Containers converted into homes, by Daniel Moreno Flores

Stunning modern porch design

Located in a relatively flat and grassy place, in Ecuador, on the outskirts of the city of hectic environment, the local architects Daniel Moreno Flores, in collaboration with Sebastián Calero have recently completed the RDP House made from transport containers recovered.

The RDP House, built from transport containers


The client's particular predilection for mechanical and metal assemblies led to the decision to design a house using recycled metal containers that are affordable and in great abundance. It was clear that all the connections and materials of the form of the structure of the house had to remain exposed, giving free rein to the client in his desire to live in a machine whose function and construction were easy to understand in all angles.

Original design by Daniel Moreno Flores

convective containers houses in houses

In its entirety the house has seven 20-foot containers, as well as a 40-foot container, keeping the worn and degraded character of each module, allowing dents and scratches to tell the story of each piece. The containers were placed in order to contain the enclosed spaces, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, storage areas and the living room.

Architectural structures of recycled containers

deco original patio conternedor

Very few modifications were made to the appearance or function of the containers. Only some calculated changes were made in order to improve ventilation or the integration of electrical or mechanical systems.

Original design of the House RDP

original dieno garden modern house

The construction was executed in four phases. First, the foundations of the concrete platform were poured into the supports of the metal boxes, whose positioning forms the second phase.

Interior design of living room with Royal piano

modern living room design

Next, the beams extend between the containers to support the roof system, and, finally, pulleys and traction cables are installed to support the secondary roof systems and the glass walls of the showcase that cover the gaps between the containers . The wooden planks were used to define the walkways as a coating, providing heat and rhythm to the aesthetic that is characterized mainly by the opposite of glass, corrugated metal, and concrete .

Recycled container structures

garden design containers

When the owner was a small child, he wanted to decipher the mechanisms of the old clocks. His passion for mechanics led him to motorcycles and Land Rover cars. He was interested in a very didactic, utilitarian and detachable house.

Design of modern porch of recycled materials

design orogina proche jardion

One of the main reasons to experiment with this material was energy saving. These objects become waste after their life cycle. By changing their function and making them habitable, we are not only giving them a new use, but we are also building in a clean way.

Original modern bedroom design

modern bedroom decoration

These units help to assemble a unique housing, which is located in a large green area, quite flat and disconnected from the mundane noise of the city.

Original modern garden design with covered area

great interior garden porch

The containers are imperfect. They keep all their scars as a legacy to their nick and the history of their uses. These objects were conceived as the complementary spaces of the house: storage of rooms, bathrooms, closets and kitchen. They are basically used in their natural state.

Design of structures of recycled materials

interior design original designs structures

This is why the designer decided not to change its original structure and if it did, the modifications were strategic and linked to lighting, air circulation and the connection between interior and exterior spaces.

Garden design with indirect Led lights

garden containers led lights hints

With the intention of showing the essence of the material, the factory paint was removed from the outside, while a neutral and sanitary nature guided by the white color remained inside. The works on the floor would be done later, keeping the original wood.

Original design of bathroom

original interior bathroom

Four construction phases were planned; the first of them in relation to the fusion of the platforms, a rectangular base of polished concrete, strategically designed and organized along the topography in the form of small functional spots.

Original design of recycled container building

original design house container

The second phase was the assembly, alignment and fastening of the containers to the concrete platforms with a mechanical crane. In all cases, the containers are supported on the upper part of the concrete, slightly inclined towards the outside, offering a sense of balance and weight control. These pieces are distinguished from each other with the intention of creating and delimiting living spaces and at the same time constitute the backbone of the house in which the roofs are resolved.

Design of a recycled container house, by Daniel Moreno Flores

original modern house design

The third phase refers to the placement and welding of the metal beams system. These beams cross from one container to another and help in the reinforcement of the tiles of concrete.

Architectural structure of recycled containers

original photo exterior modern house

Finally, the fourth phase consisted in the reduction of a system of cables and roof beams that help to shape the bedrooms, where wood is the main material.

Original interior design of natural wood

original hall interior wood

The house maintains a very strong connection with the exterior and in all the spaces between the containers there is a lack of material, where the only notable elements are the metal frames and the glass.

Original modern interior decoration

hall decorated entrance hall

Design of modern dining room with Royal piano

piano royal living room

Original design of porch with modern fireplace

design modern garden fireplace porch

Original design of living room and living room

living room interior modern stairs

Living room design with Royal piano

living room dining piano royal

Original housing design of recycled containers

Exterior view porch garage moto

Original housing design made of recycled materials

exterior view house deco containers

Visualizer: Daniel Moreno Flores

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