Country style kitchens - more than 50 motivating ideas to consider

kitchens style fruits basket island flowers

Many times the design and decoration should seek a harmonious balance between the interior and exterior of our home. Today we will talk about a special place, the kitchens. Country style kitchens that look for that balance especially in the country houses. They distinguish some key points in its design as the cabinets of wood natural and a typical color scheme. It is entirely feasible to adapt several of the elements of country style kitchens to ours.

Country style kitchens, large furniture

kitchens style gray colors chair lamps

If we wish, we would simply opt for a total remodeling. It is a variant of kitchens that fits any space without ceasing to be functional. The fact of being a style emerged in the field makes the kitchen a place not only to prepare food. This space becomes more cozy and warm, ideal for meetings and sharing moments with the family. The important thing is that the style is adapted to the way in which it is usually lived, that is, to the dynamics of the family.

Country style kitchens, vintage furniture in blue

kitchens style banca wood antique clock

In general, the country style kitchens should be bright. The tone that should prevail on the walls should be light colors. Within this range, ivory, white or beige are among the most common. So that the kitchen is not visually monotonous we must combine them. A resource applicable to other parts of the house is to alternate them with the chromatic range of furniture or textiles. The use of wood is also something that differentiates country-style kitchens. The enhancement of the natural aspect that wood brings is irreplaceable.

Country kitchen with island on white

kitchens style curtains blue fruits

Make the kitchen that warm and cozy space where we want to spend more time. In this style is added to the floors, walls especially in the furniture. In the latter case they should be preferably rustic and the wood contributes to this greatly. Its size must be large, of course depending on our space. For this reason country-style kitchens require areas in which furniture can be distributed properly. A perfect variant are white furniture.

Large country style kitchen

country style kitchens flowered lamp

Its use in this type of kitchen highlights the luminosity of the space. We can also choose variants in colors cake as in some of the images. They could be combined with walls and other elements of the kitchen and are also very accessible in terms of maintenance. Finally we go to the small details that always mark the big differences. Baskets with fruit, glass bottles on the shelves, ceramics and wicker baskets will be the harmonious culmination of your kitchen.

Use of natural wood furniture

kitchens style glasses tableware chairs wood

Style kitchens and the details that complement the country decoration can be many and very simple. To a certain extent, a kitchen with air of field also has rustic elements that differentiate it. If you prefer to be closer to the rustic with the beauty of the field we will give you some more details to consider. The best of all is the tranquility that is created in the whole space by that beautiful traditional aesthetic.

Variant with roof covered in wood

kitchens style shelves wood blue ceiling

Simply the reason is the connection that these kitchens have with nature and all the natural elements. For rustic style kitchens and country air you do not have to give up modern details. Forcibly the aesthetic does not have to be based on an environment that looks like a conglomerate of antiques. The secret to a country style kitchen is precisely to add some modern touches that make them look great.

Decoration based on floral elements

flower style kitchens flower pots wide planter

Your kitchen will likewise be renewed without losing the natural magic of country kitchens. So that everything natural has a fresh presence, the material that can not be missing is wood. The natural wood with that solid and knotted image offers a more real aesthetic. In the kitchens style and functionality that imply this is an effective way to enhance nature.

Country style with great luminosity

kitchens style stools island luminosity

There are many woods that will be of great help in these cases. If it is necessary to mention some of quality they are without a doubt the oak or the maple. Some natural stone finish will be very well received. It is a great idea if you want to highlight a rustic air in the image of the country kitchen. A perfect and natural renovation can make use of the combination of wood and stone.

Island of decorative rocks

kitchens styles rocks basket island wicker

Its combination is a guarantee of success according to the way in which the textures and the tone of these natural materials are combined. So that the decorative details and each complement look good the lighting is basic. When there is a large natural light input then it is twice as useful. Many times this depends on the dimensions of the windows.

Contrast of yellow and tone of natural wood

kitchens style yellow walls wood

We can not separate country or rustic kitchens from the use of curtains. They are the best way to give a classic detail to these creations. We advise those that do not become an obstacle to the entry of natural light. There are fine fabrics that can fulfill the function of decorating and making look in harmony every corner of the kitchens. As regards color, it is preferable that they be in clear tones.

Color combination wall and furniture

kitchens lamp style dining room light color

A simple way to tilt them more towards the contemporary is with the use of blinds. Many of them have shades similar to wood that add warmth to the kitchen. There are plenty of accessories that are perfect for space. The variants close to the yellow color are some of them. If there is wood they combine very well with its texture and tonality.

Open option with dining room

style kitchens lamparas pendants bells carpet

Several materials such as slate are of great contrast for these tonalities. Other perfect tones to add decorative accessories are white and orange. When there is a rustic aesthetic several browns can not miss us in the decoration. To maintain natural aesthetics and the impact of nature there is nothing better than plants.

Wide pattern of natural light

kitchen style elongated white lighting

Dedicate a space in the design and decoration of your kitchen. They are ideal to give a natural touch to any environment. While introducing a note of greenery in every inch of the rooms. The country kitchen is no exception so you have to include them in our style. Enjoy these beautiful details and the designs we share today.

Wide use of wood with natural effect

kitchens style wood warm staircase

Eye-catching use of white farm sink

kitchen style table wood turned sink

Detail with plants next to window

dark furniture style kitchens island black

Island with rustic wooden top

kitchens style rustica island wood countertops

Color combination floor furniture

kitchens style creamy floor cream

Elongated country style kitchen in ele

kitchens style ceiling wood elongated countertop

wide country style brown kitchen

sidewalks breads fruits flowers lamparas style

white led shelves house field furniture

warm cozy country kitchen environment

gray banquet hood dark lamp

country style kitchen branches wicker

basket flowers bottles window shelves

basket fruits island vases hanging lamps

basket fruit melons banqueta center table

basket clothes flowers bricks wicker clothes

pendant shelf vessels table lights

hanging lamp kitchen design furniture

small picture kitchen country fruits

picture fish dark chair dark flowers

high shelf containers glass lighting

fruits countertop shine banquettes clock

rooster country kitchen elongated

rooster food wood table textiles

industrial arch entrance kitchen country

vintage lemons jar light furnishings

book bar stool window fabric

light curtains island wood house natural

wood island breather pipes jardiniere

wood dishes island flowers jarron

rounded table basket wood dining room

breads grapes chair fan center table

rural decoration lamparas gallo rustico

chair forge flowers metal furniture

country style rustic kitchen chairs

vases hanging shelf ceiling plants

nice house special modern field

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