Country house in Yekaterinburg designed by Iqosa

country house photo five

Today we present the cottage in Yekaterinburg, Russia, designed by the firm Iqosa. It is a place where the textures star in an original rhythmic game that can stimulate our senses. For its part, the range of colors that has been chosen for the interior is totally neutral, except for some notes of green tones.

Country house in Yekaterinburg designed by Iqosa

house field photo number eight

The furniture in the living room is oriented towards a steep stone wall on which hangs the flat screen TV. If we pay attention carefully we can appreciate precisely the combination of the different textures of each surface in a pattern that is repeated in a very interesting way.

Steep stone lounge wall

country house photo four

The kitchen has laminated wood furniture very compact and functional, but at the same time they do not stop surprising us for its modern design finish. The area of dinning room shows again a mix of styles if you look at the furniture; The chairs are made from wire frame, while the table has a simplified design with a smooth glass surface.

Modern living room design

country house design salon

There is no doubt that this country house has all the characteristics of a modern and sophisticated design. Throughout the house we will find incrustations of indirect Led lights, as well as first quality materials in floor coverings and walls . Another very characteristic detail of the house is the use of decorative elements in golden tones, and perhaps this is what has made greater reference to the tastes of the Russian population since gold often symbolizes prestige and good taste.

Interiors with original shapes and textures

country house forms six

Then we leave you with the rest of the images of our collection. In them you can appreciate the decoration and interior design of the country house from different angles so that in this way they can appreciate every detail, we hope you enjoy the tour.

Interior design with reliefs

country house photo three

Various decorative elements in green tones

design sofa mattresses floor cushions

Decoration and design of the bedroom

dark green bedspread bedroom

photo seven house living field

photo ten wardrobe shelving room

foto nueve salon comedor cocina

photo eleven marble stairs hanging

photo fifteen bedroom gray color

Olive color entrance door

bedroom view bed front wall

hallway stairs hanging marble white

living room armchair brown color

living room table bottle rum

modern living room country house

living room view room

armchair color brown taburtete fire

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