Contemporary Halloween decoration - 42 illustrations

contemporary picture mysterious face coming out

Like any type of contemporary art, illustrations for the Halloween decoration They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, from the most traditional watercolor drawings to the most modern digital prints and 3D art. Pleasantly affordable and immensely decorative, these paintings can become not only a part of your Halloween decoration, but also wall art for every day.

Halloween decoration - pictures and prints

nice contemporary picture for halloween

There are more uses of framed drawings than you think. If you are not interested in piercing the walls, you can still make good use of those frames. A simple watercolor pumpkin can make a great impact on the decoration. But artistic paintings can also tell a story or inject a bit of fear into your Halloween theme.

Original decorative images for the Halloween party

nice picture brandi mine halloween decoration

Art prints are very cheap. They come in an incredible variety of designs and options, so you can choose what you want, from a welcome sign to a printed decorative pumpkin that will not go bad before you have the chance to clean it.

Original picture designs for Halloween

diabolical rabbit picture Halloween

To create a Halloween decoration or a tasteful wallpaper, simply tilt the Halloween frame against the wall, and complement it with additional decorations.

Original modern style skull box

picture skull style modern frame

Skulls are one of the most popular contemporary Halloween art themes. They look positively in any execution. Even dressed in flowers, you can find a look or a pretty disturbing skull smile.

Original skull design by Solrac Saint Lawrence

Catrina skulls are even more popular, and can also help complement your contemporary Halloween art.

Original skull image with black frame in vintage style

image paper book skull

You can create a very contemporary Halloween frame with a simple printable skull. In addition, decorated with black candles and several pumpkins, can become a very spooky table screen.

Original skull box designed by Rachel Jablonski

Sugar skulls are symbolic of the day of the dead, and are much more decorative than regular ones. Printed, drawn, or cut out, the sugar skulls do not stop looking beautiful.

Great images of sugar skulls for Halloween decoration

images skulls catrina for halloween

Even a watercolor floral painting of a skull is a spectacular idea of ​​wall art with only a small hint of morbidity. It is a great compromise between a sweet sugar skull and a morbid skull; and a gloomy human skull.

Original images of famous superhero skulls

images skulls supererohes catrina

You can find your favorite characters and superheroes represented in the shape of sugar skulls, and keep them as art on the wall throughout the year. As you can see, they are really great.

Original decorative blackboard with Halloween image

original drawing pumpkin blackboard halloween

A blackboard is the best canvas for temporary art. Draw bats and pumpkins for Halloween, and eliminate them in time for Christmas. It is very fun for children and adults alike, and the content can be changed at will every day, if you wish. To create a sign or 'canvas' of any size use a board or slate paint.

Halloween decoration with slates

original phrase decorative blackboard halloween

Some drawings also come in the form of blackboard signs, but it is clear that these have a disadvantage, since they can not be changed.

Original Halloween pumpkin design in 3D

original design pumpkin halloween

3D art can bring a more realistic feel to Halloween decoration. Of course, that will depend on what type of wall art you are choosing. This pumpkin made of threads looks great for a children's Halloween party.

Original picture design with Halloween pumpkin

original design picture pumpkin halloween

The theme dictates a lot of contemporary Halloween art content. Therefore, you can always find pumpkins, crows and bats that are lurking somewhere in the room. They can be simple and decorative, or spooky and animated, depending on what kind of art you prefer, minimal and unimpressive or narrative and elaborated.

Original illustration designed by Tavo Montañéz

original illustration Tavo Montanez

Do not expect all the art of Halloween appear in black and orange. Like the decorations, contemporary works of art come in all kinds of bright colors, shades and tones. Digital art offers such rich colors that it seems to be bright.

Original picture designs for Halloween decoration

original designs for Halloween pictures

Such pieces of art can become an unexpected focal point in a modern minimalist room, often devoid of color. If you are trying to implement a vivid color chart in the existing color scheme, it is best to choose a piece that coordinates with the color palette of the room .

Original picture with cats dressed up for the Halloween party

design cats halloween costumes

There is something about artistic illustrations that makes this kind of art creepy and scary; for example, eyes that are really terrifying.

Original Halloween decoration with blackboard with images of skeletons

chalkboard halloween decoration

Again, the use of a blackboard can help you create your own Halloween sign for a fireplace or for a sideboard display. Use colored chalk to highlight certain elements of your sign, if you want to really stand out.

Halloween decoration at the entrance door

blackboard halloween door entrance

The slate can also decorate the exterior areas of your home such as the patio or entrance hall, so guests will have a slight idea of ​​what awaits them inside.

