Crafts to decorate the interior at Christmas

crafts to decorate

The Christmas decoration is what keeps being in the front line among all the things we want to do to Christmas . Perhaps the reason this is so is that along with the decoration comes the spirit that helps us to have and to create a party and a special and cozy atmosphere, two very important things at Christmas parties. Therefore, in this article we are going to focus on the crafts to decorate the interior of the house, an easy, comfortable and practical way to turn your interior into an original place.

Crafts to decorate the interior of the house for Christmas

crafts to decorate interior

The Christmas crafts to decorate can be applied to any type of decoration, such as Christmas balls. You can make on the surface of your balls some drawings with circular shapes and for that you can use a paint a darker tones of the color of the ball. You can also add other ornaments, as was done in the ball of the photo above. You can put some wings, some horns, etc.

Interesting ideas for interior decoration with Christmas crafts

crafts to decorate home interior

Among the crafts to decorate the house we present you some angels that you can also do with some pineapples. The pineapple will be the body of the angel and for the head you have to paste a small ball in which you have to draw the eyes and the other parts of the house. In the back of the pineapple you have to place the wings. For that you can use a wire covered by small fluffs and make the shape of the wings of the angel.

A star made with sticks for the decoration of the Christmas tree

crafts to decorate interior christmas

On the other hand, you can also use a pair of poles combined in pairs and tied with white and red threads. With the sticks you can make the shape of a star, but you have to leave the string much longer at one end of the star to be able to hang it on the Christmas tree.

Paper crafts to decorate the interior at Christmas

crafts to decorate house

There are easy crafts to decorate for those who need only paper and cardboard. In the cardboard you can draw a bird and make a hole in the center. On the other hand, the paper you have to fold in a fan and you have to enter through the hole of the bird. After inserting it the paper will open a little, you can also use your hands to open it more if necessary. In the upper part of the figure you have to make a small hole through which you have to introduce a rope or a thread a little thicker to hang the figure on the tree.

Make a hanging decoration with paper for Christmas

crafts to decorate house christmas

To decorate with crafts you can also make some hanging ornaments with circular figures and snowflake figures. Through these figures you have to pass a thread. At the end of this you can hang a metal ornament and place the hanging Christmas decoration on the door so that it sounds every time someone opens it. However, in these cases we advise you to use a thicker thread or simply a rope so that it does not break.

An original way to decorate the Christmas balls for the tree

crafts to decorate christmas

The crafts to make at Christmas with the balls you can also make a hand painted white paint and grabbing the ball on the bottom. In this way, you will have the shape of the hand and fingers on the ball. The spot of the hand will be snow and the shape of the fingers a few snowmen. From there you can start with the decoration of the dolls, making them the eyes, buttons and other decorations you want.

The steps to follow to make a star for Christmas decoration

crafts to decorate indoor Christmas

One of the most original Christmas decorating crafts that we like most are the ones that teach us how to make Christmas stars. In this case, you have to have ten strips of paper and you have to place five of them horizontally and the other five vertically on them, but overlapping them and jumping a strip and hitting the strips at the points where they cross. You have to do it in a wavy way, passing the strips first above and then below. You will have a square with small squares inside. Then you have to join the contiguous ends of the strips and pregarlos. In the center you must have a free strip of paper. This you have to do with ten other strips and in the end the two stars have to join so that the free strips of the two stars are introduced into the peaks of the star. It is one of the decoration crafts very easy to make and it is very good at the Christmas tree's peak, especially if the paper you have chosen has a shine.

A Christmas star made with newspaper for interior decoration

crafts to decorate christmas house

There is another type of star that can be done with some crafts to decorate. For this type of stars you need a strip of cardboard that you have to bend to make the peaks of the star. Then the two ends of the cardboard strip you have to paste. In the center of the star you can place an additional ornament for which you have to fold a paper in the form of a fan and when you release it you have to paste also the two ends of it.

Another way to make a different star for Christmas

crafts to decorate house interior christmas

Between the Crafts of Christmas to decorate the house you can find very original and interesting ideas, but also quite difficult things to do, especially if they are made for the first time. One of these things is the star that you see in the photo. First, you have to fold a paper with a square shape twice in the shape of a triangle. Then you have to make two cuts starting from the base of the triangle but the cuts do not have to go to the other end. Then you unfold it and stick the tips that you find inside the figure to each other. Then you have to turn it over and paste the next points that are inside the figure. Then you have to turn around and paste the two remaining tips. If you want to make a bigger star you have to use a larger number of squared papers and do the same. The figures that you have left at the end you have to paste together to get the shape you see in the photo.

Crafts to decorate the interior with Christmas roses on paper

crafts to decorate Christmas

You can also make Christmas crafts in the form of roses. You only have to cut some papers in circles and make a spiral inside them. Then you have to make a cut with the scissors, following the line you have drawn and you have to go rolling the paper strip. This is one of the most interesting and creative interior decorating crafts.

Christmas balls turned into chickens to decorate the tree

crafts to decorate interior Christmas

The floral decoration of a small ball with paper cut in the shape of flowers

crafts to decorate house Christmas

Decorating the interior for Christmas with cardboard reindeer

crafts to decorate interiors

A Christmas ball decorated with the drawing of three snowmen

crafts to decorate the house

An angel made with toilet paper cardboard roll for Christmas

decoration crafts

The use of rolls of toilet paper to make reindeer and decorate the interior

decorate with crafts

Some snowmen made with balls with glitter

easy crafts to decorate

Decorating clothespins with the image of Santa Claus

crafts to decorate at Christmas

How to make the head of a snowman for the decoration of the Christmas tree

Christmas crafts to decorate

Very easy crafts to make angels for Christmas and decorate the interior

Christmas crafts to decorate the house

The steps to follow to make a Christmas flower

crafts for Christmas

A cardboard Christmas tree with buttons attached as a decoration

crafts to do at Christmas

An original way to make an angel for Christmas with a clip

crafts to decorate the house christmas

Decorating the exterior of the house with ice

crafts for Christmas decoration

The same type of flower for Christmas decoration with different colored paper

decorate with interior crafts

Making a snowman with two small white pompoms

easy crafts to decorate interior

Using rolls of toilet paper to create snowmen

crafts to decorate in indoor Christmas

Crafts to decorate with small pots painted white to make some snowmen

Christmas crafts to decorate interior

Some brown pots to make reindeer to decorate the interior at Christmas

crafts for christmas decorate

A decoration with dotted cards and some Christmas caps stuck

crafts to make at Christmas decorate

An original decoration of the exterior of the house with rolls of toilet paper turned into garlands

decorate with Christmas crafts

A spiral-shaped paper ornament with additional glitter decoration for the Christmas tree

crafts for christmas decoration

Making a star with the wrapping paper that has been left over after wrapping the Christmas presents

easy crafts to decorate Christmas


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