Corner cabinets and original storage solutions

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In our article today we have some very original images with ideas from wardrove , drawers and shelves in the corner of the modern kitchen. The corner drawers are very useful for kitchens in which the work space is in that same corner. They allow you to store all the utensils of kitchen They will be easy to find when you need them. Using corner boxes, space is used optimally, and kitchen utensils are easily accessible. They are perfect for knives.

White cabinets and corner drawers in the modern kitchen

white drawers drawers corner modern kitchen ideas

Knives and other utensils that are widely used on the work surface will be easy to pick up thanks to the fact that the corner drawers are ergonomically arranged in the corner and always at hand. Internal division systems that you can use will ensure proper order and functionality using fork knives holders or spoons can place them in the required amount. That does not mean that you can not put the flour and the spices you use in these cabinets so that they are always at hand.

White cabinets and shelves in the corner of the modern kitchen

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It is not surprising that the kitchen is often one of the first rooms in the house in which the owners think before making a purchase or carrying out a renovation project. With our ideas today your kitchen will become a room where the form and functionality will be in perfect balance.

White cabinet that saves space in the corner of the modern kitchen

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When one focuses too much on one of these aspects the other is left behind and thus does not get the best possible result in the design of the kitchen. As most of us have not received the blessing of having a gigantic kitchen and a lot of space. We have to find the best storage options. You do not have to look any further because here you will find very original ideas of corner cabinets and drawers for the modern kitchen.

Wardrobe in the corner the perfect solution for the modern kitchen

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An interesting detail that we can not ignore is the choice of materials in these cabinets. It is not merely aesthetic. In terms of materials the cabinets are also very functional. If we stop a bit in the functional part the resistance evidently depends on this. So if we want cabinets and a whole lasting kitchen this is essential.

Kitchen with very original cabinet that saves space

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According to the use of the kitchen it is evident that they will be subjected to humidity and the possibilities of scratches or bumps. So the best thing is to keep them in perfect condition despite these environmental conditions. The cabinets on the other hand are many times the ones that mark the style of any kitchen. As furniture they are perfect to define and customize any kitchen. However, depending on the material these sensations can also be different.

Wooden corner drawers in the rustic kitchen

cabinets kitchen drawers corner wood rustic style ideas

Currently it is necessary to depart perhaps from the lacquers for their popularity at this time. The finishes are very different but the gloss ones are the most popular today. Generally lacquered furniture for kitchens are very striking. For reasons of price we should not worry too much because they tend to be quite cheap. Another positive aspect is its maintenance so do not hesitate to take it into account for your cabinets. If it is necessary to point out a negative aspect perhaps it would be its low resistance to impacts.

Corner drawers and shelf for the television in the modern kitchen

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The tonality in many cases in the same way varies with the passage of time. The wooden cabinets as we see in many photos are a real wonder. It is a material that is impossible to ignore in any kitchen project. The aesthetic that marks is incredible bringing the kitchen closer to a natural aspect.

Very useful corner drawers in the modern kitchen

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Do not limit it simply to traditional kitchens. A modern space is just as perfect for the use of wood in furniture. Wooden cabinets and other furniture of this material usually have a higher price. Maintenance is sometimes equally difficult. It needs a treatment so that it does not lose its tone and is affected by humidity. Several cabinets and furniture has PVC covers and the finishes are diverse.

Corner drawers and granite countertops in the modern kitchen designed by Eminent Interior Design

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The price with respect to the previous ones is lower and its resistance and durability merit it. Candle because they are as much as possible quality furniture. Otherwise in the cabinets that are not it will have less time of useful life. The laminate has, on the other hand, an equally interesting image. They are an economical option if you propose a remodeling of this area of ​​the house.

Modern kitchen with white corner drawers and black countertops

corner cabinets white wood kitchen countertop black ideas

Its resistance is very high and the variety of designs is very diverse. Perhaps the main drawback is the limitation in terms of designs and diversity. When looking for other furniture with maintenance and durability possibilities, stainless steel is essential. It is worth mentioning its resistance and the modern look for the kitchens.

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The stainless steel surfaces are ideal and very friendly for decoration. The reason is that they combine in great harmony with different colors and materials. They require a greater investment but their resistance justifies it. If it is used in several pieces, it is necessary to look for a certain balance so that the kitchen does not lose its personality and ceases to be cozy.

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Modern kitchen storage solutions original wardrobe white ideas

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