Contemporary countertop washbasins - more than 50 ideas

design washbasins moedrnos square countertop

Today we will see what are the most current trends in the design of countertop washbasins for modern bathrooms. We have compiled more than fifty photographs that show bathroom furniture with two sinks, ideal for shared bathrooms. We will begin by listing some of the most requested materials for countertops.

Contemporary design countertop washbasins

design bathroom wall color gray

First of all we have the Silestone , a relatively new material composed mainly of quartz that also has antibacterial protections that guarantee greater hygiene as well as being quite resistant and hard. It also allows the finishes in different colors, ideal for current designs.

Design of furniture with sinks

design modern flat basins ceramic

The wood is another of the most sought after designs in the most modern bathroom designs, either in natural form or in laminates of simile wood. The touch of the wood can be very pleasant and warm, and it is the right choice if we want to add a rustic and natural touch to the bathrooms.

Marble countertops for bathrooms

design modern furniture washbasin

The marble is the next most appropriate material for the countertops of the bathroom furniture because of its resistance to water and its beautiful appearance that brings a lot of class, however it has some drawbacks such as a high cost and difficult maintenance as it is quite likely to be lined.

Washbasin cabinet with glass countertop

washbasin cabinet glass celestial glass

A novelty may be the design of washbasins on glass or glass countertops. The alloys that make up this material are currently of great strength and quality, as well as achieving a wide range of shades and levels of transparency that will play an important role in the overall lighting of the bathroom.

Washbasin cabinet with gray counter top

two basins countertop gray wood

There are also synthetic materials for bathroom countertops that have been made from mineral stones such as quartz, limestone or marble and special resins. One of the most known synthetic materials for its resistance and multiple finishes is the Corian, created by the DuPont company.

Modern toilets with photos of buildings

design washbasin modern buildings countertop

Once listed the most used materials in bathroom countertops, let's take a look at the result obtained in different designs of modern bathrooms. In the photograph above we have an original model of washbasins with black and white images of some very famous monuments from around the world that is part of a furniture with gray wood laminate

Rustic wooden bathroom cabinet

design furniture washbasin wood corner

Next, a design of natural wood furniture with two sinks that forms a corner. Its shape is uneven and at the same time simple, getting a very clean rustic touch in this modern bathroom decorated in neutral tones. The washbasins are of round shape also of very modern minimalist design.

Marble and wood bathroom cabinet

two washbasins wood furniture marble

The following model of furniture with sinks is much more straight, and you can see a nice combination of materials and shapes that make the piece a very functional furniture. The sinks along with the countertop are marble, while the rest of the furniture is made of wood. It also has two comfortable drawers and a spacious compartment for storing bath products or accessories.

Wooden bathroom cabinet with two washbasins

two washbasins wooden rustic furniture

Also in this image presents a piece of furniture with squared shapes, however, in this case the combination of materials is different. The complete furniture together with the countertop is made of laminated wood, and the washbasins are white ceramic with rounded corners and a glossy finish.

White countertop design with black sinks

two modern black round washbasins

A slightly different design is the one we see on the top thanks to the original minimalist design countertop that serves as the base for two round black washbasins. In this case there is no furniture underneath, only a huge rectangular block of white, a perfect example that describes one of the most current styles of interior decoration.

Modern bathroom design

two sinks modern black wall

According to everything we have seen, it is evident that countertop sinks are the new design solution that will replace the old washbasins. Undoubtedly the sink is the main feature of any bathroom. It is the first element we think about when it comes to this medium. It is considered by many designers in the industry as a fashion accessory to build the bathroom style in its entirety.

Set of bathroom furniture with wood laminate

two white round washbasins cabinet

As we see in the photos, the aesthetic aspect is very important without doubts, but it is also necessary to evaluate the practicality of the sink. In any case, it must adapt to our needs. To all the above we will add other useful suggestions to buy the model that suits our real conditions. Beyond its usefulness, the sink is an element that can not be missing in any bathroom.

Bathroom cabinet with granite countertop

countertop granite furniture wood washbasin

The rest of the furniture is located around it and accessories are chosen. The choice of the sink needs to fulfill two main things, functionality and practicality. Without losing sight of its aesthetic as it defines the owner's taste. The contemporary design offers attractive, purely aesthetic and modern elements.

Washbasin countertops with wood laminate

dark wood laminate washbasin countertop

A new aesthetic in the world of countertop washbasins. This type of furniture has simple finishes and essential materials that characterize the environment where it is placed. Bathroom furniture in the past represented a purely functional element. Nowadays they have become a work of art. The basins supported are a good example.

Washbasin cabinet with glass countertop

great washbasins modern design glass

Countertop washbasins do not have particular technical characteristics that allow them to choose. Its use is exclusively due to current trends and aesthetics. Almost all countertop sinks have only one drain hole and tap installation. For this type of furniture it is better to do it on the wall.

exhibition washbasins cabinet color white

In the commercial network, washbasins of this type are offered with many striking and modern, oval, circular or square shapes for each type of need. The wealth of material is another interesting detail as we appreciate in many photos. The sinks can be in glass, stone, marble, ceramic and stainless steel. They are always able to satisfy the various furniture requirements.

rectangular white porcelain washbasin

The rectangular basins and minimalist finish represent an icon of the contemporary image of the bathroom. The technology proposes models and finishes of different sizes, where the dimension is based on space. The bathroom is an area where we relax and we have to feel comfortable there.

modern pastel color washbasin

Therefore all furniture must meet the needs and fulfill their functions. From the visual its appearance has to be pleasing to the eye. The sink is the most used element of bathroom furniture, but the choice is not always easy. Usually they are in a suspended version, even with elements that allow to hide the pipes and, at the same time, favors cleaning.

white porcelain washbasins countertop wood

Like high-end sinks, they are usually equipped with the overflow hole, which prevents water from escaping from the basin, and drainage can be closed. Beyond the form and type of installation it is important to be careful with the measurements.

gray round washbasins blurry stone

The maximum height of the washbasin is almost always offered at 85-90 cm. To use it comfortably, the free sides around the sink should be about 15-20 cm. Many of the new models do not have overflow holes. What guarantees a complete tranquility in this case. In practice it is a beautiful fusion of style and personality for the modern bathroom.

square washbasins porcelain laminate countertop

washbasins color black wood porcelain

round black washbasins hanging mirrors

black washbasins on wooden top

Small washbasins minimalist design countertop

white round washbasins countertop wood

round washbasins wood laminate furniture

round shiny porcelain washbasins

Countertop round glass transparent washbasins

countertop washbasins blue design

modern washbasins on white countertop

round countertop washbasins gray

countertop washbasins laminated wood

countertop washbasins photo woman

black round countertop washbasins

black round countertop washbasins 1

countertop washbasins white cabinet

two basins blue glass

washbasins glass design classic style

white modern table two sinks

white furniture modern black washbasins

solid wood washbasin cabinet

washbasin cabinet laminate color brown

washbasin cabinet wood white countertop

washbasin cabinet light wood washbasins

washbasin cabinet color black modern design

wood furniture rustic style basins

furniture black color glass countertop

black glass furniture two basins

floor bathroom black shine

a long washbasin wood furniture

modern black washbasin contrast

modern special effects bathrooms

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