Crafts for Christmas - fifty original ideas

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Today we want to show you several simple crafts for christmas . In our article today you can see that you do not need to buy new decorations, just take a little imagination and, in any case, you can always take ideas from our collection of images because they are great.

Original ideas and crafts for Christmas

design firs homemade crafts Christmas

There is no doubt that the Christmas season is a favorite for many people, especially for children who are excited that Santa Claus is on their way to bring them a gift. All decorations in stores and public places help a lot to build the spirit of Christmas, but this is not enough. Until you have your home covered with all kinds of Christmas decorations, you will still have work to do. Today, we are going to give you great ideas that will not only make you end up with many Christmas decorations, but will also help you spend more fun time with your children. We are sure that you will enjoy helping with the craft decorations that can be placed around the house later.

Simple and fun Christmas crafts

ornaments for christmas decoration gnome pineapple gift

Do not hesitate to call your children so they can help you choose some of the ideas that you can turn into real decorations, of course, with the help of your children. As mentioned before, you will have a fun time together with your children when creating decorations and saving the money they would otherwise have used to buy them from the store. To enjoy!

Beautiful designs of crafts for Christmas

angelitos decoration blond pineapples

The pine cones are always a good choice for the decoration of the Christmas festivities. They are characteristic of these dates and also because they are the fruit of the pine, another symbol of Christmas par excellence. Above we have some sweet little angels made with pineapples and balls decorated with paint and golden thread for hair, great to be hung from the Christmas tree.

Pineapple ornament submerged in wax

decorative pineapple impregnated wax hanging

To perform the following craft that we see in the upper part we will also need pine cones, in addition to beeswax, decorative ribbon, hooks and a small drill. It is about submerging the pineapples in the wax, heated previously to the water bath. Once dry, we can carefully drill with the drill at the ends of the pineapples, and then hang the hooks and pieces of decorative tape, the result is great.

Craft with hanging cotton acorns

cotton balls made acorns hanging

The following design Christmas ornament it is even simpler to elaborate than the previous ones. It consists of collecting acorns and boring them with great care not to break them. Next, we will introduce a piece of tape for each hole so that they can be hung, and finally we will make small cotton balls that we will place inside the cavity of each hat.

Decorate and paint pine cones

decorate pine cones pine christmas gold

As you can see, the ornaments that can be made with pine cones are innumerable, and you can buy many types of paints for these projects. We suggest the paintings with metallic finishes such as gold and silver.

Christmas ornament for the door

christmas ornament christmas door christmas

The garlands, wreaths and decorations for the door are essential details at Christmas, and we can design them on our own, so the neighbors can also admire our creativity and take a good example for their own decoration.

Beautiful handmade decorations

homemade christmas ornaments handmade

The gypsum or clay crafts are ideal to teach the little ones to shape figures, and also to spend a pleasant time with the family, do not you think?

Hanging decorative moons and stars

Homemade decorations moons stars deco

The wire can be used to create molds of hanging figures, which later we will cover with gold and silver threads, it is an easy and beautiful project.

Design of homemade ornaments for Christmas

homemade ornaments branch tree

This Nordic style ornament is also very simple original. It consists of using the branch of a tree as a minimalist fir, decorated with some Christmas decorations (also homemade).

Perform Christmas ornaments with cookies

christmas decorations cookies round flowers

Those who presume of skill with the pastry and sweets, should not miss the opportunity to show their gift by making some Christmas cookies that can be hung from the tree, it will be great.

Christmas ornaments of candy canes

ornaments wall christmas canes candies

Otherwise, you can always buy sweets and Christmas treats to make some fun ornaments that you can also savor.

Christmas decoration for the table

Christmas table decorations candy cane

It is important to decorate the Christmas table with good taste and class, but this does not mean that you can not add an original detail. Dare to experiment.

Homemade design Christmas ornaments

home decorations hanging red

As you have already seen, there are many possibilities and ideas to make beautiful Christmas crafts, just use your imagination and some materials you have at home.

Homemade Christmas ornaments

Homemade ornaments design modern style

If you have a fireplace, do not forget to decorate it properly using garlands or hanging Christmas stockings.

Retro style christmas ornaments

design christmas ornaments retro style

Since vintage style is so fashionable, this can be a good occasion to use this style also in Christmas decorations. Retro logos, glass jars and floral prints are key elements.

Christmas garlands with pineapples and golden balls

christmas ornaments pinecones golden balls

The garlands of the store can be decorated with pine cones and some Christmas balls. Finally, a touch of golden spray paint will be great.

Homemade ornaments cardboard hanging wall

Simple hanging cardboard decorations can look great on the Christmas tree or on the wall. Geometric shapes always work, in case someone regrets that they do not draw too well.

ornaments for christmas tree christmas garland hanging wall

Those who do not have a Christmas tree should not worry. They can design an original spruce using practically anything.

christmas decorations christmas ball red vase

Then you can find many more interesting ideas about crafts for Christmas, enjoy the tour and take inspiration, we come back very soon with more ideas and trends, do not forget to visit us.

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Crafts for Christmas - fifty original ideas

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