Cool interior with gray details, by Julián Sadokha.

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As we all know, a fresh interior is a reflection of who lives there. Even when we spend little time or we are passing somewhere we give our personality. This is precisely what interior designers look for. Understand in a certain way the personality of each client. To then translate it into space that they inhabit.

Cool interior with direct lamps

cool interior ideas gray walls lamps

On all the traits and values ​​of each one of us. Today we will see how this was put into practice. We will analyze an apartment by designer Julián Sadokha. A property that has an area of ​​forty-eight square meters. According to the designer, this creation was based on several elements of the owner's behavior.

Cool interior, contrasting accessories

cool interior ideas warm grays

According to him, he is someone without prejudices or stereotypes. In addition to being considered free of unnecessary things. It is without a doubt a fresh interior. It has a simple design and Elegant , reflecting an active lifestyle and full of energy. This apartment is especially suitable for one person. Especially for someone who travels and spends a lot of time away from home.

Attractive marble side table

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It is composed of three well-defined zones. A living area, kitchen with open dining room and bedroom. The first meeting is with the lounge in gray, a fresh palette. A striking detail is the extremely cozy sofa. Manufactured in a neutral color it is vital to accommodate guests. Thanks to the fact that there are few pieces of furniture, the space does not look overloaded. The location of the bedroom is at the end of a hallway.

Accent in black, auxiliary lamp

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It is located as a refuge after a busy day. The interior doors are also one of its strengths. They open from the living room, in the kitchen and dining area. This adds a higher level of privacy for the guests. Thanks to natural light, the kitchen and dining room look much better than other areas. We invite you to enjoy in detail this creation by Julián Sadokha.

Open kitchen design

fresh interior ideas kitchen glass

Contrast with white and gray marble

cool interior ideas gray books warm

Wooden doors for access

cool interior ideas gray marble french

White wooden floor

cool interior ideas gray furnishings pictures

Functional reading space

cool interior ideas gray glass windows

Space divider shelf

cool interior style variants auxiliary books

Wood contrast

different wood style variants futas dishes

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different walls style variants sliding floor

fruits wood style variants auxiliary soil

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lights box style variants auxiliary curtains

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walls style variants floor hall

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