Contemporary landscaping - 75 ideas to design your garden

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Do you already know the latest trends in landscaping and gardening? If you want to know what is new about the design of gardens you should not miss our post today, we will show seventy-five photographs of the most modern gardens and we will also list some important features of modernist landscaping.

Modern landscaping for patios and gardens

nice garden pergola wood landscape

To begin we will introduce some brief informative notes about the historical context in which this movement emerged. It turns out that it took place even during the nineteenth century in the United Kingdom and was motivated by four basic reasons; integrate art into architecture , consider that the landscape is an art form, improve the well-being of people by changing their environment and adopt the modernist influences of the time.

Modern design of wooden terrace

pretty terrace lights sunset design

Already during the twentieth century a professional landscape artist named Beatrix Ferrand . Born in New York in 1872, Beatrix spent her childhood enjoying the care of all kinds of plants with great interest. Later he began to study gardening, botany and spatial planning, which provides him with a solid base of knowledge on the subject.

Design of modern terrace with wooden bench

pretty terrace wood led lights

Very soon this landscape designer begins to acquire fame and is commissioned many gardening projects, reaching these to reach a number of more than two hundred landscape arrangements. Its main purpose was to create pleasant places for all, so that many of their jobs were in public areas to which all social classes accessed.

Teak wood for modern terraces

pretty teak bench wood terrace

This is how this search for the adaptation between architecture and landscape to improve the quality of life of the human being. On the other hand, our collection of images consists of a large number of garden designs found in the United Kingdom. As many of you know, the construction of single-family homes with small back gardens is quite common in England and around.

Modern style patio design

pretty terrace brick wall plants

Currently the most modern designs for the decoration of these gardens tend to coincide in the adoption of Asian influences and also those of more contemporary art. The result will vary but always within a minimalist style that is exempt from all kinds of ornaments that have no real use other than adorning the place.

Small terrace with wooden furniture

nice bench natural wood slats

Above we have an example of landscaping for a small patio in modern style. What attracts our attention at first glance is the furniture made of natural wood without varnishing, and also the set of flower boxes of this same material. Here we have a clear example that furniture or objects of a perfect finish are not necessary to achieve a very modern look in our garden, but rather the opposite; the simple is taken.

Landscaping design of modern garden

nice design garden modern style landscaping

Then there is a larger garden with a really fantastic landscaping design. Each different zone is visually delimited following a previously established order. It has also achieved an original contrast between textures and colors, as if the designer was painting or sculpting shapes on a blank space.

Wooden cladding for courtyards and gardens

beautiful landscaping flowers wooden platform

Let's see now what are the most repeated elements in modern gardens and the reason for their importance. First of all wood appears, usually in the form of smooth and symmetrical strips and with a fairly smooth finish. Generally we will see elements of unvarnished wood or with a matte aspect that seeks the approach with the natural.

Modern patio with wooden elements

nice garden bench teak wood

The selection and location of the plants are two fundamental factors in a modern landscape design, to such an extent that finally the living beings who shape the design. This is one of the most delicate steps when creating a landscaping design since the needs of each plant and its optimal cultivation mode must be taken into account. Only if the vegetation has an adequate development and a healthy life can the vision of a truly beautiful garden be guaranteed.

Garden with pond and pergola

road pond water pergola work

Water is an optional element for the design of gardens, although more and more are the designers who choose to include ponds, fountains or any other type of water container, either standing or moving. Upstairs we have a modern garden design with a pond and a fabulous bridge of separate tiles that seem to float on the water.

Modern garden with bleachers and fountain

path garden cushions gray bleachers

The following design shares some elements of the previous one but in a somewhat different variation. What in the previous model was a bridge over the pond, in this case fulfills the function of path that crosses a plot of grass. The rectangular tiles lead to the rest area in the form of stands separated by a water source.

Design of modern landscape in the garden

modern house dry minimalist landscape

This minimalist aspect in modern gardens allows achieving a perfect order in space. In this way, the viewer also manages to relax and dedicate himself to the simple admiration of the place, no matter how small it may be.

Benches and wooden bleachers

design small garden bench wood

On the other hand the wood will help you create very modern gardens. In addition, the amdera is also related to natural landscapes. In general, brown colors and beige tones are very appropriate to achieve this effect. You also have to keep in mind that the mader can be combined with other colors.

