Concrete houses - Pavilion designed by Metropolis Design

concrete houses modern garden design ideas

Today we show you a concrete pavilion designed by Metropolis Design . Concrete houses have always been very popular. The design house Metropolis has completed this concrete pavilion that is in the garden of a house in Cape Town. As we can see, it has living and dining areas with mountain views. East pavilion It is part of the renovation of the house and its grounds. It's about a yard spacious with terraces in which the owners wanted to build a pavilion so they can entertain the guests and enjoy the views of the mountains and the nearby coast at the same time.

Concrete houses with several rest areas

concrete houses modern design garden fireplace ideas

Located at the southern end of the land, on a site that can be seen from the main house, the pavilion is composed of a series of thick concrete slabs. These combine to create a refuge that extends beyond the hillside. The roof cover rests on the walls that can be seen at the back and on a thin pillar at the front, creating a very wide and open area below.

Concrete houses original designs for the garden

concrete houses modern design garden dining ideas

This design is not purely aesthetic and rational so as not to compete with the landscape that surrounds it. In the images taken by Wieland Gleich can see a closed space in which there are concrete benches around a fire pit and a suspended chimney. In the central area we find a large dining table and a counter to facilitate the preparation of food that also under the roof.

Concrete houses ideas for the garden

concrete houses modern design beautiful garden ideas

The work surface extends along a wall, towards the outdoor patio that incorporates a barbecue. At the other end we find a small space in which is the kitchen and the place for storage of food. Behind the kitchen there is a toilet and outdoor shower.

Concrete pavilion in the garden

concrete houses modern design garden place resting ideas


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