Country-style dining room, beyond the field.

dining room bottles metal lamp dishes diy

The current design trends are evolving little by little into styles that bring back the charm of old times. Simple spaces, relaxing in modern environments. You can see turns towards the industrial, rustic or vintage that bring back memories of past times. Another of the styles that we will see today that has a tendency toward the country, especially in the dining rooms. They have a lovely mix of very natural textures and contrasts.

Cozy dining room with a warm atmosphere

dining room blue chairs table furniture

Today we share a gallery of images that are an excellent example of simplicity, functionality and that welcoming air that is never lacking in this style. Some do not strictly adhere to a classic country style, but insert themselves in more modern spaces and mix other elements. Undoubtedly in the dining room is the table the one that marks the character of this area. From there we define the rest of the area in a dining room with country house style, a classic wooden table is the obvious choice.

Dining room with sliding barn doors

dining room carpet light bright lamparas

Simple tables even made of recycled wood made by hand. Simplicity is the key, then just add the chairs to the dining room. This is where we can combine and create something really exceptional and different. One of the attractions of this style is its perfect adaptability. It remains cheerful, luminous and something fundamental is a neutral color scheme and decoration with natural materials. Especially wicker, or bamboo set with wooden surfaces.

Excellent entry of natural light

casual dining windows wood doors

The result is an extremely elegant dining room. We can not overlook the always welcome personalization of the space. When it comes to a style based on country houses we must take the imagination to the limit. Pieces DIY , crafts, woven wicker baskets or whatever you can find with a certain air of antiquity. The goal is to provide the personality dining room, make it unique and seductive for those who visit us. In this sense lighting can help a lot.

Pastel wood shelves

dining room kitchen space combined shelves

We can opt for accessories such as lanterns or candles that fit very well with the theme. This is a very important factor when it comes to raising the attractiveness of the dining room. Always looking for the balance required with natural light. As we will see in several images hanging lamps without doubt take over this space. Another extremely important element, vintage style cabinets and sideboards. A country house is nothing without them, they mark the character of this environment as well as the table.

Social space in the dining room

dining room swing social space girl

You can opt for the facts by hand and with the glass front door. They are one more option to display our tableware. If they do not look totally old you can work a little with personalized paint and give it that vintage or rustic look. Try adding sliding wooden doors, make the dining room an airy place and a stress-free environment. I leave you to consider today's gallery with various ideas of personalization and style.

Sliding wooden doors, Olsen Studios

contemporary dining room table door lamp

White tone table with wooden furniture

dining room pink white light natural clock

Elongated wooden table

dining room table lamp curtains jarron

Industrial air lamps

dining room dark wood golden

Center with yellow flowers

dining room fibers natural armchairs plants

Adjustable to any environment

dinning party decoration style design

Metallic lamp in center

dining room farm style lamp armchairs

Oversized lamps

dining room farm lamparas grandes verde

Unique beauty of wood

dining room farm books decoration wood

Mix of industrial and country house

industrial dining room combined farm mix

Artificial and natural light combination

dining room lamparas chandelier natural light

Mirror to resize the space

dining room light mirror space effect

Perfect entry of natural light

dining room light natural style glass

Handmade wooden shelves

dining room wood warm spider furniture

Style lamp with chains

dining room wood house strings lamp

Combined materials in country house

dining room wood fireplace glasses lights

flowers classic wood pictures lamps

bird wood rooster lamp chairs

illuminated natural wood tablecloths curtains

columns concrete wall curtains concrete

simple rock wall flowers decoration

orange furniture wood style lamp

curtains simple design flowers relaxed

natural light window lamparas mesa madera

cozy golden curtains chairs floor

large warm dining room lamparas sillas

blue dining room picture farm walls

white traditional rustic dining table

warm picture wood furniture lamp

warm candles romantic farm lighting

house dining baskets farm roof

clear marine light natural lamps

kitchen dining rooster door furniture

furniture white jar rustic flowers

furniture white shelf candles cozy

picture floor wood candles rocks

flowers jarron warm cozy chairs

fruits metal chairs table design

rustic vase white flowers roses

cages country style farm asia

lamps farm girl wall blackboard

natural light gray windows walls

treated wood reinforced table jarron

leather table lamp bamboo style

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