Crafts to give away - surprise him with your creativity

crafts to give tacitas

If someone's birthday comes up, you do not know what to give them, and to top it off you're short on money, do not suffer. Today we offer you great ideas of gift crafts for all ages and tastes, discover them through our gallery of images.

Original crafts to give away

gift card cardboard buttons

Let's start with the basics, a detail that everyone expects to find along with their gift; the greeting card. You can choose between different designs of cards elaborated and decorated with buttons. The buttons can be placed so that they mimic balloons. You can choose bigger and smaller buttons and from the bottom of the buttons you can make very thin lines that will be the strings of the balloons.

Great ideas of how to make crafts to give as a gift

Crafts to give away - surprise him with your creativity

To design a card you can take ideas from the Internet or even print some templates, although we suggest that you design and draw a drawing of your own. Use your imagination, you can use any type of material, including photos. Some of the most original cards are those that have a type of relief. The relief you can do create some crafts to give with the shape of animals. Keep in mind that these cards are very appropriate for children. You can design the head of a bear and its legs and you can paste them on the card.

Original card design for birthday

birthday card

Add fabrics, stickers, glitter and confetti to your card of greeting to look flashy and bright, it will be great. You can create this using a thread with some paper flags with which you can design garlands. The garlands have to be placed on the inside of the card so that when the card is opened the garlands are extended.

Beautiful design of heart-shaped cushion for Valentine

nice cushion heart shape

Valentine's is just around the corner, and maybe you already have something planned to give as a present. Otherwise, we suggest you create a wonderful cushion in the shape of a heart using felt fabric. For the filling you can use rags, or cuts of some old sheet. To make these cushions you have to cut two heart shapes from a fabric. Then you have to go sewing but it is better that you start at the bottom. In this way you can fill the inside of the cushion with the rags.

Beautiful designs of pendants made of seashells

hanging seashells

It is not necessary to have a partner to surprise someone on Valentine's Day, or any other day of the week. For that you can take advantage of your trip to the beach to collect some shells and make them with crafts to give as gifts. However, to the shells you will have to make holes through which you will have to introduce the ropes or chains.

Designs of original cardboard earrings Diy

original earrings Diy

These earrings are really original, and their design is very simple. You can use cardboard or eva rubber for the design. Also for your design you have to know and take into account the way you want to give them. You can cut out some triangles of cardboard and you can hook them one after the other taking into account that the smaller triangles will have to be on top of the larger ones. In addition you can also use some cards of different colors.

Great set of original fabric bracelets

original bracelets three fabrics

This wonderful set of bracelets is made of old fabrics. You can use a rigid rubber for the interior and cover it with strips of cloth. Tie the ends in a knot. In this way you will have some very original bracelets and you can give them the colors you want. In addition to this form you will also increase your color and fill yourself with colors.

Set of original bags of colored fabrics

original bags fabrics colors

If you have fabrics with funny patterns and you like the art of sewing, go ahead and make a custom designed bag, it will be great. In addition, the design of the bags can be combined with the design of the bracelets. These combinations will be very appropriate for the summer when the sun and the heat invite joy in our mood.

Original bag with kawaii style embroidered cat

cat bag kawaii style

You can make original embroidery, like this pretty kitty * kawaii. The great thing about this new trend is that anyone can create an original and minimalist design like this. This is another way that you can decorate and renew the design of your old bags. This way you will have a bag that we could call new. You can also choose embroidery colors that will add more life to your bag.

Craft ideas to give with glass jars

ideas crafts to give away

The next idea to make gift crafts that we want to propose is to use glass jars for different types of projects. In addition to the jars you can give them the color you want and if you want to decorate your house you can combine the tones with the other colors of the interior. In addition to the jars you can also add stickers to make the most original decoration.

Great cookies jars with decorated tapas

jars cookies tapas figurines

This design seems lovely to us. You can surprise someone with some delicious homemade cookies packed in a jar like the one in the picture. Glue some rubber figurine on the lid, let it dry well, and cover the entire lid with the paint figurine. Review again and let it dry. To finish off, add a bow.

Super original Diy sewing design

original sewing design Diy

If you want to make a great sewing box like this, you should make a cut on the surface of the lid. Make a small cushion with cloth and a sponge, insert it into the hole in the lid and fix it inside the lid using glue.

Ideas for creating a Diy sewing basket with a glass jar

go create a sewing box

Fill the interior with all kinds of utensils and sewing accessories; needles, threads, thimbles, buttons, scissors, etc. If you want to make the most original and interesting design you can choose to decorate the lid of the jar. You can create a design with flowers and for that you can use fabric with these motives.

Original glass jar turned into a jeweler

original glass jar jewelry box

Or if you prefer, make the same cut on the lid of a jar, but in this case fill the hole with a nice picture, a photo or any template that you like. You can serve as a jeweler or as a jar to store hygiene products such as cotton or swabs.

Great ideas to cover notebooks and notebooks

cover notebooks and notebooks

This is a great idea for children and young people. Both can participate in the development of this project, in the same way that the gift itself is ideal for both children and young people. These crafts to give them can be done using paper to cover per otenéis that keep in mind that you will have to paste well so that it does not fall apart.

Give a notebook or a personalized notebook

cover books with paper

It is about covering books, notebooks and notebooks in an original way. For this you can also use many types of materials. Give a personalized agenda with an original design lining. On the other hand, you have to keep in mind that newspaper is very good and is very original when used for lining. You can also make a drawing on paper to change its design.

Estuopenda agenda lined with a world map

lined agenda world map

Add the name of the person you are going to give it to, or design a lining with images that appeal to the person in question. The world map is very appropriate for people who like geography.

Original watch made with a bicycle wheel

original home clock wheel

Look at this amazing watch made from an old bicycle wheel. This gift is something more complicated to do, you will need a mechanism, hands and some batteries.

Nice decorative frame design to give as a gift

nice decorative frame gift

A frame with a memorable photograph is practically a classic among the crafts to give as a gift. We propose breaking the cliché by designing a decorative frame that makes a real impression.

Original vintage frame decorated with family photos

frame photos hung clothespins

Take ideas from this design and gather the funniest moments of family and friends. Hang the photos of small clips on a string, the effect will be great.

Original ideas for wrapping gifts

ideas to wrap

Finally, you should not forget to wrap the gift. The best thing is that the envelope is also of your own design, and for that you can use multiple ideas.

Wrap gifts with recycled paper

wrap gifts recycled paper

If you do not know where to start, use recycled paper and complete the design with some decorative detail of your taste; ties, pompoms, stickers or drawings ... anything goes.

Original gift bags made with colored cardboard and ties

original cardboard gift bags

These original gift bags are made of colored cardboard. Choose a card of the right size to fit the gift, and fold it to form a bag. You do not need to stick it or cut it.

* Kawaii

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