Ideal for relaxation area

comfort gravel cushions center jacuzzi

Make the most of the spaces

comfort patio decoration plants modern

Patio angle bench

Outdoor living room with green wall

Making of natural fibers

Cozy space with streetlights

comfort patio white spheres cushions

Variation in a sub-level

comfort patio flowers white cushions

Solution for small yards

comfort patio slats bench flowers

Space next to wooden fence

comfort patio slats wood lawn

Attractive fire pit with sphere

comfort patio fashion cushions sphere

Small bench at an angle

comfort patio plants gravel bench

Wood as favorite material

comfort pool wall wood wall

Folding lounges for regulation

comfort deckchairs platform tables pool

base seats lights bambu lighting

warm patio garden plants lamps

circular fire grass bonfire branches

circular patio lawn modern herbs

cushions balance sunshade garden cage

cushions comfortable white glasses swimming pool

details cushions blue wall chairs

elegant rocks comfortable patio lawn

modern nickel plated metal spheres

fire seats cozy wood fire

sunflowers style pool furniture flowers

led transparent kitchen fixed style

circular arched wood circular table

wood party lights sculpture plants

wood party lights lawn garden

metal dish fire decoration patio

modern different wood style plants

modern style pool roofed sea

modern exterior sunshade fire trail

modern fire bonfire plants man

cozy wall space pool armchairs

palms gravel patio led garden

wooden wall cushion led blue

patio cushions comfort stripes pergola

plants green patio slats garden

platform bambu pool glass design

Synthetic ratan blue color cushions

teak seats fire bonfire rocks

urban garden decoration wood delimitation

top view furniture small plants

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