Concrete Houses - The Little Tiny House in Mexico

concrete houses tiny house architecture ideas

Today we have for all of you lovers of the concrete houses the Tiny House of the architect Aranza de Ariño and the director Claudio Sodi who is in Puerto Escondido, Mexico and was designed in 2016.

Concrete houses the Tiny House in near Puerto Escondido Mexico

concrete houses tiny house roof ideas

As we said this little home which is perfect to spend a few days in Puerto Escondido, a popular tourist destination, with paradisiacal beaches. It also has a pool so that its residents can relax outdoors while enjoying the views.

The entrance to the Tiny House where we can see a wooden bench like the other door is all concrete

concrete house house tiny entrance ideas

The houses of concrete we are talking about house made completely of this material are not very typical for this this small jewel hidden by the dense vegetation of Puerto Escondido is so original.

A long, wide pool next to this small concrete house

concrete houses house tiny pool ideas

Imagine waking up in a room with a breathtaking view that falls in love. Have breakfast on a terrace surrounded by tropical vegetation, walk to a secluded beach and enjoy a swim in the ocean and when the night falls take a glass of wine near a private pool while watching the sunset. These are the luxuries that the Tiny House offers its guests.

Among the trees of Puerto Escondido de Mexico we find this small concrete house

concrete houses tiny house among vegetation ideas

Wooden shutters in the windows of the small concrete house

concrete houses house tiny photo ideas

A spectacular wall of wooden shutters that opens to show us the interior of the Tiny House

Concrete houses house tiny island design ideas

An image of the open blinds of the Tiny House

concrete house house tiny island concrete ideas

The island is inside and outside the Tiny House

concrete house tiny house original options ideas

A photo that shows us the interior of the narrow Tiny House with concrete walls

concrete house tiny house luminous space ideas

The Tiny House in a very bright small house on the second level that is completely open is the bedroom that consists of only one bed

Concrete house narrow space tiny house ideas

In the bedroom in addition to the bed we have a large window through which sunlight passes

concrete house tiny house design bedroom ideas

From the window of the bedroom before us open wonderful views of Puerto Escondido

concrete house house tiny bedroom window ideas

The narrow and minimalist bathroom of the Tiny House

concrete house tiny house ideas

Photos taken by Camila Cossio , Edmund Sumner Save Save Save Save
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