Concrete as an interior decorative element

original design living room sofa green

Today we present once again the concrete as the protagonist of our article. This time we will not only show you interior designs with cement coverings, but we will also see some models of cement furniture. Yes, they have read well, do not miss our selection of seventy-five images of designs with concrete, they are the trend of this season.

Concrete coverings and furniture

nice design work table cement

First of all and to avoid doubts we will mention what are the differences between cement , concrete and concrete. Cement is a powder composed of limestone and other minerals found in sand or gravel, and is one of the components that make up concrete as well as water and other aggregates. That is to say, to be able to elaborate the concrete we will need the cement. Concrete is the name given to concrete in Latin America, and mortar is the mixture of cement, water and sand only.

Cement bathroom model Craft

bathroom minimalist design cement

Once this theme has been clarified let's see some designs of interior spaces in which this material predominates, such as the bathroom model we see in the upper part. Stefano Cavazzana is the designer of this bathroom called Craft. He has managed to combine in a great way natural materials such as wood in a contemporary and minimalist style.

Design of cement furniture

furniture cement wrinkled fabric appearance

Below we can see several concrete furniture designed by the collaboration of Atelier Remy and Veenhuizen. Currently one of these original pieces is in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the entire collection consists of two chairs, a bench and a stool. The concrete has been poured over the furniture structures that are made of waterproof PVC or plastic sheets.

Concrete buckets Zhi & Kou

cubes concrete legs colors metal

The following photograph that we see above presents a design of functional and modern furniture made of cement. We talked about the shelves in the form of cubes of the Bentu Design firm. The name of the pieces is Zhi and Kou, which make mention of the two letters of the Chinese phonetic system called Pinyin. In addition to cement, the pieces are made from metal and a mixture of recycled waste.

Kou concrete shelving

cement drawers photo modern design

The shelves have lacquered legs of four different colors that contrast with the neutrality of the gray color, and being the legs joined to the cube by hexagonal bolts and washers ensure a perfect stability. Kou refers to the cube itself, while Zhi is the set of the cube along with the metal legs.

Cement furniture set

furniture set cement link fiber furniture

These are some of the most interesting ideas in terms of interior designs with concrete elements. A minimalist look and something industrial is breaking through to enter the most modern and avant-garde homes around the world.

Design of modern cement bathroom

modern bathroom design all cement

Dining table with cement surface

nice design cement dining table

Modern bedroom with cement walls

bedroom round bed walls cement

Design of modern kitchen with cement roof

contemporary modern cement ceiling kitchen

Kitchen design with concrete lining

kitchen walls cement gray color

Modern kitchen with concrete island

dining room kitchen island cement concrete

Classic armchair covered with cement

Classic armchair gray capitone

Armchair with tufted design

gray cement chair design

Antique furniture covered with cement

antique velvet armchair seen by

Classic style antique armchair

design concrete cement chair close

First step to cover furniture with cement

how was made tail chair

Steps to cover an armchair with concrete

steps paint concrete cement chair

Armchair covered with concrete

let dry white tail chair

Design of cement chairs

design walls cement gray chairs

Interiors with walls and cement walls

modern living room cement wall

Living room with integrated cement bench

bench shelf modern nordic

design bathroom bathroom coatings cement

bedroom design modern cement style

modern bathroom furniture wood cement

interior design modern stairs cement

modern interior design cement wall

modern interior design cement walls

design cement table green color

modern design all cement wall

modern gray cement furniture design

design living room modern cement wood

interior design cement column

design living room modern ceiling cement

design chair modern stool cement

modern interior designs concrete walls

bedroom design modern wall cement

stairs basement window garden cement

modern shelves cubes concrete Zhi

interior design modern stairs stairs

island kitchen bar cement polished

island kitchen gray cement design

island kitchen palet wood cement

kitchen sink design cement glass

table surface cement gray chairs

dining table surface cement chairs

table legs wood surface cement

table living cubes natural wood

comfortable wooden dressing table retro

cement furniture modern design work

modern furniture floor cement wood

original design walls quarter cement

original design living room cement

original modern interior designs cement

gray modern dining room cement wall

walls cement furniture cold colors

concrete walls decorated blue butterflies

reinforced concrete walls modern design

wall concrete chair color yellow

coating bathroom panels cement stone

wall covering cement black chair

room glazed wall cement panels

living room industrial style cement

living room living room gray modern

living room black leather armchairs

Semi-covered dining room bricks

modern living rooms high ceilings

modern concrete coated living rooms

modern living room ceiling cement lights

chairs seats cement gray color

floor bathroom bathroom cement polished

floor walls ceiling cement smooth

surface table cement gray color

terrace porch walls cement wood

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