Construction of swimming pools in the garden - 103 ideas

modern pools round shape views

Today we will talk about the construction of swimming pools of work for interiors and exteriors. We will also see some ideas that will inspire you if you are thinking of placing one in your garden, or simply to fantasize about magical and refreshing places, do not miss our selection of one hundred and three fabulous photographs.

Design and construction of swimming pools

beautiful pool views flowers sea

Currently there are companies specializing in the construction of swimming pools according to the tastes and preferences of each client. This includes a wide variety of shapes, models and materials such as transparent fiber optic pools or ceramic and glass coatings, among others.

Design and construction of swimming pools with views

nice pool views mountain valley

One of these companies is Cipriano Landscape Design, founded in 1989. At the beginning it was dedicated to masonry and landscape assignments, and it was not until 2000 when they started to create their own exterior designs. In 2004 the landscape architect William Moore joined the firm to carry out the management tasks of the company since then.

Modern design of indoor pool

nice design modern indoor pool

One of the advantages offered by this company in particular are the services of gardening and masonry during the construction of swimming pools, and this is because the firm has farms specialized in the cultivation of exotic plants and in the selection of decorative stones and minerals. . In each of their designs, the experts previously make a complete study of the terrain.

Grotto design with illuminated pool

cave cover pool grotto garden

Among the most pretentious designs of luxury pools we can see all kinds of ornamental or functional details such as rivers, waterfalls , fonts, mosaics with shapes and drawings for the background, or even fiber optic colored lights. They are also specialized in "infinity edge" pools, they are leveled construction and their boundaries merge with those of the landscape.

Nice design of pool with cataracts

waterfalls waterfalls garden pool plants

The specialty of this company may be integrated swimming pools, which is obvious. They also have all kinds of stones and rocks that are ideal to give a natural waterfall look to the garden ponds. As if that were not enough, they also dedicate themselves to the design of water sources with very complex and beautiful movements.

Design of modern pool with wooden platform

modern teak wood platform house

The trends in the choice of swimming pool models vary a lot, although we will see that in many designs the same pattern of a very minimalist style is repeated. The teak wood It has also become very important in recent years in spa centers, so many have already included this warm element in their private pools.

Modern pools with waterfalls

waterfall water fountain modern pool

The waterfalls that flow into the pool are also highly valued. The sound of running water is pleasant and healing. Some cataract and waterfall designs also have an advanced technology system that purifies the water during the course of the cycle, preventing it from becoming stagnant and getting dirty.

Design of ponds with waterfalls

waterfalls waterfalls stone wall

Another novelty in the design and construction of swimming pools is the search for union with nature. From this idea emerged the biopiscinas or natural pools that, as we saw in other previous articles, have filters of plants that purify the water at the same time that they contribute a natural pond aspect.

Design of stepped pools

modern house with stepped pool

The decision to place the pool in a place from which the most extensive landscape possible is appreciated. For this, the designs of the pools are usually level and staggered, thus providing a wider visual angle because the pool is on the higher rungs.

Pool with waterfalls and colored lights

waterfalls waterfalls lights colors pool

The pools can also shine at night and offer very interesting water shows during the hours when you are not in use for the bathroom. Placing fiber optic lights in the most strategic places will make our pool become the most attractive area of ​​the garden, great to make fabulous summer parties around.

Modern rooftop pool

construction of swimming pools roof tree

But not only the owners of houses with garden have the right to enjoy a great pool because as we can see, it is also possible to build pools on the roofs of buildings. It is clear that in these cases the placement of a pool will depend absolutely on the conditions of the roof, obviously for security reasons.

Terrace with modern pool

construction of swimming pools terraces stairs

The terraces with swimming pool are a great way to combine the colorful urban views with the element of water. In many luxury hotels and restaurants the terraces and balconies have been transformed into "chill-out" spaces dedicated to leisure and relaxation thanks to the construction of pools and ponds, a really great idea.

Design of modern rooftop pool

construction of pools fire fireplace

Design of small pools

construction of swimming pools garden furniture

Ceramic mosaics for swimming pools

swimming pool construction blue mosaic

Skyscraper terrace with modern pool

construction of wooden terraces pools

Modern pool with views

construction of swimming pools edge views

Edge pools with views

construction of swimming pools design views

Design of indoor pool

design pool indoor deck stone

Corner pool design

design bathroom views sea pool

Figures and shapes for the design of pools backgrounds

design construction pool drawings background

Design of terrace with modern pool

design of swimming pools terrace

Classic style pool design

design classic style pool night

Classic design for garden fountains

design fountains pool lions figures

Minimalist style design for garden with pool

design modern style garden pool

Pool mosaic with blue flowers

design mosaic pool blue flowers

Pool with waterfalls and fireplace

design pool waterfall waterfall chimney

Pool design with islands of plants

design modern pool islands plants

Pools with natural pond look

design green garden pools

Design of a modern and level pool

design modern swimming pool road tiles

design modern pool fiber glass

design classic pool pergola dome

design round pool jacuzzi wood

design swimming pools interior drawings background

design pools modern style plants

design pool hedges round plants

design sofas wood white cushions

great indoor pool views mountain

source water frozen mineral mountain

room minimalist style indoor pool

hotel caribe pool edge sea

lights colors fiber background pool

lights candles floating pool sunset

glass table fountain waterfall pool

mosaic black pool classic pool

landscape pool garden waterfalls water

hallway pool cover mosaic floor

patio gazebo edge pool views

indoor pool style spa design

large pool covered roof

indoor pool mosaics small ceramic

pool form river view sea

pool bathroom wall stone large

nice pool waterfall waterfall water

pool edge girl sitting channel

pool edge terrace palm tree views

Classic pool blue sun loungers house

pool covered gray stone column

indoor pool drawings colors background

house design modern pool around

pool cover rounded rustic lights

indoor pool roof ventilated wood

indoor pool landscape snow winter

Modern pool inside iglu

pool pond natural look

compress form pool

pool shape rounded egg green

pool fountain water wall wall

large pool beach color

beautiful pool falls rocks

large pool classic style plants

large rectangular shape modern pool

large pool luxury white umbrellas

nice pond background black stones

large pool metal modern lounge chairs

indoor pool white columns background

indoor pool cover stone wall

indoor pool beige armchair

teak wood deck platform pool

modern pool photo night stairs

modern pool furniture wood chairs

mosaic pool blue color

pool level steps large plants

small rectangular shape pool

small pool deck TV

small pool classic style garden

small pool fountains water waterfalls

small beige mosaic pool

gray stone pool modern design

pool shape rectangle statue woman

small pools stairs sea views

swimming pools jacuzzi modern garden design

outdoor pools mosaic stairs

swimming pools rectangular shapes landscape views

modern round pools waterfalls waterfalls

pool steam winter russia

pool aerial view bands

platform wood teak modern pool

platform wood half moon pool

sauna bathroom pool coating wood

purple floating armchairs pool views

seen above red armchairs

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