Corten steel gardens and other metals to decorate with creativity

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The use of metals has a history as rich as its various applications. For the decoration of the gardens they have an incredible potential that never ceases to amaze us. Today's images are proof of this. With a special harmony corten steel gardens and artistic forms merge into an aesthetic that makes these spaces something special. Currently for a modern garden is a trend. Especially if we want this image industrial and personalized decoration. Corten steel gardens and each design that is achieved will transform the courtyards into areas of certain romantic appeal.

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A use of this metal in the decoration of the gardens can go beyond the walls or the floor. You have to know how to take advantage of the forms. A design based on volumes and figures in three dimensions will be of great visual impact. This way our decoration gains in realism and will be more surprising.

Gardens steel cut in three-dimensional shapes

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The steel gardens cut and the shapes with layers of oxide have that original look so different. Sometimes a different solution for the gardens results so they can attract attention. From the flowers even the animals can be put in some corners lacking in attractiveness in the garden. Regardless of the forms, the originality that they awaken is undeniable

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With the passage of time the steel corten has been gaining space. It has gone beyond the decoration reaching spheres such as architecture. Its effect is used both inside and outside the buildings. When mixed with warm colors its effect is accentuated. In the case of gardens an important point is its ability to adapt to any style due to its natural appearance.

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We can always adapt the decoration with metals in general to any design that comes to mind. Especially the steel corten has many ways to use and as we mentioned it is easily integrated into the landscape. As far as originality is concerned, it is a guarantee of success for any of the spaces.

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Perhaps the popularity in the corten steel gardens and all their combinations is due to their sobriety. Combined with its natural appearance the harmony with outdoor furniture must be kept in mind so that our design is truly successful. If we prefer a contemporary image, it can be combined with other materials.

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Among the strengths for outdoor use is its strength and durability. Not to mention the way in which the aesthetics of the spaces is improved. The way in which the pieces have changed their oxidized appearance in the same way has allowed him to gain in notoriety. It is not an image that is opposed to the natural forms of gardens.

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If you want to decorate your garden with a unique look this is a great way out. The combination of a modern and at the same time natural image is possible. Those who prefer a more homely image for the patio can exploit it in a different way. With some works of art, small objects and some industrial furniture any garden will be transformed into something magical.

Corten steel gardens and models of decorative figures


In the corten steel gardens and planters are another great solutions. It is an element that will serve to decorate and at the same time take care of our plants. Especially planters or planters of steel corten will look very original. Its visual impact will always be different from traditional ones. By themselves, even if they do not have plants, they will be a decorative detail of weight.


A romantic atmosphere is usually achieved with bird sculptures. Sparrows or storks are an example. When it comes to those that are made of steel, the originality is immediate. Corten steel birds have a timeless presence in the gardens. They are located in different zones both in trees and in ponds to decorate them Simply rest us rest and contemplate its beauty.


Design of corten steel gardens and sculptures are the best tools when looking for attractive points in the visual. However before buying any of these proposals you should think about the style of the garden. What is convenient is that this material adapts many styles. If it is a minimalist, rustic or contemporary garden, its warm and original effect will be perfect.


To exhibit sculptures or a statue in the gardens you can choose two techniques. The first one is turning it into the center of the patio. In this case it must be in a very visible place. Another way is to combine it with a wall that highlights the shapes of the metal and its rusty texture. Take advantage of the sculptures to disguise in the same way any imperfection in these walls or walls of the patio. As an option in a discreet corner can be equally beautiful.


If we have children at home, the animal sculptures will surely enchant you. Loa rabbits, cats or dogs are some of the possible ideas in this infinite field. They are original forms to achieve a beautiful decoration. Another form is the flowers and plants that will be combined with the true ones to perfection. A metal flower garden can look beautiful no matter the time of year.


Bird feeders made of corten steel are a great idea to hang on trees or fences. The models can reflect the birds like this case in which the oxidized layer is perfect for a rustic garden. Our garden is more personalized and we are convinced that it will be a great surprise for the children in our garden.


Corten steel gardens and the shapes of butterflies or dragonflies are popular. The dragonflies have a very high symbolic charge that refers us to the positive, the change and the renewal. In essence, the possibilities are endless. The best thing is that everything adapts to the style and shapes of our garden. Flowers, animals or any design will be an original sample that will beautify our garden with great style.






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