Wooden slatted platforms

lawn garden tile design

On the other hand, wood can also be used as slats. These strips are very good on the floor and serve to decorate it. For your garden you can select a part of it in the center in which to plant grass. For your part, you can surround the lawn with these wooden slats. In this way you will be able to create a direct contrast between the green and brown tone of the wood.

Design of construction planters

design garden swing child playground

Also if you want to decorate your garden with grass you can also bet on artificial turf. The appearance of this lawn is very natural and its maintenance will not take long. Keep in mind that with artificial turf you will not have to go through the lawn mower. This way you will have more free time. In addition to this type of lawn you can give the shape that you want that best suits your garden.

Landscaped design of level area

design garden stairs rocks plants

On the other hand, you know that in nature the landscape is not straight, but appears level. That same aspect you can give your garden to get a more natural landscaping. For that you can choose to elaborate larger steps. You can also give an inclined shape to the earth by piling it up following this form.

Zen style garden design

modern zen style garden design

On the other hand, the gardens of Zen design also bring naturalness to the landscapes of the gardens. In addition these gardens will invade you of much tranquility and calmness. The purpose is to create a resting place using the methods and the oriental techniques of feng shui. For that, you can see in other of our articles what are the elements that are used and how they influence our mood.

Design of gardens with Zen influence

modern small zen gardens design

On the other hand, if you do not want to create gardens completely Zen style you can choose to give it an oriental look. For that you can use some of its elements and you can have them the way you want. In this way you will add to your exterior the zen influence that will also bring you the calm you are looking for.

Landscape design with many plants

design garden many plants flowers

On the other hand, plants and flowers are part of the landscaping and the naturalness of landscapes. For that reason you will have to keep in mind that the abundant plantations will be very appropriate in the decoration. In addition the plants can be ordered and arranged following an order in colors and shapes.

Modern garden with divided areas

design garden furniture corner plants

On the other hand, if your garden is bigger you can divide it in areas where you can make a different decoration. In this way you will create very modern and elegant gardens. You can make a rest area that is oriented towards another with plants. On the other hand, in this area you can place some designer furniture that will increase the elegance and modernity of your home.

Symmetrical landscape design with wooden pergola

design garden plants bench center

On the other hand, symmetry is a technical decorative detail that in nature does not appear by itself. However, in your gardens you can integrate it to introduce more order. For that you can also use a wooden pergola. On their sides you can plant trees opposite each other to complete the symmetry and decoration.

Design of plantations in parallel rows

design landscape flowerpots plants colors

On the other hand, the symmetry in landscaping can be introduced also in the plantations and in the pots. It involves planting in straight rows of plants in larger pots.

design planters tidy plants

modern style design garden shed

modern lawn garden plot design

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landscape design garden balls orange

landscape design modern houses

landscape design many plants hedges

design landscape covered patio pond

design modern landscape dry terrace

landscape design modern style flower beds

modern style backyard design

patio design modern leveled bench

design terrace awning fabric tree

super design terrace pool wood

great garden platform wood terrace

gazebo wood round flowers chairs

garden modern fireplace fence wood

garden minimalist style bench wood

garden patio furniture exterior living room

original design path house garden

original design garden modern pool

arid landscape modern garden design

landscaping modern terrace plants pots

contemporary landscaping contemporary architecture garden

Modern style landscaping modern house

landscaping modern garden patio plants

patio kitchen many plants fireplace

patio design modern blue cushions

original small patio modern landscaping

small patio design modern landscaping

patio terrace modern design figure

patio terrace fountain modern waterfall

patio terrace platform wood guitar

small garden platform wood table

pergola wood garden modern style

platform fireplace color garden gray

platform wood tree plants stones

round hedges wood teak stones

floor bright terrace bench wood

white terrace modern futuristic style

terrace color lilac metal ball

wicker furniture wood terrace

wood terrace flooring bright floor

terrace wood floor color gray

modern terrace bench wood planter

modern terrace color gray stands

modern terrace deco columns stones

integrated minimalist teak wood bench

modern terrace stones bank wood


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