Crafts to decorate your house - 25 ideas

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Are you passionate about DIY? We present twenty-five ideas from crafts to decorate your house In an original and simple way, do not miss our selection of photographs because you will surely find very useful ideas that you can apply in your own home. In previous articles we already saw some examples of DIY for centerpieces or glass jars decorated with hemp rope .

Crafts to decorate your house in a simple way

decorate bottles glass thread hemp

The steps for this craft are very easy; it is enough to impregnate the jar with glue or glue and later to surround it with the cord until covering the surface completely, or leaving a part without covering. Another great idea is what we can see below. An antique object can give indoor spaces that retro touch so current today.

Living room decorated with vintage bicycle

Crafts to decorate your home golden bike

In the image that appears in the part superior we see an old bicycle painted of gold that serves as adornment for the wall of this living room of modern urban style. The bicycle complements the set of chairs vintage with yellow velvet padding. As we can see, the result is fantastic.

Handicraft made with a balloon and colored buttons

bowl bowl balloon buttons colors

Let's now see another very simple craft to elaborate. These are containers made with buttons or other objects of similar size and consistency. If we inflate a balloon and spread it with sufficient glue, we can place the colored buttons on the tail, still wet, until it covers the surface of the balloon with the size of the bowl. Once the glue has dried we can explode the balloon and remove it. There will be an original bowl of buttons of different sizes and colors.

Wooden box with lucky hearts

box wood hearts love love

These have been some of our suggestions for crafts to decorate your home, but we encourage you to improvise with homemade objects that are no longer useful and have become a nuisance. In addition, the crafts are a perfect excuse to spend time with the family developing the creativity of all.

Decorative fabric hearts for the bed

hearts fabric decorative bed

To the decoration of the house you can also incorporate the decoration of the furniture and when it comes to the bedrooms the decoration of the bed. You can make some fabric crafts by cutting it and giving it the shape you want. In this way you can make some fabric hearts that you can join with a thread and make a very original garland. In addition to this form you can also combine the color of the fabric with the color of your interior.

Homemade marine style ornaments

fourth bathroom marine decoration

On the other hand, in the bathrooms the decorations and the decorative details related to the water are very good. That's why in this part of your house you can bet on the shells and the marine decorative details. To reinforce this effect you can also use a dark blue paint that is associated with the color of the sea and thus also highlight the figures.

Freeze ice cubes with colorful flowers

cubes ice flowers colors

A very interesting and original way that you can use to decorate is with some ice cubes with flowers inside. You can make these crafts to decorate your house using the containers of ice that you will have to fill with water and inside you will have to introduce the flowers. When you take them out of the freezer you will have very nice and original decorative details.

Decorate bedroom with hockey sticks

bedroom decoration sticks hockey

On the other hand, in the decoration of the interiors you can also use the decorative details that indicate or that are part of your tastes. This way you can use the hockey sticks to decorate the wall behind the bed.

Decorate surfaces with cork stoppers

decorate bedside cork stoppers

On the other hand, furniture that has a glass on the top can be used to add decorative details under the glass. You can use some photos but you can also make a very original decoration with some cork caps. In this way the cork will create the effect of the wood and the decoration will be completed especially if you have other wooden decorations inside.

Decorate walls with dishes

decorate living room dishes

A very original and interesting way to decorate the room is to use some dishes and hang them on the wall. In addition the dishes can be combined with a decoration with round mirrors. On the other hand, you can make some very interesting combinations with the size and shapes of the plates and mirrors.

decorative garlands for wall

On the other hand, the crowns are very suitable for decorating not only the walls, but also the entrance doors. You can use crowns made with branches of trees but you can also use crowns made by you. In addition to the interior walls you can add a very modern and elegant touch using some photos and placing them creating a circle on the wall.

deco old books glued pàred

Photography: Rustic White

crafts to decorate your house boats

blue wall decorative crafts

decorative crafts wall posters

crafts to decorate your house photos wall

crafts to decorate your house ball lamp

homemade crafts to decorate your house

butterflies paper hanging lamp

bedside table green glasses glued

steps tree roses carton flowerpot

Plastic dishes form fish

trunk tree horns branch taxidermy

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