Great Halloween image designed by Matthew Palizay

designed skull Matthew Palizay

The contemporary art of Halloween is very diverse, as you may have noticed. It can be a modernized reproduction of vintage copies or a painting that uses contemporary techniques and style. It can be as minimal as the decoration itself, but there are also pieces full of history, details and color.

Nice picture of zombie girl from Le Rin

image zombie girl Le Rin

Use the virtues of art to create the best Halloween decoration of this year, as you cover your home with painted pumpkins, fresh cut flowers, and shady candles of exquisite shapes.

Image of skeleton named Poison by Rachel Jablonski

The illustrations of style pop art are specialty of Rachel Jablonski, as you can verify in the image of above, call Poison.

Original images of skeletons of famous animated characters

original images inspired skeletons

These sugar skulls, designed by Mickel Yantz, also show the most colorful and fun side of the Halloween party, both for children and adults. In this image we see the little mermaid Ariel;

Image of the skeleton of Edgar Allan Poe

original images halloween drawings

while this series of illustrations represent the skeleton of Edgar Allan Poe. Are not they amazing?

Original image of black eagle with sugar skull

original eagle with sugar skull

Also from the same author we have this black eagle with characteristics of a sugar skull, a truly original design.

Original Hallowen picture terorífico

Teruel hallowen characters

As a curiosity, we will talk a little about the biography of the author of this illustration, Gary Baseman, who was born in 1960 in Los Angeles, California, where he currently resides. In 1982, he received a bachelor's degree from UCLA in Los Angeles. He works in art, illustration, toy design, film and television. His works have been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Rome, Taipei, Bristol, Barcelona, ​​Berlin and Sao Paulo. In 2013 he made his first exhibition in a museum: The door is always open, it was held at the Skirball Center in Los Angeles, a catalog of the exhibition was published by Rizzoli.

Original image of Gary Baseman for Halloween decoration

picture girl small mask

He also recently had an installation at the Pasadena California Art Museum, a two-man show at the Laguna Art Museum and a performance at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. He is the creator and executive producer of the teacher's mascot, a series of critically acclaimed cartoons and films, winner of multiple Emmy awards. The base work can be seen in The New Yorker, TIME magazine, The New York Times and Rolling Stone magazine.

Original acrylic painting for Halloween party decoration

acrylic painting monster halloween

Frank de Fuego is an original work perfect for your Halloween decoration, signed and ready to be hung. The paint measures 20 x 16 "and is made of acrylic latex and is painted on stretched canvas without a frame.

Original design of stupendo picture by Brandi Milne called "Give me Your Little Sister"

another box of brandi milne

This illustration, called "Give me Your Little Soul", is for sale and is a limited edition of 35 units, signed and numbered by the artist.

Original picture for Halloween by Dan Morris

original halloween picture Dan Morris

This image is an impression signed by the artist Dan Morris entitled "Night of fear". It comes in the form of RJR fabric Fabrics. Dan Morris is known for his stylized, realistic illustration and the use of bold colors. Brighten up any wall space in your home or office with this stunning Art Print signed by the artist made of premium quality heavyweight fine arts, free acid, and printed with archival inks.

Great Halloween illustration by Greg Pro

If you prefer a more spooky and spooky style for your Halloween decoration, then we suggest you check the Greg Pro website, maybe there you will find designs as spooky as the image on the top.

Original picture "the black cat of Edgar Allan Poe"

picture black cat Edgar Allan Poe

Terribly spooky, the black cat with skinny malice is reminiscent of the style of Gothic art. If you are a collector of the work of Edgar Allan Poe, a master, or simply love a variety of spooky images for Halloween decoration, this custom design is available in 3 different sizes. The framed examples provide suggested ideas for the visualization of the art print.

Original image of skull in modern style

original skull modern style

Super witch hat drawing for Halloween decoration

super drawing witch hat

Funny illustration for Halloween, by David Semple

original vampire by David Semple

Surreal pop style image for Halloween by Abril Andrade Griffith

original picture by Abril Andrade Griffith

Pumpkins and kittens Susan Gonzales

original pumpkins kittens Susan Gonzales

Original Batman projector made with threads

Batman Projector Telaranas Threads

Original image of pumpkin on a striped background

pumpkin background stripes image

Original picture of haunted house for Halloween

halloween haunted house picture

Super minimalist style picture for Halloween

halloween picture minimalist halloween style

Great Halloween vintage style skull picture

Halloween vintage skull picture

Original picture for Halloween with a buruja hat

Halloween picture buruja hat


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